102 Responses to Judges for Justice

  1. Fred Aborn says:

    This is from the Cassation report on the decision to annul the Hellmann appeal.

    2.2.3 ‐ Manifest lack of logic and inconsistency in the reasoning in reference to the use of the principle of reasonable doubt in sustaining the order of 18.12.2010. [According to the lawyers for the Civil Parties], the verdict of conviction beyond a reasonable doubt could have been reached even after the outcome of the expert report arranged for in the second instance trial, inasmuch as the examination of the circumstantial evidence ought to have been global and consistent, the hypothetical defect of any one of these being acceptable, provided that the remaining elements were – as they ought to have been deemed – sufficient to reach the required level of certainty, [29] since what is asked of isolated elements of proof being evaluated is that they display the credentials of correspondence with real events, at least with predominant probability. Proof of guilt beyond reasonable doubt can rest on items of circumstantial evidence that are not all equally certain, that is, not all established with the same level of probability.

    So Nencini also says that individual pieces of evidence have a preponderance (predominance) and that the proof of guilt be beyond a reasonable doubt.

    In other words, there has to be a more than 50-50 reason to believe that everything individually, including staging, clean up, the improbable knife, improbable DNA and everything else must be true for a determination of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Hellmann was a giant among the Lilliputians.

  2. Fred Aborn says:

    The prejudice and bias was initiated in the Guede case when the SC suggested that Amanda and Raffaele helped Guede. The case in defense of Amanda and Raffaele had not been presented then, but, nevertheless the SC prejudiced all the future court hearings and trials with these and subsequent statements. Lawyers in the USA would be disbarred for similar prejudices and biases.

    This is the US Judicial Code of Conduct:
    I would appreciate a more learned opinion of what I have written.

  3. Cinnamon says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I watched your plea for legal advice on ABC News. I know something about European law that might help, and have sent you an email to the address provided on this website.

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  7. Antonio Dimitriadis says:

    “GOVERNMENTS AND THEIR OFFICIALS ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS” (all other foreign governments follow America as an economic innovator and prototype)

    In the year 2012, the Corrections Corporation of America (private prison industry) made an offer to 48 governors to buy and operate their state-funded prisons. In an audacious bid for more profits, the CCA’s pitched governors a so-called occupancy requirement, a clause demanding the state keep those newly privatized prisons at least 90 percent full at all times, regardless of whether crime was rising or falling.

  8. Antonio Dimitriadis says:

    This criminal case is proof of how govenrments manipulate population in order to generate money for their own benefit and bureaucratic interests; there’s never been pure democracy anywhere in this planet.
    BUILDING MORE JAILS (example: even to incarcerate non-criminal cases like ilegal immigrants who crossed borders undocumented which is not a crime but a civil matter) THE GOVERNMENTS’ OFFICIALS AND POLITICIANS GENERATE JOBS AND MONEY FOR THEIR OLIGARCH ADMINISTRATION.

  9. Rick Bonin says:

    Amanda, I think what Ergon/Nasser was trying to say is Judges for Justice sounds like a stand-up organization and Happy New Year to you.

    • Luca Cheli says:

      Indeed it stands up against wrongful convictions.

    • Bob Magnetti says:

      Will the Nencini court deliver justice or a verdict dictated by the Italian Supreme Court?

      1–Judge Nencini’s court had to begin proceedings with a strong sense of ‘doubt’ due to the Hellmann acquittal which was backed up by the Conti-Vecchioti independent study which so thoroughly debunked the scientific evidence against Amanda Knox and Raffaele.

      2–The only new evidence which Nencini’s court heard was the Italian Supreme Court ordered examination of knife sample 36-I. The results of the carabinieri RIS study are favorable to the defense–Amanda Knox’s DNA was found, but no DNA of the victim.

      3–Unforeseen by-products of the carabinieri RIS study were statements which stressed the importance of multiple tests on the same sample and the adherence to accepted protocol from evidence collection thru evidence testing; the RIS study bolstered the Conti-Vecchioti study which had been viewed with skepticism by the Italian Supreme Court.

      4–Points #2 and #3 reinforce the absence of any evidence placing Amanda Knox/Raffaele Sollecito in the victim’s bedroom.

      5–Points #2 and #3 reinforce the absence of evidence placing Knox/Sollecito anyplace in the apartment on the night of the murder–i.e., luminol areas testing positive for blood were not verified with a confirmatory test other than TMB testing which was negative for blood.

  10. Mike Wiesner (Smith) says:

    I had the honor to be invited by Judge Heavey to his presentation at the William S. Richardson School of Law, UH Manoa. As always, his presentation was thorough and incontestable by anyone with an open mind. There is no actual evidence against Amanda & Raffaele, the entire case being contrived.

    With all due respect to Judge Heavey, this has been demonstrated over and over by many others. Those other websites simply keep repeating the same misinformation and half-truths. Judge Hellmann’s lucid and logical report also destroys the case. Continued arguing at this point is useless, the other side will never open its mind.

    That being said, Tom Mininger makes a point that is often overlooked. The complete absence of blood, or clothing with traces of blood, at Raffaele’s apartment proves beyond a shadow of a doubt they are innocent. As Tom points out, it would be absolutely impossible for there not to be some traces of blood at his apartment if Amanda and Raffaele had been in that murder room.

    Of course, the other side will argue Amanda’s amazing ability to remove all her and Raffaele’s DNA from the murder room, while leaving Guede’s, also enabled her to remove every trace of blood from the apartment. Like I said, arguing is quite useless at this point.

  11. Rose Marie says:

    One of the many injustices of the Meredith Kercher case, besides the incompetent police investigation, the prosecution’s and civil parties’ vilification of Amanda Knox in the media and the light sentence for the rapist, killer and burglar Rudy Guede is the ongoing Internet campaign against Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Sollecito.

    Four websites use biased, incomplete or falsified information to paint a picture of guilt that they press on journalists, politicians and the public. The people who post on these sites and carry out so-called investigative work also post abhorrent attacks against Amanda, Rafaelle and anyone who believes they are not guilty.

    Many of the posters have discussed examples of their own trauma – either as victims of sexual assault or violent crime or as family or close friends of victims. Many of these people are very disturbed. Yet they push their biased information – calling it unfiltered truth or authoritative information and suggest that they will harangue or harass politicians, statesmen and officers of news outlets that disagree with them. This truly is a mob mentality vigilante group – who have decided Amanda and Rafaelle must pay for Meredith’s death- but without any convincing, reliable or valid evidence.

    Please be aware of the falsehoods and injustice being promoted by these individuals. At least one of these websites is endorsed by the Kercher family. They include: TrueJusticeForMeredithKercher.com, PerugiaMurderFile.com, PerugiaMurderFile.net and TheMurderofMeredithKercher.com. The last one, a wiki developed by multiple posters at TJMK and PMF, claims to be an authoritative repository of information, but is frankly biased and full out outright distortions, lies or misunderstandings of the case. It is unfortunately promoted by the journalist Andrea Vogt, herself known to be friendly with one of the moderators of PMF.

    A poster called The Machine – one of the editors of TJMK and lead posters at PMF.org – has for six years covered the Internet with biased comments and more recently tweets as well as many “articles” he has written or edited on TJMK, which, laughable, pretends to be an authoritative news outlet for the case. The identity of The Machine is not clear and this makes it difficult to evaluate his biases objectively. There has been speculation that he is a member of the Kercher family. The Machine on PMF lately boasts about how he has tweeted President Obama and encourages his unquestioning minions on that hate-filled site to write to politicians and journalists to push this biased wiki (TheMurderofMeridithKercher.com).

    If anyone questions The Machine or other lead posters on these sites or if they point out the weak evidence or suggest that Amanda and Rafaelle may not be guilty, such truth seekers are ridiculed and banned. There is certainly no objective discussion of the facts and even the facts are not open to debate but rather asserted, pushed onto people in a bullying way and with a mob mentality echoed by weak, angry and injured people who cannot think for themselves and enshrined into Internet “law.” These websites are full of lies, mistruths, biases, distortions and hateful personal attacks on Amanda, her family, anyone who supports her, Rafaelle, his family, anyone who supports him and anyone who writes anything that is at odds with their rage filled and wrong headed beliefs about guilt.

    • Celeste says:

      The fact of the matter is a lot of people think Amanda and Raffaele are responsible for the murder of Meredith Kercher, along with Rudy Guede. Most of the websites you mention are places for like-minded people to get together to discuss the case, without getting bogged down in vacuous claims, such as of an allegedly “incompetent police investigation.” Amanda’s most ardent defenders are skilled in deliberately steering the conversation toward a short list of such topics to stall discussion of evidence that does not cast Amanda and Raffaele in a flattering light. For example, what became of the empty plastic bag that Raffaele told police Amanda took from his apartment on the morning of November 2nd? Amanda wrote in her letter of November 6th: “I took a plastic bag to take back my dirty clothes to go back to my house.” Was it empty or was it not empty? If not, why did Raffaele say it was? If not, wouldn’t it be reasonable to think that Amanda had a change of clothes at Raffaele’s house the night of November 1-2?

      • Tom Mininger says:

        If Amanda had a change of clothes at Raffaele’s that night (that was crime related), the police would have found blood residue evidence at Raffaele’s. There is zero blood transfer evidence against Amanda and Raffaele.

        Given the blood soaked, blood spattered crime scene, they are exonerated by this absence of blood evidence, not to mention the absence of DNA evidence.

        Guede on the other hand left bloody shoe prints all over the murder room, bloody palm prints on the wall and pillow, DNA across the room, on Meredith, inside her, in her purse.
        He admits throwing out his bloody clothes and shoes.

        He had a cut across his knife hand fingers like perps tend to when the hand slides forward from the handle over the blade when the knife meets resistance during the attack, especially when lubricated by spattered blood.

        Blood is very messy. FBI murder investigator Steve Moore talks about the realities of this horrific crime scene and how the hard crime scene evidence points to one man, the burglar.

        Celeste I think it is unjust of you to keep steering the conversation toward a long list of irrelevant topics.

      • Joseph W Bishop says:


        You talk of “vacuous claims, such as of an allegedly ‘incompetent police investigation.”

        The police investigation was incompetent. If Italian authorities had properly responded to the numerous citizen complaints about crimes committed by Rudy Guede in the weeks before the crime, then Meredith Kercher would still be alive. I hope that someday the Kerchers will consider this aspect of the case.

        There was an apparent semen stain underneath the victim. “Judge” Giancarlo Massei talks in painfully confused language about why there is no need to examine that item. He reasons that it wouldn’t be possible to tell when it was deposited. The same of course can be said of all the other scientific evidence in the house. That consideration is irrelevant with Guede because he had no business being in the upstairs of the cottage. It is important in the case of Amanda and Raffaele because they had been in that apartment before and could have been expected to have left DNA there.

        You should also consider the big picture. This type of crime is in all but the rarest of circumstances committed by a troubled male just like Guede. Female participation is extremely rare and when it does occur it invariably involves a long term dysfunctional relationship and male manipulation. There is literally no crime in history that parallels what the prosecution alleges Amanda did.

        Guede fled; his DNA indicates sexual penetration; his finger prints are there in the victim’s blood; he lied about his involvement (he says initially in his Skype conversations that he wasn’t there); he has defensive wounds; he had a history of knife violence, including threatening someone with a knife inside their own home; he had motive; his DNA was inside Meredith’s purse (how can anyone doubt he took her money); and on and on.

        Authorities felt there was a staged break-in. All of this should have ended when it became clear that Guede was in possession of property stolen from Perugian law office where the break-in exactly matched the crime scene: An entry through an elevated window broken with a rock.

        American experts who have looked at the case have spoken out forcefully on the subject. These people include an American Judge (Michael Heavey), two retired FBI agents (Steve Moore and John E. Douglas), a Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times columnist (Timothy Egan), a long time CBS correspondent (Peter van Sant), a private investigator placed in Italy by CBS (Paul Ciolino), a Time Magazine columnist who has written a book about the case (Nina Burleigh), a US Senator (Maria Cantwell), and many others.

        Miscarriages of justice occur in all countries, including the US. The cases of David Camm and Kirstin Lobato are just as bad as Amanda’s. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are completely innocent of the murder of Meredith Kercher.

        • Lisa Smith says:

          “There is literally no crime in history that parallels what the prosecution alleges Amanda did.” Really? Wow! you really must know all the crimes that has ever taken place in the world since the creation. Funny how I just happened to watch a movie of a real life story, where a young couple (just like Amanda and Raffaele) murder a girl. It name was Texas Cadet murder, it’s on Youtube. Maybe you should start studying more of a subject if you are actually interested.

          • Tom Zupancic says:

            Lisa Smith,

            I see little, if anything in common between this Texas case from 1995,
            http://www.cnn.com/US/9807/23/cadet.trial.02/ , and the injustice under discussion here.

            It might be relevant if there was a documented case where a high achieving middle class American college girl doing Junior year abroad killed her new roommate/friend. This is the premise of the prosecution that appears so far-fetched as a starting point.

          • Angela Smitherman says:

            Lisa Smith – as Tom Z. points out, what a ridiculous and clumsy comparison you attempt to make between the case of Knox/Sollecito and Graham/Zamora. The latter two had known each other for at least four months and were engaged. That alone dismisses any similarity to the Kercher murder since Knox & Sollecito had known each other all of one week. Plus Graham killed the teenage girl, with whom he had had a sexual encounter, to “prove” his love for Zamora. That too is completely dissimilar to the murder of Meredith Kercher. Again, what a moronic comparison on your part.

          • Joseph W Bishop says:


            The Adrianne Jones murder was a love triangle killing. The motivation was pride, not sexual lust.

            Women commit about 10% of murders in the US. In most cases they are striking back against male abuse. Love triangle killings are a well documented phenomena. Other categories are gang killings, terrorism, financial gain, and institutional killings.

            I hope you will read this piece I wrote a couple of years ago about the subject.

      • Rose Marie says:

        My views were not formed by defending Amanda. I don’t know her, have no idea who the FOA are and have never participated in an organized way in any campaign on behalf of Amanda. In fact, when I first heard about this case, I thought it was likely that Amanda and Rafaelle had something to do with Meredith’s murder.

        I became convinced over time that they are not guilty because there are huge and significant doubts about many claims AND there is no valid, uncontested forensic or other evidence that proves – beyond a reasonable doubt – their guilt. I became even more convinced of her innocence and that she was railroaded when I learned many things.

        Some of those things are that the evidence points more to a break-in than a staged break-in, that Rudy had this exact crime history and that more experts and judges deemed Meredith’s wounds and the crime scene were compatible with a single attacker than multiple attackers. Anyone who thinks that a very petite 21 year-old girl could not be killed by an athletic man much larger and stronger than her and armed with a knife is simply not thinking rationally.

        The DNA evidence does not exist – no mixed blood- that is a lie. There are no proven bloody footprints of Amanda either in the murder room or the hallway. The murder room foot prints belong to Rudy Guede. The hallway footprints attributed to Amanda by the luminal testing were never confirmed by TMB for blood. There is a blob that is not proven to be blood, much less, mixed blood, in Filomena’s room that has been suggested to be proof of Amanda’s guilt. It is not. There is no trace of Amanda in Meredith’s room, where this is lots of physical evidence of Rudy Guede. The bathmat print is more consistent with Rudy than Rafaelle, but in any case, not clear evidence one way or the other.

        The knife retrieved from Rafaelle’s flat tested negative for blood and positive for starch. It was not cleaned if starch was found on it. It was asserted by the prosecution to have had a small trace of Meredith, but given the report by C&V, it is most likely this is due to contamination. The sample size was too small at that time given the ability of Stefanoni’s lab to handle PCR testing and her lack of adequate documentation and use of controls both highly suggest that the trace attributed to Meredith on the knife is the result of contamination (in the lab most likely).

        Despite the strange thinking on places like PMF, the burden of proof does NOT require that contamination be proven. For the knife or the bra clasp. Instead, evidence asserted to be incriminating must be proven to valid, reliable and uncontested – none of this was proven regarding the DNA evidence. Conti and Vecchioti’s report – these were experts appointed by the court – says the DNA evidence is not reliable. The knife was tested again recently by the Carabinieri – ordered by Nencini- and there is no trace off Meredith. Any traces of Amanda on that knife are not incriminating as she used the knife to cook at Rafaelle’s flat. The bra clasp is not valid evidence. It was moved around and handled and potentially trampled on for over a month and had traces of multiple other people and an unreliable trace attributed to Rafaelle.

        Other “evidence” was never shown to be real evidence. The mop and bucket stuff at the cottage all fell apart and so did the 112 calls- there is no doubt that Rafaelle called 112 before the arrival of the postal police. The time of death is more likely earlier – closer to 9:00 – 9:30 pm, with Amanda and Rafaelle at his flat. The indirect witness testimony is unbelievable or unreliable regarding their presence in the plaza. The lamp in Meredith’s room is not evidence against Amanda. Meredith could have borrowed it or Rudy could have grabbed it to look for something after he killed Meredith or while he was trying to find her money or keys. People who assert things like Amanda or Rafaelle wanted to break down the door to get her lamp – these kinds of assertions with embedded attributions of motive – this is not evidence!

        I also perhaps most importantly convinced by what seemed inconceivable at first to me, namely that Amanda’s ‘confession’ was coerced. Even one of the main PMF posters, thoughtful (fluent in Italian and who listened to and translated recordings of court proceedings) saw this was true several years ago – you can look that up in the July 2009 thread on PMF.org. She realized that the police fixed on Amanda’s text message to Patrik and served him up. That Amanda’s “naming” of Patrik in no way incriminated her. Thoughtful also recognized that indeed Amanda had retracted her statement and the police did not pay sufficient attention to that.

        Thoughtful was convinced of this even without hearing the actual interrogation. If the police had actual recordings of Amanda’s interrogations, then we would know more about what happened. Why would the police not have recorded those interrogations? You have to wonder why those recordings were never produced at trial. Why were computers fried by crime scene investigators, computers that could have produced corroborating evidence of Amanda and Rafaelle’s alibi? You have to ask yourself that.

        You are welcome to join “like minded” people to speculate about this case. But if you are interested in the truth, you will not find it by hanging out with the Machine and others on PMF or TJMK.

        I have only mentioned some of the issues that concern me. If they happen to be issues that concern many others, so be it. That does not mean I am part of a conspiracy or that I am directed or swayed by some public relations campaign or told what to think or say.

        One of the great lies propagated by the likes of the small-minded people on the guilter websites is that anyone who believes Amanda is not guilty is part of some conspiracy headed by a PR firm. These people who claim such things are not rational. They think that any random comment on the Internet that may question Amanda’s guilt is made by a nitwit either on direct orders or paid by some large organization.

        I can say I am not paid by anyone or directed by anyone to say what I think here. I don’t think anyone is paid or directed to say what they say at PMF or TJMK either.

        Celeste, you are getting stuck in the weeds when you ask about the plastic bag or the April Fool’s Day allegations. But like you, there are scores of people who take a bunch of garbage run through he-said-she-said distortions on the Internet until you believe she lied or she is guilty. And then you go to those places online where they trash talk Amanda and revel in how right they are about her guilt.

        And you are welcome to do that. But don’t delude yourself into thinking you know anything about the truth. If you seek the truth, read opposing viewpoints. Read Amanda’s book. Read Rafaelle’s book. Read Injustice in Perugia. At least read as much as you can on both sides of the issue, acknowledge the biases and how limited you will be in finding clear and convincing evidence.

        Then decide for yourself if the plastic bag or the April Fool’s Day prank are real facts that say anything about Amanda. Decide if they are relevant or once again examples of insidious doubts about Amanda’s character that are played over and over in various ways and manipulated and spread by a few people with blinders at sites like PMF and TJMK who think she must pay for Meredith’s death.

        Someone must pay, yes. And that person who should be paying more than he ultimately will, thanks to Italian justice and the fervor of the prosecution against Amanda and Rafelle, is Rudy Guede.

        • Tom Mininger says:

          Good material. But I would point out that the hallway footprints detected by luminol were determined to not be blood by a tmb test.

          CSI Stefanoni perjured herself in a court of law by claiming she hadn’t performed the tmb tests. Her notes later revealed that she had.

          Good articles on luminol 101:

        • Francisco says:

          In the interest of keeping things correct, I’d also point out the additional DNA test was done on a sample (I) collected by C&V but not tested, it was not a reexamination of the knife. The sample was consistent with Amanda’s DNA profile. This was not surprising and it doesn’t really move the case one way or another, but the criteria required for reliable DNA results testified to by the RSI does. It reinforces what C&V said about the need for multiple tests, and how results based on a single test can not be considered reliable. Both the knife and bra clasp tests performed by Stefanoni were based on a single amplification.

          Otherwise, I agree with Tom… good material.

          • Tom Mininger says:

            What does RSI stand for?


          • Francisco says:


            The Department of Scientific Investigations, abbreviated RIS , is the section of the Force of Carabinieri who carries out scientific-technical part of the investigation.

            My apologies. I keep referring to them as RSI. I think it makes more sense (Rome Scientific Investigations) but it’s their show.

      • Ian Morris says:

        Celese claims Amanda and Raffaele committed a brutal murder with Guede. Can Celeste answer the following questions :-

        * Amanda, Raffaele and Rudy were supposed to have committed murder with Rudy. Amanda barely knew Rudy and no evidence has ever come forward of any relationship between Rudy and Amanda. Raffaele did not know Rudy at all. Amanda and Raffaele had only know each six days. Is it credible that three virtual strangers would commit a murder together?

        * If Amanda and Raffaele did not know Rudy, had no relationship with him prior to the murder and there was no communication between Amanda and Raffaele with Rudy, how exactly did they arrange to meet up that night?

        * If Amanda and Raffaele killed Meredith with Rudy, when did they commit the murder with Rudy? A variety of factors suggest Meredith was killed between 9.00 pm and 9.30 pm; the call to Meredith’s mother at 8.56 pm which was cut off and there was no attempt to make a further call. The analysis of Meredith’s stomach contents. The fact Meredith was wearing her jacket which indicated she was attacked immediately after arriving home. Raffaele was using his computer at 9.10 pm and 9.26 pm. If Meredith was attacked between 9.00 pm and 9.30 pm how could Amanda and Raffaele been involved in the Meredith’s murder. A car broke down and a tow truck came to repair the car. The occupants of the car and tow truck were outside the cottage between 10.30 pm and 11.30 pm and saw nothing suspicious. If Raffaele was using his computer at 9.26 pm, this leaves just one hour for three virtual strangers to come together to commit a brutal sexual assault and murder. In addition if the prosecution believe the testimony of Curalto, Amanda and Raffaele were at the basketball court between 9.30 pm and 11.30 pm. Can Celeste give her opinon as to when Amanda, Raffaele and Guede committed the murder with Guede?

        * There is no evidence Amanda and Raffaele had any hatred towards Meredith. Why would Amanda and Raffaele help a virtual stranger brutall murder and sexually assault her?

        * Amanda had only been in Italy a short period of time and spoke only basic Italian. Rude did not speak English. How did Amanda and Rudy communicate with each other?

        * When women help men to commit sexual crimes, the woman has usually been in a long term dysfunctional relationship with domineering male. Myra Hindley is an example. Is it credible that a woman would help a virtual stranger sexually assault and murder another woman? There is no precedent to this crime.

        In the period between the discovery of Meredith’s body and the interrogations, the phones of Amanda and Raffaele were tapped for three days. If Amanda and Raffaele had committed a murder together with Guede why is that no mention was made of Guede in their conversations?

        In view of the above what exactly makes the idea of Amanda, Raffaele and Rudy committing a murder together credible?

        • My questions are twofold: 1) Who is Celeste and 2) why did she intervene on Amanda’s behalf on the website when I inquired last week what the “total cost” of the Re-trial in Florence would be? She mentioned that Amanda doesn’t discuss the “financial arrangements” with her attorneys but a) that is not the question I asked Amanda and b) Is Celeste an official spokesperson for Amanda to begin with, and if so c) why would she be an official spokesperson for Amanda if she thinks or infers that Amanda may be guilty? I am certainly convinced that Amanda and Raffaele are both completely innocent and am just a little bit confused by who Celeste is and what function she officially performs for Amanda Knox (if any at all) at this point, but it’s not really that important because all that is important is that these two co-defendants receive another Acquittal come Jan. 10th (or a few days later) because they are both innocent of any involvement in Meredith’s untimely death. There’s my 2 cents for what it is worth (2 cents). I can calculate the cost of the re-trial myself over time to answer my own curious question. I wish Amanda and Raffaele the best on 1-10-14 and expect their Acquittal again because there is no forensic evidence against them and whoever Celeste is I wish her the best, too. – Best, Ken

        • Hi Ian – you make the very points I have made and observed since I started to seriously study the evidence of this case in June 2011. Some of these observations are as you have stated: 1) It is highly unlikely that 3 persons who all speak different native languages would be involved in a crime together, 2) A woman in a new relationship dating a young man whom she had only known a very short time (Amanda) is again highly unlikely to engage in a criminal conspiracy or crime involving a 2nd stranger (Guede) who also speaks a different language whom Amanda may have only met once and Raffaele had not met at all. 3) There is no motive, 4) Amanda and Raffaele were at his apartment when the crime occurred, 5) There is no DNA evidence or blood evidence to connect Knox or Sollecito to the crime at the crime scene itself. 6) Amanda wasn’t there and Raffaele wasn’t there. – Innocent ,Not Guilty = ACQUITTALS for them BOTH. Nice Blog. – Best, Ken

      • Rose Marie says:

        Another thing, Celeste, that I want to mention if you have any interest in finding the truth is this: How do you know exactly what Amanda said regarding the plastic bag? With a word or two changed or missing, there is either an empty or full bag of clothing.

        I don’t know what she said about the bag and clothing or whether what you claim she said is true or not.

        I do think many of Amanda’s detractors have paid inordinate attention to words without proper context, understanding of the actual words, translation problems, sourcing problems, etc.

        This was a young girl who was barely beginning her understanding of the Italian language, culture and people. She was perhaps a bit overconfident thinking she could interact in Italian and naive to think she could be helpful to the police when in fact she was put in the frame.

        Regarding a prank she is alleged to have played for April Fool’s day in college. I think that has been overstated.

        There is a real danger called confirmation bias that happens when you are so convinced you are right about something and you start looking for data to support your conclusion but not seeing any data that might challenge your conclusion.

        Both “sides” of this debate run the risk of doing this. That is why it is extremely valuable to be part of discussions where criticisms, questions and other points of view are actually allowed, like on Amanda’s blog and on Injustice in Perugia.

      • Sarah H says:

        Celeste, how do you explain the total lack of physical evidence connected to Amanda in the bloody murder room — a room that yielded dozens of specimens connected to Rudy? If she cleaned the room up so well, why was it covered in blood? How did she figure out where her invisible DNA had landed, so she could make sure to clean it all up? How do you clean it up if you can’t even see it?

        And how did she and Rudy and Raffaele coordinate all this, when Amanda barely spoke Italian and Rudy didn’t speak a word of English? How do you say, “help me kill my roommate” in Italian? And why would Rudy want to do that? Or, to use the new prosecutor’s theory, why would Raffaele want to help anyone kill Meredith? Do you honestly think Raffaele would want to kill Meredith because she had complained about finding Rudy’s poo in the toilet?

        Can you honestly not see that this whole case is just nothing but a pile of poo?

        • Francisco says:

          Sarah, such a simple set of questions yet I doubt you will get any serious responses. The reason — because there can be no answer. It’s precisely why no one can theorize a motive and why the pro-guilt argue so vehemently that motive is not required. This allows them to categorically skip over all such questions.

          These questions really do cut to the core of the case. Amanda and Raffaele were elsewhere at 2100, and they had every reason in the world to remain there and do what 20 something’s do when they’ve been dating for less than a week. They had NO reason to instead head for the cottage to sexually assault and murder Meredith. That anyone can think otherwise only serves to prove people do still bury their heads in the sand to avoid seeing that which they choose not to see.

        • Lisa Smith says:

          Sarah, innocent and child lke people can never understand evil people and why they do what they do, that’s why we call them psychopaths. Why did Manson order few murders, and young, nice girls committed them? Why did Casey Anthony from good family murder her child? Why did a man high on bath salt ate other man’s face? Drugs can do strange things to people who already have psychological problems, read about it.And sometimes people do what they do for a fun or boredom. Read about Heavenly Creatures true story of a murder.

          • duke says:

            Lisa marijuana doesn’t cause violent behavior.I thought everyone knew that.You still haven’t explained,nor has anyone, else how complete strangers would get together and kill the same person.It’s impossible.

          • Francisco says:

            Lisa, neither Amanda or Raffaele have psychological problems, nor is their any historical behavioral evidence to suggest they were erratic, violent, etc. Two young people with no history of violence, dating for less than a week, alone together at his place and no commitments and YOU think their first choice is to run over to the cottage, hook up with someone they don’t know and sexually assault/murder her friend and roommate? Do any of you ever stop and think for a minute about how illogical and how badly your theory runs counter to common sense?

            And as so many others have attested, marijuana does not cause violent behavior.. in fact, just the opposite. Also note when Popovich met with Amanda at 20:45 she noted Amanda appeared to be normal and pleasant.

      • Pigsticker says:

        The incompetence of the police is hardly alleged. In fact, evidence of their sub-standard investigation is overwhelming:


        And, regarding the “staged” break-in:


        I realize that this is alot of information to digest, but for someone who’s been obsessing over this case for six years, it shouldn’t be too hard.

    • Paul says:

      You suggest a Kercher family member called the machine is posting lies on line.You like many on this site send insults their way. Rose stop harassing the Kerchers, they have kept a dignified distance from the proceedings .

      • Tom Mininger says:

        I feel terrible for the Kerchers but they have not kept a dignified distance from the proceedings. During the appeals trial John Kercher attacked Amanda through the Daily Mail scandal rag before each hearing trying to distract attention away from the proceedings.

        This is the Daily Mail that released the phony article announcing a conviction during the appeals trial verdict reading, complete with phony quotes by people reacting to the phony guilty verdict.

        This is the Daily Mail that came to Seattle with blood money that could not come up with any history of violence, sexual deviancy, criminality, or anything else relevant to a murder trial, so they turned a citation for a loud party into a crime.

        Mr. Kercher still uses the Mail.

        • Jenny says:

          This website says it all on the Daily Mail:


          I hope people don’t think that all British people read that rubbish. We don’t. Many of us, while being sympathetic to the Kerchers for the unspeakable tragedy they have had to endure, are more than capable of seeing that Amanda and Raffaele are so obviously innocent that, if the whole thing were not so horribly real, it would be laughable.

      • Rob H says:

        Paul, I am not a fan of poorly evidenced claims and who “The Machine” really is, I do not know, so speculation that he or she is a member of the Kercher family is not valid. If there is proof, that is a different matter. Nevertheless, your claim that the Kerchers “have kept a dignified distance from the proceedings” is simply untrue. They appointed attorneys, to whom they gave instructions and who declared Ms Knox and Mr Sollecito guilty of the murder of their daughter soon after they were appointed, before the evidence was heard and before it was challenged.

        Your fellow critic, Celeste, is under the impression that websites hosted by “The Machine” and “Ergon” are places where people are free to discuss matters relating to the murder without getting “bogged down in vacuous claims”. Really? Yet, here she wants to talk about a plastic bag used for laundry and describes it as “evidence that does not cast Amanda and Raffaele in a flattering light”. Elsewhere, she wants to talk about an alleged April Fool’s joke in Seattle before Meredith Kercher was killed. Elsewhere still, Nasim, who saw a box in a photograph claims this is evidence of a missing pair of shoes and surmises that these shoes were spattered with the victim’s blood and were disposed of by Ms Knox. These sorts of things, apparently, to these sorts of people, are evidence.

        But, you see, even if there is real evidence that casts the defendants in an unflattering light (and I don’t believe there is), that’s not enough to come even close to a guilty verdict in a criminal case. You need evidence that proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that they committed the crime. Yet, no-one can prove they were in Meredith Kercher’s bedroom. In Amanda Knox’s case, there is no evidence at all. (not even the tainted evidence offered in Raffaele Sollecito’s case). The prosecution case requires them to be in the room. The burden of proof is much more weighty than most people suppose. So weighty, in fact, that even if there were reliable eye witnesses placing Ms Knox in the vicinity of her apartment at the time of the murder, that would still not be enough to meet the burden. The lack of physical evidence in the murder room for this crime exonerates both defendants. So, perhaps, before we talk about plastic bags and shoeboxes and jokes, we can talk about this.

      • Alex K. says:

        “[The Kerchers] have kept a dignified distance from the proceedings”

        This is a lie. A LIE. A barefaced, shameless lie. The Kerchers are a PARTY to the proceedings. They have asked the judge to convict Amanda Knox and order her to pay a double-digit million dollar fine.

        Francesco Maresca is the Kerchers’ lawyer. Every lie and smear about Amanda Knox uttered by Maresca has been uttered on behalf of the Kercher family.

        Very dignified indeed.

      • Rose Marie says:

        My comments are not addressed to the Kercher family and certainly not harassing them. Nor were they intended to do so. Rather, after seeing the shenanigans passing for justice in six years of this case, I am concerned about how it is that Amanda can get a fair trial in Italy.

        The media attacks against Amanda that were much more virulent early on are certainly relevant to the question of whether she has received impartial and fair treatment. There is no doubt that the civil parties, including the Kerchers, were involved in guilty leaning portrayals of Amanda Knox in tabloids such as The Daily Mail and the Sun — some of them penned by or influenced by John Kercher – but also in John Kercher’s book.

        The civil and criminal charges were heard together from the outset with huge damages attached. This fact limits the ability of the Kerchers to be objective regarding Amanda and Rafaelle.

        The Kerchers want justice and have been through a horrific ordeal. I do not blame them. However, it is not true that they have maintained a dignified silence. They have stated their views publicly and through media outlets and influence of media.

        Who knows if Machine is part of the Kercher family, I didn’t say he was. But John Kercher endorsed TJMK in his book. And TJMK and PMF are responsible for the most vile, horrendous lies, personal attacks and vicious attempts to deceive the public and destroy two people, Amanda and Rafaelle.

        The new “wiki” is even worse because it pretends to be an objective source of information, but it is hopelessly biased and swayed itself by the assumptions of guilt amongst its creators. As with the PMFs and TJMK, no challenges to the content will ever be published there. Any questions will be swiftly turned into ad hominem attacks and the individuals humiliated, called half-wits or told they are liars and then banned. Or as in the case with the “wiki” and TJMK, anyone who challenges the lies they present as truth is not even allowed to post.

        The Kerchers are not responsible for all the horrendous crap spewed by people on these “guilter” websites. But they don’t publicly separate themselves from those sites and imply a connection by allowing them to link to their own fundraising website, which has not been updated at all in the year since it was put up.

        • Paul says:

          Rose you respond you don’t harrass the Kerchers then proceed to do just that , stop it please.

          • Eric_B says:

            strange definition of harrassment you have, ‘Paul’.

          • Francisco says:

            Paul, is speaking the truth of what the Kerchers have done your idea of harassing them?

            After the acquittal was overturned, John Sr said “We have only ever wanted the truth and fair justice.”

            Arline said “I’m glad someone is looking at it. Hopefully we will get somewhere with it.”

            Stephanie said “There are a lot of unanswered questions still… We are not happy about going back to court, and it will not bring her back, but we have to make sure we have done all we can for her… We just want justice for Mez.”

            What this tells me is the Kerchers are convinced of Amanda and Raffaele’s guilt and to them justice is putting them in prison. Nothing else will do.

            After the Hellmann ruling, brother Lyle said “If the two released yesterday were not the guilty parties, we are obviously left to wonder who is the other guilty person or people. We are left back at square one”

            Lyle has obviously been convinced that there were multiple assailants despite the testimony of six expert witnesses who stated the wounds were not inconsistent with a single attacker. I can only assume he is incapable of accepting there was only one attacker, despite nothing that proves otherwise.

            As a family, their reactions, both after the Hellmann and Cassation rulings, show me they were not interested in justice through the legal system but rather, they want the legal system to endorse a belief they have held almost from day one. The answers any grieving family would want are there for them to accept, but they refuse to accept them. Guede has been convicted. Guede’s forensics were the only forensics found other than Meredith in the murder room. There is no motive for Amanda and Raffaele. There is no workable timeline that involves them. It defies common sense that they would ever commit such a violent crime against a friend. And it certainly defies common sense that they would corroborate with someone like Guede, a stranger to them and someone who comes from the other side of the tracks.

            The answer is pretty straight forward, and sadly, all to common. Guede broke in to steal, got surprised by Meredith, and he killed her to keep her from fingering him. All of the evidence supports this conclusion. Why is this not good enough for the Kerchers? Why do they insist on hammering two square pegs into round holes in order to put Amanda and Raffaele into this crime when nothing suggests they were involved?

            John writes a book, disguised as a tribute to Meredith, but he uses more than half the book in an effort to sell the prosecutions theory. That is NOT a tribute to Meredith and he should be ashamed. That is not allowing the legal system to find the truth, it’s a PR campaign. Their civil attorney, Maresca, is a slime bag of the worst kind. Why a civil attorney continues to have a say in these proceedings remains a mystery to me but it’s clear this guy will say anything to attack Amanda and Raffaele. That the Kerchers do not call their attack dog off or condemn him for his unethical methods is very telling.

            I have sympathy for the Kerchers, but if you’re going to campaign for the conviction of two people despite a dire lack of evidence or reason to think they were involved, then at least have the conviction to go public with why you think this way. Address the concerns raised by the defense. Don’t hide behind a book, tabloid articles and a soulless attorney. And THIS is why I’ve lost much respect for the Kerchers and I hardly think it’s harassment to point this out.

      • Sarah H says:

        The only proceedings they kept a dignified distance from were the first appeal proceedings. Apparently they didn’t want to know about the evidence introduced at that trial, because they’d already made up their minds.

        The system in Italy — where the civil trial for cash damages runs concurrently with a criminal trial — is a recipe for injustice. I don’t think the Kerchers are primarily motived by money, but I’m certain that Maresca is. He won’t get his big payoff if the penniless Guede is the only convicted killer. He has to get Amanda and Raffaele, too — and he doesn’t care how.

    • H John says:

      It is just a rumour and speculation that The Machine is a member of the Kercher family. It is these types of innuendos that makes it clear that Amanda and her supporters would do anything to vilify and harass the Kerchers. Please remember that Meredith was the real victim. Her family has lost a daughter and sister. They are dignified and do not deserve this. The websites mentioned contain interesting and informative information, and these bloggers act with much more dignity and openness that FOA, who seem to be aggressive, and believe if you repeat something over and over again, it has to be the truth. I believe the judgment of the Italian Court will be guilty as charged.

      • Tom Mininger says:

        I hope anyone who goes to the guilt websites will also try the defense website http://www.InjusticeInPerugia.org.

        Instead of anonymous “experts” and innuendos about PR firms, you can find articles by credentialed forensic professionals like Steve Moore, John Douglas, Saul Kassin, Ron Hendry and others.

        You can learn some good forensics no matter what your interest level in this case.

        And unlike the guilt sites who ban opposing opinions, I believe the IIP blog is open to anyone. Is that still true?

        Wrongful convictions create additional victims and they let the real criminals off easy.

      • Rose Marie says:

        I do not condone attacks against the Kerchers. Their tragic loss and what they have endured is horrific. The victim of this senseless murder is without doubt Meredith.

        However, the Kerchers are not above criticism. John Kercher openly attacked and vilified Amanda with debunked claims in articles he wrote in the Daily Mail and the Mirror or the Sun. He did the same with his book. He basically claimed that she did not have the right to live her life as a person freed on appeal or to speak up to defend herself.

        He has the right to say what he wants. But it doesn’t make him dignified.

        The Kerchers are not above criticism if they are not being forthright about their involvement in an Internet campaign that is basically finding the accused guilty and passing it off as “real justice.” John Kercher stated his support for TJMK in his book. I assume the Kercher family is aware of and endorses the concept of those websites. The Kercher family fundraising site is linked in all of these websites, presumably with the family’s consent.

        I assume the Kerchers know that this web-based campaign has influenced journalists who write about the case. But I don’t know if the Kercher family all agree with all the lies, distortions, threats and character assassinations carried out in their name or on “behalf of Meredith.”

        The suggestion that the Machine might be a member of the Kercher family is that, a suggestion. And it is based on some data. But otherwise, a guess. But it would be significant if true because he together with only a few others leads all the ideas that are presented as truth on TJMK and PMF. And he along with only a few others bully anyone who questions him into submission or retreat. There are no divergent points of view allowed there. And these forums and websites claim to be purveyors of the truth about the case.

        To say that those forums are dignified is a strange assertion. Maybe you have not read for five years how people there have circled like an angry mob against Amanda and Rafaelle and their families and supporters; how they have gone beyond speculation to diagnosing and condemning them as sexually perverted psychopaths; how they have mocked in perverted ways the appearance, clothing or words of Rafaelle, Amanda, her sisters, parents, supporters; how they have made up sick poems, songs, drawings that vilify the accused and their families; how they have in real life stalked and threatened supporters of Amanda and disrupted their events and even the careers of supporters; how they have with no firm evidence judged and condemned the accused and spread lies and character assassination all over the Internet and beyond.

        You may have been blinded to these things because many people on the PMFs and TJMK are intelligent and they write well. But behind their big words and erudite airs is a lot of malarkey. And a lot of anger. There appear to be a large number of people who have suffered from violent crimes or sexual assault that frequent those sites. Or who are close friends or family members of victims. These sites appear to be places where the traumatized and injured can vent their collective spleen. They are not seeing things clearly and they are too eager to give law enforcement or ‘justice’ systems a large degree of leeway to put away people who have not been demonstrated with evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to be guilty of these crimes.

        But hey I’m just an anonymous person posting on an Internet site. What do I know? Maybe nothing more than than anyone else. But I think your notion that people who have similar views to mine just repeat things robotically and desperately to try to make them true is more fittingly applied to people like The Machine.

      • Pigsticker says:

        We’re NOT looking to vilify Meredith’s family, only to protect the other victims (Amanda & Raffaele) from harassment by those who claim to support the Kerchers. If you were any kind of friend to that family, you’d be encouraging them to look at both sides of the story. Only that way can they understand the TRUTH about what happened, instead of continuing to believe the prosecution’s baseless theories.

    • warren says:

      well pointed out. after reading the last site you mention the one endorsed by ms vogt i was confused by the presentation of facts. i didnt feel like i was being lead away from truth or feed misinformation. it was very subtle and professionally done. it made me re question other reports of facts id read elsewhere. i realised i was having my thoughts manipulated while reading the myths section. someone went from logic while writing it and let there personality come forth. then i realised this is a condemnation of amanda knox page. after reading comments i realised this was a hate page and the personalities being shown were not worth my time reading. i think to help people realise the manipulation and misinformation of the page simply go on it and read the comments they yell out to any sane logical mind these guys are full of hate for this woman and dont desearve my time. the truth is they are mostly very cunning at what they do. just be more logical and show other unaware people what kind of hatred the page allows. it isnt nice and shows itself for what it is. a place to vent anger

  12. Philippe says:

    Here, below, is a link to a presentation of this case by judge Heavey.
    I found it particularly eloquent.
    I wish it could be shown in court in Florence. Although I have faith that rafaelle’s and Amanda’s defense lawyers in Italy will know how to rap this up once and for all.

  13. Ian Morris says:

    Nasim thinks he is god and in view of this if a looniest guilter competition was held, Nasim would probably win. Considering the competition from he has from the other nut jobs and oddballs on the tjmk/pmf hate sites, this would be quite an achievement.

  14. Luca Cheli says:

    congratulations for your increasing involvement in the battle against wrongful convictions and miscarriages of justice.

  15. Noel says:

    Thanks for sharing this Amanda. There are so many cases similar to yours around the world. Accountability for misconduct & wrongful convictions needs to be established and followed. I hope one day judicial systems around the world will wake up & realize how they are destroying innocent lives by operating under unjust practices.



  16. Antonio Dimitriadis says:

    Whatever the verdict on Amanda I don’t think the U. S. should honor Italy’s petition for her extradition based on these 2014 enhanced Justice Dept. reforms.
    National Criminal Justice Reference Service
    Wrongful Conviction and Criminal Justice Reform: Making Justice, details the current issues of “innocence reform” and wrongful convictions, offering potential reforms that would enhance the criminal justice system and alleviate the problem of wrongful convictions (includes forensic science and false confessions reforms agendas)

    • Antonio Dimitriadis says:

      “An American citizen has the right to contest an extradition order”

      Congressional Research Service
      Extradition To and From the United States:
      Overview of the Law and Recent Treaties

      Extradition Agreement with the European Union, art. 11,
      entered into force Feb. 1, 2010, S. TREATY DOC. 109-14

      [Senate Executive Report 110-12]
      [From the U.S. Government Printing Office]
      (Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) either signed or
      already in force with all but seven EU Member States (the seven being
      Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Malta, Portugal, the Slovak Republic, and

  17. Pigsticker says:

    Please see my posts in the previous thread (“Guilty Until Proven Innocent”) for my own take on false convictions. Enjoy the videos!

    Oh, and by the way, I forgot to wish you a Happy New Year

  18. Tom Zupancic says:

    I found the information in the “Research” section under the “Wrongful Convictions” tab to be especially informative. In particular the section on “Professional and Bureaucratic Practices” was very helpful in understanding the root causes of wrongful convictions.

    For example: “Ander­son (1998) believes that wrong­ful con­vic­tion can be traced back to pro­fes­sional and bureau­cratic wrong­do­ing within the jus­tice sys­tem, which includes the tar­get­ing prac­tices of the police, the sup­pres­sion of evi­dence, coer­cion and intim­i­da­tion of wit­nesses, fal­si­fied foren­sic evi­dence, judi­cial mal­prac­tice, jury tam­per­ing, and pros­e­cu­tion and defense mis­con­duct.” …

    “Pros­e­cu­to­r­ial mis­con­duct is one of the lead­ing causes, or con­tribut­ing causes, of wrong­ful con­vic­tions, con­tended Joy (2006). Joy argued that pros­e­cu­to­r­ial mis­con­duct is not chiefly the result of iso­lated instances of unprin­ci­pled choices or the fail­ure of char­ac­ter on the part of some pros­e­cu­tors. Rather, pros­e­cu­to­r­ial mis­con­duct is largely the result of three insti­tu­tional con­di­tions: vague ethics rules that pro­vide ambigu­ous guid­ance to pros­e­cu­tors, vast dis­cre­tionary author­ity with lit­tle or no trans­parency, and inad­e­quate reme­dies for pros­e­cu­tor misconduct.” … and

    “False con­fes­sions are a great con­cern among those who have reviewed cases of wrong­ful con­vic­tion. Leo et al. (2010) reviewed research on the issue and dis­cussed how law enforce­ment and inves­ti­ga­tor prac­tices can gen­er­ate false con­fes­sions. Authors described how “coer­cion error,” “con­t­a­m­i­na­tion error,” “mis­lead­ing spe­cial knowl­edge,” “tun­nel vision,” and “con­fir­ma­tion bias” lead police and oth­ers to ignore the pos­si­bil­ity that a con­fes­sion is false.”

    The section on “Social-Psychologocal Factors” was also very helpful.

    It is refreshing to read an analysis that is based on careful, peer reviewed research and not just individual opinion.

  19. Kuba says:

    Chris Tapp case featured on Judges for Justice site is remarkable. The mother of the victim, Angie Dodge, no longer believes he is guilty.

    All the best in this New Year, Amanda. Let it be a year of peace and hopes fulfilled.

  20. Will study this new organization headed by Judge Michael Heavy and “Get Back” to you with some hopefully useful feedback…Amanda…Thanks for posting it today for everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR, Too… – Best, Ken

    • Due to my dedication and interest in US Constitutional Law, especially the protection of the 14th Amendment and interest in wrongful convictions, I will be joining the ACLU again…today. The Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito defense cases are mainly responsible for renewing my interest in the law (criminal law in particular) for which I am grateful proving that benefits can come out of tragedy. I have specialized in Legal Research for the last 23 years helping many attorneys win their cases over a diverse range of legal issues and cases. I also have had to do a huge amount of legal research regarding legal problems my own family caused over a decade ago (civil and criminal) spending eight long years in three university law libraries. Ironically, the 14th Amendment cases I needed I found by accident in 2008 in Little Rock at the University of Arkansas Law School law library. I am planning on eventually writing several books of my own because much still needs to be dealt with where the Truth has been covered-up. I am very grateful to Amanda and Raffaele (and their incredible families) for staying strong and for becoming experts on their own cases, in doing so they have inspired me to go on… standing up for Justice — whose quiet voice is often lost in the Town Square — or simply covered-up by incompetent government agencies, and individuals, both here and abroad and surprisingly often by the media as well. In the summer of 2005 I sent two 5-page summaries to ABC News regarding the numerous crimes that were committed against me by my family members and they were simply ignored and covered up. So I know first-hand what it is like to have police reports grossly falsified (in my case by my older brother) and reputations ruined because mine was ruined as well. Some of the property and due process violations by law enforcement were also covered up by the FBI twice in 2008. I am, however, lucky to be associated with two innocent defendants, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito whose Freedom, and reputations, are again at stake. I will gladly take their company, and continue to defend their names and innocence, seven-days-a-week until their names and reputations are simply FORMALLY CLEARED. I firmly believe that both of these wrongfully-arrested & convicted criminal Defendants will eventually hold places of great Honor once the Truth finally prevails regarding the real facts regarding the unfortunate departure of Meredith Kercher in 2007. May God grant them great Favor and the Court in Florence great “judicial wisdom” in clearly seeing that there is no forensic evidence against either Raffaele Sollecito or Amanda Knox – so that they can both go on with their lives without having to wage yet another tiring & exhausting Appeal. I am very proud to stand next to both of them – any day of the week, because I, too, know what it is like to be “wrongfully accused” having no voice or legal recourse, and having legal remedies ruined or wrongfully forfeited over time in terms of the statute-of-limitations of certain crimes — that usually bar any hope of prosecution once they have passed — proving that these kinds of “great injustices” can happen to virtually anyone in an incompetent, or corrupt, legal environment, or system, across multiple legal jurisdictions and countries. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have each been the recipients of a huge “Miscarriage of Justice” and the Truth must come out in January 2014 to finally set them both FREE once and for all. A fuller understanding of what they have actually both been through, and their families, will only arrive after “many years of contemplation” have passed. Both of these wrongfully arrested and convicted criminal defendants ARE INNOCENT. – Best again, Ken

      • FREEDOM for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito on Jan. 10, 2014 from the Court of Appeals in Florence, Italy. Enjoy this day…very much. Relax, have some good coffee with friends, take a walk, enjoy the sunshine, and listen to some good music… I ask great Favor from the Holy Trinity in this matter in Jesus’ name, no less, our Creator. How did the Lord describe himself in Exodus 15:26 ? “I Am The Lord Who Healeth Thee”. We are to walk by Faith.- Best, Ken

        • Amanda says:


          The schedule has changed a bit:

          Jan 9 – Sollecito defense closing arguments

          Jan 16 – Rebuttals

          Jan 20 – Verdict

          Thank you for being there for me.

          • Hi Amanda…Thank you for the trial schedule Update today. I will patiently await the Court’s decision on Jan. 20th and I hope that the two defense teams are benefitted greatly by the additional time given them for closing arguments. You are very welcome, Amanda, I will always defend your innocence and also see a very bright future for you and your eventual exoneration. Be at peace with yourself right up to the Court’s decision. I am hoping that wisdom will prevail and the truth will be seen clearly by the Judiciary in Italy but no matter what happens I will be behind you 100% and will also help Raffaele as much as I can for as long as necessary. Thanks for writing, enjoy your new Tabby (with the white feet). Best, Ken

          • The statements made by Francesco Maresca in the International Business Times are simply UNTRUE and ridiculous concerning who Amanda Knox really is as a person and Maresca is also ignoring the fact that there is no forensic evidence pointing to any perpetrator other than Rudy Guede. I fully expect Acquittals for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito come Jan. 20th, 2014!!!

          • Julie Jorgensen says:

            Has the verdict been changed to the 30th of January?

          • Amanda says:

            Yes ma’am. The new schedule is:
            Jan 20 – rebuttals
            Jan 30 – verdict

          • Julie Jorgensen says:

            Are all these delays driving you crazy or are you glad to have more time? If it were me it would be driving me crazy. (It’s not me and it’s driving me crazy..) :) I was also wondering now that you’ve had to go through this agonizing process 3 times, which trial would you say has been the most difficult to go through? (Sorry so many questions)

  21. Doug Matthews says:

    This seems like a great organization that is worthy of support. Thanks for posting, Amanda. And Happy New Year!

  22. Francisco says:

    It’s SOP for guilters to wage defamation campaigns anyone who offers support for Amanda and Raffaele. Judge Heavey is but one of dozens of professionals who have reviewed the case from the perspective of their expertise and have found it to be seriously flawed. Without fail, Nasim and his fellow guilters have incessantly attacked them, questioning their ethics, their knowledge and their motives.

    I give Amanda an incredible amount of credit for participating on this blog and for trying to answer legitimate questions people may have. However, people like Nasim haven’t invested six years of obsessive, hateful behavior merely to come here to ask legitimate questions in hopes of learning about the case. His mind has been set for a very long time and you can assume every time he posts his intention is to either defame someone further or to try to nail Amanda to the wall. After six years, and with him still unable to articulate a timeline of the crime that involves Amanda and Raffaele and that doesn’t fall apart when known evidence is accounted for, my guess is he would be far better served dealing with his own shortcomings.

  23. Tom Mininger says:

    For those readers who aren’t familiar with Frank Sfarzo, he is a very brave Italian journalist/blogger who publicly disagrees with Mignini in a country where government officials (including prosecutors and judges) can bring CRIMINAL slander charges against ordinary citizens (including journalists and defense attorneys) on the flimsiest of grounds.
    Committee to Protect Journalists Worldwide: http://www.cpj.org/search/mignini

    The intimidation of the Italian press is frustrating. Il Messaggero assigned Krista Errickson to interview FBI pioneer of criminal profiling John Douglas. But then they were too scared to publish it. Here is the interview:

    Years ago at the beginning when the police were spreading false evidence leaks to inflame the public against Amanda, Judge Heavey asked for any trial to be moved out of Perugia, or for outside judges to be brought in. The Perugia authorities twisted this into a request to move the trial to the US. You can imagine the outrage that lie caused.

    • Tom Mininger says:

      I meant for this to be a reply to Nasim below. Thanks.

      • Pigsticker says:

        I wouldn’t worry too much about Nasim. On his own web site, he claims to be God. That’s a common sign that he’s either completely insane or he’s a sleazy con artist. I’ve had run-ins with people who claim to be “God” (or selling products “from God”) and nothing good ever came out of them. I still haven’t forgiven one of these guys for conning one of my friends.

  24. Nasim says:

    Hi Amanda – Mike Heavey is definitely a good friend to have. Not many of us have friends who would raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for us, in addition to bankrolling gadfly Frank Sfarzo to pester the prosecution. In a nutshell “Judges for Justice” uses Heavey’s political connections to do an end-run around the judicial process. My guess is a judge can probably do this exactly once before he gets a reputation as a kook and no one of importance cares what he thinks anymore. Fortunately for you, you’re that once. Did he ever discuss with you the secret assurances he claims to have received that you will never be extradited back to Italy (Linda Byron inverview, 10/1/2013)? Who gave these assurances? Heavey’s friend Maria Cantwell?

    • Julie Jorgensen says:

      Nasim, you really expect Amanda to answer a comment such as this from a person who says they are God? A man of God would not act or talk in a manner such as this.

    • Rose Marie says:

      You suggest that someone who gains the reputation of a kook might well expect to be ignored.

      You claim to be God in one Internet site, Man from Atlan. On another, PMF.net you moderate a hate site where you condone the senseless rage-filled rants of people who have no desire to understand the truth but rather only to engage in vile and prurient fantasies of hate and revenge based on nothing more than assumptions of guilt.

      You in fact goad posters on to express ever more insane conspiracies, obsessive fantasies and even threats against Amanda and Rafaelle. You have applauded or encouraged some truly deranged and unstable posters when they sought to or actually did contact people in real life to attempt to damage the careers or reputations of Amanda or Rafaelle. You have gone on an obsessive wild goose chase in Italy where you were snooping around and pretending to have knowledge about the case that you do not have.

      Who is the kook who should be ignored? A learned retired judge with a long honorable career who does not pretend to be God, doesn’t run a hate site, has done nothing improper or illegal? Or yourself?

    • Joseph W Bishop says:

      Keep dreaming Nasim.

      Judge Michael Heavey stood up to a profound injustice. He is hardly alone in his opinions. Here is what some others have said:

      “This is a disgusting verdict. It is the moral equivalent of a mob marching down Main Street and string these two people up. They are absolutely innocent of these crimes.” — Peter van Sant (Long time CBS correspondent)

      “You don’t have to be an American to be outraged by this. This is an injustice of Biblical proportions.” — Paul Ciolino (Private investigator placed in Italy by CBS)

      “I have never seen a judge’s ruling so bizarre or nonsensical. It defies reason that it could have been written by an adult with any logical capacity whatsoever.” John E. Douglas (Retired FBI agent and famed criminal profiler)

      “This is a case based on lies, superstition, and crazy conspiracies, and that’s it.” Douglas Preston (Best selling author who has made numerous appearances on all the major networks about the case.)

      “Meredith Kercher was killed by one man: Rudy Herman Guede. He was a known burglar. She surprised him in the house and he took here life and sexually assaulted her.” — Steve Moore (Retired career FBI agent)

      “What century is this? Didn’t Joan of Arc, the Inquisition and our own American Salem witch trials teach civilized nations a thing or two about contrived sexual hysteria with a devil twist?” Timothy Egan (Pulitzer Prize winning columnist writing in the New York Times.)

      “This four year Italian opera is a farce; it is a fiction. The criminals are those who perpetrated a false allegation against two good young people. These police and prosecutors lied cheated and stole the innocence of two good young people. They are the criminals.” Judge Michael Heavey (Long time Superior Court judge from the Seattle area.”

      “The prosecution did not present enough evidence for an impartial jury to conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that Ms. Knox was guilty. ” Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA)

    • Eric_B says:

      In free countries, both politicians and retired judges are allowed to discuss ongoing cases.

      Do you have a problem with that?

    • Rob H says:

      I see that Nasim is back to improve the quality of our lives. Marvellous! Did you ever get to solve the mystery of the “missing” shoes, Naz? You know? The ones with the only blood spatter evidence against Amanda Knox! Did Lee Harvey Oswald really kill Kennedy or was that a Mafia/Cuban/Area 51 Alien conspiracy. Well done, Mr Shoebox. You get knocked down but you keep getting up again. Never let the evidence get in the way of a good story.

      • Nasim says:

        No. We haven’t gotten any of our requests answered. Amanda just sticks to her talking points. Make of that what you will. I don’t know what the purpose of this blog is, but if it’s the hope that the commenters will fight amongst themselves while Amanda gets to play grown-up then I’m out of here.

        • Angela Smitherman says:

          Good riddance.

        • Eric_B says:

          Who is ‘we’? Who do you speak for and why don’t you use your real name?

          See, what happened was, you claimed that you had identified a shoebox on Amanda’s floor near her desk.

          Then you fantasised that the shoes from the box were missing, hypothesising that the police were so incompetent that they didn’t notice a shoebox right in front of their faces.

          Amanda explained that no shoes of hers were missing. Nobody ever claimed in court or anywhere else in all this time that any of her shoes were missing.

          You continued to harp on the same vein about imaginary missing shoes like some sort of fake moon landing nutter ‘analysing’ photographs.

          Waste of time.

        • Philippe says:

          Nasim, by , “none of our requests” who is “we” ? People that believe she is guilty? I think she has spoken in two trials, made herself available to the police without a lawyer present, been called many horrible things like few human beings on the planet ever have had to endure, wrote her version of events in a book, an open letter to the court, answered many interviews, and opened this Blog, where people like yourself, who basically refuse to hear her answers or evidences contrary to what they wish to hear, still can write, ask questions etc..that’s pretty open, no?
          I think the theory of their guilt has become a conspiracy theory like the “protocol of Zion”..it has been proven completely false, made up by tsarists for their own political purposes etc, but you can still find people that believe in it or write about it as if it was fact..why bring up here things that have not even been used in court, and we know how desperate the prosecution is to find anything…

    • Nigel Scott says:

      If I had to choose between a friend who is a respected former judge and a friend who claims to be God, I know who I would choose.

    • Len D. says:

      “In a nutshell “Judges for Justice” uses Heavey’s political connections to do an end-run around the judicial process.”

      So is there a back room somewhere where all these political connections gather to rule the world…or is it just in your mind? Do tell.

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