Guilty Verdict

Alessandro Nencini

First and foremost it must be recognized that there is no consolation for the Kercher family. Their grief over Meredith’s terrible murder will follow them forever. They deserve respect and support.

I am frightened and saddened by this unjust verdict. Having been found innocent before, I expected better from the Italian justice system. The evidence and accusatory theory do not justify a verdict of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Rather, nothing has changed. There has always been a marked lack of evidence. My family and I have suffered greatly from this wrongful persecution.

This has gotten out of hand. Most troubling is that it was entirely preventable. I beseech those with the knowledge and authority to address and remediate the problems that worked to pervert the course of justice and waste the valuable resources of the system: overzealous and intransigent prosecution, prejudiced and narrow-minded investigation, unwillingness to admit mistake, reliance on unreliable testimony and evidence, character assassination, inconsistent and unfounded accusatory theory, and counterproductive and coercive interrogation techniques that produce false confessions and inaccurate statements.

Clearly a wrongful conviction is horrific for the wrongfully accused, but it is also terribly bad for the victim, their surviving family, and society.

The Nencini Verdict. In original Italian. 30 Jan 2014.

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  1. Ivan Najakov says:

    “Why were none of the other roommates or friends of Meredith suspected? ”
    Meredith’s British friends left Italy as soon as they heard about the murder. Meredith’s roommates had talked to their lawyers before they said anything to any police. Meredith’s friends and roommates were suspected, but there was nothing that proved they had anything to do with the crime. The postal police thought there might be something suspicious about Amanda because of her grief reaction. They must have thought that Amanda was not crying enough or sad enough, and they thought that a woman who had just found out about their roommate’s death would show much more emotion. I suppose an Italian woman would do a grief reaction that would be more like they expected, but Amanda is an American, and she seems to be of WASP or Northern European ancestry so she might seem to be insensitive. Our emotional reactions are rather subtle compared to theirs.
    When JonBenet Ramsey died one of the police thought the grief reaction of her father was not appropriate, so she thought he killed his own daughter. There are still plenty of trolls who think he is guilty.
    At this time the German police had not yet caught Rudy Guede so they did not know who killed Meredith. Amanda became the most likely suspect because there was nobody else.

  2. Ivan Najakov says:

    “as an American I believe you should own what you do. You did it, own it, and go back to serve your time.”
    If Italy is allowed to do this to you, they will think they can do this to any other American.
    Hey, if we Americans want to go to Europe on vacation, there are plenty of other countries where we can spend our money.

  3. Yvonne says:

    If you are found guilty I believe you should return to Italy to serve out your sentence. This is a court of law in Italy whom convicted you for a crime you committed in accordance with their verdict. It means you have been found guilty. They did not change the way they do things to convict you. They followed the laws and proved it to 2 of 3 courts which is not Double jeopardy in Italy but rather the legal process in Italy. Why would anyone deny extradition? I understand you are pretty and you made a mistake. I understand you are older and wiser. I understand you don’t want to go. It does not change the fact that you were convicted of murder and should go to jail and serve out your time. I am sorry for the victim’s family, and if it had gone the other way, I would have felt as sorry as I do now. I just have to add shame now because as an American I believe you should own what you do. You did it, own it, and go back to serve your time.

    • Max Green says:

      I’m curious, are you saying you would voluntarily go into prison for a murder you didn’t commit – whenever you are found guilty and then wait in prison until you are acquitted again, correct so?

    • Scott says:

      You must be out of your mind. There is no evidence connecting her to the crime and the courts are just trying to save face. I would never go back. Someone should pay her back for all the money that her family has spent trying to defend her when she should have never been on trial in the first place.

    • Brian Thurling says:

      What you are saying is right if the so called evidence against her was right.
      There is absolutely no evidence tying Amanda to this vile act.
      The Italian courts that found her guilty have proven to be corrupt & working in concert with the prosecution aka Mignini to convict two innocent people.
      In actuality she did react like any one else. She cried, she lost sleep, she was scared but those reactions although filmed & photographed were deliberately withheld by media to help sell their stories & aid in the character assassination of Amanda.
      Evidence points to only one perpetrator of the crime & that person is Rudy Guede.
      I strongly suggest Yvonne you go to the “Injustice in Perugia” website to see the facts on this case.

  4. Carolina Maldonado says:

    Hi Amanda, I have a two questions fo ryou I’m kind confuse with Italian system, after this verdict there is any possibility that they proceed with another appeal? and when it is expected to know the verdict of this case?

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Ms. Maldonado,

      The next step in the judicial process is for the Italian Supreme Court to examine the motivation for the guilty verdict handed down by Judge Nencini and determine whether to approve it or not. If it is approved, the verdict is considered definitive in Italy and Raffaele and I would have no further recourse there. If, however, the Supreme Court finds the motivation illogical or unfit, they may overturn it and send the case back for a new trial on the appeal level.

      No hearing has yet been scheduled with the Italian Supreme Court. We are waiting for the motivation for the verdict to be deposited by Judge Nencini.


  5. Kai says:

    Dear Amanda,

    I realised this morning that the papers now use the phrase “the convicted killer” to describe you. I know I’m really slow here (and I’m sorry if I’m being insensitive, I don’t mean to), but are you actually convicted of killing Meredith or are you convicted of conspiring to murder? Given that they never found any DNA of yours near the body or in the room I thought they “just” accused you of conspiring. Did they actually convict you of murdering her with your own hands and your own body with no DNA to back it up? Is it the same case for Raf?


    ps. the reason I started to follow this case is because you look so much like my sister, especially when you smile and I just thought, Really? She did that? It seems so unlikely, like a fantasy.. I think those who put this sentence on you never knew what it was to be a 20 year old girl. They still think they get scabbies if they touch a girl on her sleeve. That a girl or a woman is something mysterious that you can never trust. I’m sorry they are making up stories about you, you don’t deserve it.

    When I was younger I was bullied in school, to this day it haunts me and when it does I ask myself “did I do anything to deserve that they bullied me? No! I didn’t! I was just there and they decided to use me as a scapegoat and turn everything against me for no reason. So, I haven’t done anything, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and I was super naive thinking no one would ever harm me and I was unable to defend myself”

    This case reminds me of school yard bullying. Just times a hundred.. maybe more. I want you to fight this case! I want to see you win this case! Go girl!

    • Amanda says:


      I was convicted in 2009, acquitted in 2011, and re-convicted in 2014. The case is now to be heard before the Court of Cassation (the Italian Supreme Court)and will decide whether or not that latest conviction will be confirmed or if the case should be reheard on the appeal level.

      Thank you for your support,

      • Kai says:

        Well, you have it! I completely believe in you and Raf. I still find it baffling though, this whole affair with lots of someone’s dna none of yours etc. I always knew Italy was a bit behind but I never imagined they’d take it this far into a Kafkaesque nightmare. So I support you with what I can and I worry for Raf more and more. All the best!

  6. Fred Aborn says:

    The probability that the kitchen knife is the murder weapon is probably less than .00000001=(.01)^4. The only reason that the defense would keep drawing attention to it is because it is a ‘Red Herring’ (a distraction). Mathematically the probability that the knife is the murder weapon are all the ‘reasonable doubts’ multiplied together. The reasonable doubts: Randomly picked, wrong size for the wounds, wrong size for the stain on the bed sheet, no blood, no cellular material, LCN DNA, not found at the murder scene, etc. They should remember that the highest probability is one. The highest that any of these probabilities can be is one. Therefore the probability that the kitchen knife is even the murder weapon is less than even without all the huge reasonable doubts.

    This is the ‘connecting logic’: the probability that the kitchen knife is the murder weapon is zero (non-existent). Therefore, discussion of DNA on a non-existent murder weapon is a waste of time.

    • Fred Aborn says:

      The last sentence in the 1st paragraph should be deleted. Delete the sentence that reads: “Therefore the probability that the kitchen knife is even the murder weapon is less than even without all the huge reasonable doubts.”

    • Rosemarie Baber says:

      How about the video , amanda that showed u real close by the house u lived in, when u told the police u where at ur boyfriend s house at that time? They do have evidence against u, surely u must be aware of that. I am familiar with the italien court system, and they are very fair! maybe even better than here.
      I am sorry, but I thought from day one that where guilty, there is lots of evidence against u, that u just seem to ignore, but that doesn’t make it go away. The reason u where released is that the US put a lot of pressure on the italien court.

      • Brian Thurling says:

        Rosemarie go to the “Injustice in Perugia” website for facts/evidence.
        All the evidence against Amanda is conjecture, made up or just doesn’t exist.
        Just because a court finds you guilty does not mean you are.
        Evidence must be genuine & beyond reproach.
        The so called evidence against Amanda is neither genuine or beyond reproach.
        The evidence proving Amanda’s innocence is undeniable & is genuine.
        Believe the evidence not the tabloids or corrupt courts.

  7. Fred Aborn says:

    Furthermore, it is the fallacy of False Dilemma – (Giving two choices when in actuality there could be more choices possible) to restrict the argument of Kercher’s DNA on the famous “Double DNA knife” to the dilemma of whether or not Kercher’s DNA was on the knife or not. Whether or not the knife is the murder weapon BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT is the real question. The logical fallacy of False Dilemma becomes clear.

    There are probably ten reasonable doubts as to why this knife is NOT the murder weapon. In other words Prosecutor Crini’s “correct logic” is nothing more than the fallacy of False Dilemma.

    So twisted, perverted and demented is the prosecution logic that they consider the arguments against the ten reasonable doubts about the knife as the murder weapon as “loads of evidence”. These ten reasonable doubts collectively constitute 100% proof that the knife is NOT the murder weapon.

    Every time the defense provides a winning and logical argument, the prosecution gives an inane reply and chalks it up as their evidence, and a win at that.


    • jamesrae says:

      Excellent reasoning Fred. Rationality is not included in this case. The same arguments and logic can be used for the 3 attacker scenario. It is clear that Mignini has managed and disappeared Rudy Grebe into a passive bystander and created a Monster of Perugia Amanda Knox. Delusion rules the day.

  8. Luna says:

    Defenders of Amanda please explain one thing to me, if you believe that Rudy Guede was the sole perpetrator than why would he cover Meredith whole body including her face and then lock the bedroom door. If he was leaving the house and never would have to see her again, why would he do this? And also if he didn’t live in that house, how did he know her bedroom door locks? Did it lock with a key? If it gets locked with a key why would he who didn’t know which key locked the door waste time searching for that key just to lock the door? He didn’t know her right, he wasn’t living there and didn’t have to look at that body again, right. This only makes sense for someone who was staying in the home for a while to do. The person who did this didn’t want to look at her body or face and had to cover her because they were going to be in there for a while. Someone locked that door to delay the body being found. With all the blood that was in Meredith room why wasn’t there any significant amount of blood in the hallway, the Kitchen and the bathroom? Someone did clean up.
    Just because they didn’t find Amanda and Raf bloody clothes it doesn’t mean they were innocent. Did they find Rudy Guedes bloody clothes? The story…The true story must be sooooo absurd because none of the three are willing to say what really happened. The true story must be even more shocking than what anyone expects. It must be worse.
    The motive must have been ludacris.
    And if you say there isn’t enough evidence of Amanda being there when it happened that doesn’t mean she wasn’t involved. They could have planned for Rudy to attack Meredith alone so they can steal and split whatever money she had. They could have known about it even if they weren’t present. Maybe Amanda came home in the morning and found Meredith dead body and she covered it and locked the door because she just couldn’t look at it. All the lies her and Raf told shows they had some involvement. How big or small that involvement is doesn’t matter anymore.
    They had something to do wit

    • Ashlesha says:

      Luna – I like the way you have put your words. I agree with you totally.

      lets pray for beautiful Meredith & her family to get justice at the earliest.

      • Brian Thurling says:

        Ashley & Luna this is a simple case of a man Rudy Guede breaking in, being surprised by Meredith when she came home & taking advantage of that to assault & kill her.
        Amanda & Raffaele were at Raffaele’s at the time Guede carried out this vile act. This has been proven.
        Amanda & Raffaele were in no way involved.
        I suggest you go to the “Injustice in Perugia” website to ascertain the facts etc regarding this case.
        If not then you clearly are not impartial or open minded just sad people transferring your own self loathing onto others.

    • Fred Aborn says:

      Sometimes I can’t even remember why I did certain things. I only know that they seemed logical to me at the time.

  9. Luna says:

    Amanda Knox,

    If you and Raf are truly as innocent as you claim, have you tried to write to Rudy Guide and ask him to tell the entire truth and that the two of you had no involvement in the crime? If you haven’t tried this yet, why not?
    I really wanted to believe the two of you are innocent but I can’t understand your behavior. Why were none of the other roommates or friends of Meredith suspected? Is it because they didn’t tell several lies, because their stories added up, because their phones were not turned off at the hours of Meredith death, because they didn’t know here throat was slit before seeing the body or hearing from anyone about it, because they were grieving unlike you and sollecito, because they had enough respect for their friend and roommate to attend the memorial, because they had alibis, because they weren’t the first in the home while Meredith was lying dead and you and Sollecito were, because they didn’t shower while suspecting someone had broken into the house, because they weren’t out buying bleach early in the morning, and they didn’t lie and say they called the cops when they actually did while you and sollecito did in fact lie about this.
    If you’re innocent, write to Guide, take a lie detector test.
    You make it sound like everyone in Italy was judging you and hating you because you were a young, pretty, liberated American girl…that is just unbelievable. Italy is not a third world country, it’s a developed country and they don’t live in the stone age. Why would SO MANY people lie about you like that??? Why who were you? We’re you Michael Jackson? No. You were just a young foreign student..JUST LIKE Meredith was and several others in Perugia. You were not the only foreigner in Perugia, the Perugians have seen many, believe me you ain’t that special.
    I repeat if you and Raf are innocent than write to Rudy Guede.

    • DW says:

      “If you and Raf are truly as innocent as you claim, have you tried to write to Rudy Guide and ask him to tell the entire truth and that the two of you had no involvement in the crime?”

      LOL. Yes, they should just ask Rudy Guede to tell the truth! Why didn’t Amanda’s defense team think of that? Amanda could just write him a letter. Hey Amanda – maybe it’s not too late to just write to Rudy and ask him to ‘fess up already.

      “Why were none of the other roommates or friends of Meredith suspected?”

      Because the other roommates were out of town, and presumably had alibis backed up by people who weren’t also suspects. (Of course, the reasoning is circular … Raffaele is Amanda’s alibi, of course, so the police quickly decided to make Raffaele a suspect also. Problem solved!)

      “their phones were not turned off at the hours of Meredith death,”

      I just can’t understand why anyone thinks the phones had anything to do with anything. Was *your* phone turned off at the time of Meredith’s death? Maybe you’re a suspect too? I hope you’ve got a good alibi (and didn’t buy any cleaning products the day of the murder).

      Who cares when their phones were on or off? You figure maybe most people who decided to murder someone turn off their phones, so they won’t be bothered with taking phone calls in the middle of their fun? Like maybe her mother would call, and it would be *so* annoying to have to say, “Not now, Mummy, I’m busy slitting my roommate’s throat, call you tomorrow, love you too.”

      “they didn’t shower while suspecting someone had broken into the house”

      She didn’t shower while suspecting someone had broken into the house. She didn’t get worried about that until she saw the unflushed toilet in the other bathroom, which was *after* she had already showered. That’s when the little details that something might be wrong – the front door open, specks of blood in one bathroom and an unflushed toilet in the other – started to unnerve her. The bathroom where she showered did not appear blood soaked. The pictures showing the blood-soaked bathroom are pictures taken after the application of luminol – not what Amanda saw when she was showering. The only thing truly of concern was the bathmat with the bloody footprint, and even that was diluted with water, obviously. The first thing that comes to mind when one finds small traces of blood in the bathroom is not a grisly murder; when you have three roommates who are all women in their 20’s, specks of blood in the sink or on the bathmat suggest that someone has had a menstrual malfunction (unusually heavy flow, or tampon fell out or something – anyone who has lived in a women’s dorm is familiar with this, and some people clean up fastidiously and some people just, well, don’t), or maybe that someone had a small cut which they cleaned up and didn’t do a thorough job wiping up the bathroom. Amanda herself had new ear piercings and they can also bleed minuscule amounts – enough to stain a sink without someone thinking “GAHH someone’s been murdered, where’s the corpse!!!”

      “Because weren’t out buying bleach early in the morning,”

      Neither was Amanda. That story is long since debunked.

      • DW says:

        I wrote that the other roommates were not suspected because they were out of town. Also, however, because they lawyered up within hours of learning of the murder. They had a good notion how Italian justice would work. Amanda was 1) younger than them, 2) in a foreign country on her own, 3) barely proficient in the language, and 4) in some ways it seems she was young for her age, and completely guileless. The prosecutors pounced on her vulnerability. Prosecuting either of the Italian women – who if I’m not mistaken were also law students? – would not have been a game they would have been likely to win. Amanda was just sitting there ripe for the picking, and she made no effort to protect herself, as she probably would have done if she’d been even a few years older and more worldly. And her Italian boyfriend just added another tabloid-friendly element to the scenario they cooked up against her – American femme fatale, luring to his doom one of their own, an innocent Italian boy who had no idea what sex-crazed sluts American women are.

  10. Brian Jacobson says:

    Hang in there, Knox!

    Unfortunately I’d say it’s pretty obvious that the Italian supreme court is going to uphold your conviction, but you’re safe in the U.S. and when Italy makes it’s extradition request the truth will come out and they will be humiliated.
    In the mean time, it might do good to give yourself some peace of mind and find out what you can do and what you need to do now. You have a right to know if your freedom may be in jeopardy and thus give yourself ample time to protect it.

  11. Sensible human says:

    Everyone please stop and think!

    Like it or not, an accused person is innocent until proven guilty.

    You cannot convict someone, of murder or otherwise, unless there is evidence beyond reasonable doubt.

    There is no evidence beyond reasonable doubt to convict Knox and/or Sollecito.

    There is such evidence to convict Rudy Guede.

    Also, a false alibi is not proof of guilt of a crime.

    Having a kitchen knife in one’s home, which may be handled by the owner as well as others, is not proof of guilt of anything. The victim’s DNA being on the knife presented in this case is not a reliable fact. With this circus trial, everyone in the area who has no alibi and who has a kitchen in which there are knives should be accused.

    Amanda Knox lived next to the crime scene, so it is to be expected to find traces of her in communal areas. It is also reasonable to expect “mixed” blood in a shared bathroom. The method of collecting this dubious “sample” was flawed and would result in mixing anyway.

    The bra clasp evidence is a fiasco, it being “found” a second time, over six weeks later, simply lying around in a different place from the first time. This is unreliable evidence. If Sollecito’s DNA is on it and it only, it does not prove beyond reasonable doubt that he murdered the victim! If and how his DNA got on that clasp is open to debate; there are a number of possibilities, bearing in mind he had visited the apartments before.

    There is no evidence to place Knox or Sollecito in the murder scene. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ELIMINATE PERSONAL PRESENCE EVIDENCE SELECTIVELY AND LEAVE ONLY ONE PERSON’S EVIDENCE (Guede’s). In such a brutal and vicious crime scene, if there was more than one person involved, there would be plenty of evidence of all those involved, or none at all if 100% cleaning took place. This in itself is evidence beyond reasonable doubt that Knox and Sollecito were not in the murder scene, and that Guede was in the murder scene and alone.

    Guede’s personal profile and history greatly reduces doubt that he was capable of such a crime.

    Knox’s and Sollecito’s profiles and history greatly increase doubt that they were capable of such a crime.

    Rudy Guede knows what happened, but he is widely acknowledged as a compulsive liar, and so everyone who wants the truth is at the mercy of his character.

    Everything else is smoke and mirrors, conjecture, circumstantial, prejudice, hearsay, personal agendas, etc., etc. Truly shameful.

  12. Fred Aborn says:

    The insanity of the guilters can, perhaps, be explained by the Stockholm_syndrome, Milgram_experiment and the Big_Lie. All can be looked up in Wikipedia.

  13. mike says:

    I know this comment wont go live but I hope amanda you are reading this….or someone close to you. All i have to say is you’re going to burn in hell…you’re fucking guilty and lots of us know it. Theres plenty of evidence. Have fun being extradited you piece of shit!

    • Vidi says:

      I’m glad that you know it all Mike. I’m glad people like you exist in the world. What would we do without the hate and stupidity spread by people like you :O Wow!

  14. Ashlesha says:

    Amanda & All ,
    I always believed that Amanda & Raffaele are innocents & they were the victims who suffered a lot. BUT now I don’t have the same thinking anymore and this has happened after reading AMANDA’s BOOK . I don’t say they are murderers but definitely they have something to do with all of this and hence I am very much against them.
    I am sorry for this comment but I am glad that I read Waiting to be Heard and understood how Amanda has been always changing her stories , on how insensitive she has been in disclosing her physical life with others without considering their privacy , how she accused Patrick Lumumba & never had the courtesy to say SORRY to him n his family, Amanda has disclosed even Meredith Physical life in this book – how the hell can you speak about her private life when she isn’t alive. Do you damn care even a bit ?
    You said in the book Laura asked you not to tell the police about Marijuana in house. why didn’t you ask Laura that time itself the reason for lying ? if you are honest then why did you lie? Why have you always been lying ! You are giving justification for each and everything , for what ? You said you had a choice to go back to Seattle after the murder but you didn’t ran- then you now when the verdicts are announced you are hiding in Seattle and not going back to Italy? You said Raffaele was comforting you , if the same situation took place at your home , would you do the same ?
    You have tried your level best to get all the media attention but never did you try to reach Meredith’s Family ! You are giving interviews , writing books , speaking to people BUT have you ever seen anyone from Meredith’s family doing all of this ? you should learn how to be moderate from them ! They are the one’s who lost their daughter & sister , but they aren’t seeking attention like you.
    Raffaele you said is a very good and caring person. But what going on in the news about his marriage proposals and all ? what about the 2 girls he lied ? He is trying to run its so clear !
    Now I stand in Support with the Kercher’s family in fighting against the injustice that happened with their daughter and looking forward for the verdict to be in action.

    • Doug says:

      Are you serious?

      That is the impression you came away from Amanda’s book with? Did you really read the whole book or are you just reacting to excerpts published in the press I wonder? Anyway, all of the points you made can be explained by one simple fact, which Amanda repeats again and again in her book:

      – Amanda was falsely accused of a heinous crime and an all out war was instigated upon her character by the police/prosecutors through the media

      So, her descriptions of her sexual encounters are to counter with the truth the ridiculous sexual deviant caricature of her in the press and in court (and she clearly states in her book that names of people were changed to protect them where possible). Her public interviews also are to help her reclaim her real identity from the grotesque and false one presented around the world by the prosecution-fed media.

      The only other thing I can say is that if that was truly how you felt after reading the whole of Amanda’s book then you are clearly lacking compassion and the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes.

      • Ashlesha says:

        Doug – You have your own opinion & the same way I have mine. Secondly , if you read my post carefully , I have clearly stated that I always believed initially they were innocent until I came across certain things those weren’t right. So I did put myself in their shoes.

        • Doug says:

          You didn’t answer my question. Did you really read the whole book? You sound just like any other personwho has swallowed the lies of hate sites likeTJFMK. If you had read all of Amanda’s book and had the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others there is no way you would consider for a secondthat she is guilty.

          • ashlesha says:

            Doug – Sorry for my late reply .
            Yes i did read her book !

            and again i would like to remind you that i mentioned earlier about supporting Amanda Knox completely however my opinion changed after 5 years !

            and yes i did put myself in Amanda’s shoes and I assure you that i would never be like Amanda infact nobody would be like Amanda.

          • Rosemarie Baber says:

            Why don’t u consider that it might be knox that is lying, remember she did confess, and how often does one have to read th b.s that she was forced in to it, that is Italy and not the US

    • Brian Thurling says:

      Ashlesha, Amanda has never changed her story or her alibi.
      The facts support her innocence & show the corruption of the Italian courts.
      I suggest you go to the “Injustice in Perugia” website, read the information there & rethink your erroneous ideas.

  15. Phillip says:

    ‘Found innocent before’, once, found guilty twice. Fortunately for the Kercher family and more importantly Meredith herself, when your money eventually dries up, which it will, your PR campaign will quickly follow suit; which leads us on to propaganda techniques (and eerily) another narcissistic sociopath used.

    “The Big Lie” – The use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.

    The Duck Test: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck…

    • Mike says:

      “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”
      Carl Sagan

      Phillip you have been bamboozled

    • Vidi says:

      Ah, but if a half blind person looks at it and thinks it’s a goose? What then? Does it make it a goose? Or if someone hard of hearing listens to the quack and thinks it’s an elephant trumpeting, does it make the duck a *gasp* elephant?

      Lameness alert people!

      • Mike says:

        When you hear hoofs, always thing it is a horse or donkey. Except if you are at a circus, zoo or in Africa then all bets are off

  16. Anonymous says:

    I do not believe Amanda Knox is innocent.

    I do not believe she committed the murder but she most definitely has had involvement. How can you explain Amanda’s blood being mixed with Meredith’s? How can you explain her blood coated footprints in the house? How can you explain her DNA on the suspected murder weapon?

    You can all preach her, and quote the bible and whatever else you think will help this sick girl. But the truth is, she is sick. Her mind is sick. If you watch footage of her court appearances she is smiling. She chats and laughs with her lawyers. Although personally I have never been up in front of a judge for the murder of an innocent young girl, I sure as hell would not find myself smiling if I was.

    I think the United States of America ought to be utterly ashamed and embarrassed for not extraditing her. For a minute just think of poor Meredith’s family. They have been told that Amanda killed their daughter/sister/friend. And what? She doesn’t have to face jail? She can just run away and hide? It’s disgraceful.

    And then take a look at the Knox family. I’m sure it is devestating for them to have to go through this ordeal. I do not dispute that. But I find it very difficult to find time to give sympathy for a family, who let their daughters, Amanda’s sisters, pose for a photo outside of the house where poor Meredith was killed. Is that not the most distasteful and horrific thing you have ever heard? How can someone even think that it would be ok to do such a thing? Maybe they’re just as sick as Amanda is.

    I don’t care how much hate and abuse I get for this comment, but after watching an hour long documentary on Amanda’s case last night. I am decided. She is GUILTY.

    • Richard Silvester says:


      I guess its a free world (most of it anyway) and if you choose to believe a load of rubbish, that’s your right, but I would like to know from you the source of the photograph of Amanda’s sisters that you mention. This is the first I have heard of such a photograph.

    • Bella says:

      If you see the footage how they collected DNA it is not the way it should be collected. In court they pointed out exact areas where the DNA was found, yet the footage of how DNA was collected shows they just ran one cotton over the entire area. That contradicts the exact location they found it, because it could have come from anywhere. They should not be surprised Amanda’s DNA is in that house. She lives there unlike Rudy Guede. Do you think it is fair that someone who’s DNA was all over the place, fled the town after the crime get’s 16 years in prison and someone who can explain their DNA (like Amanda and Raffaele) get’s 25 and 26 years in prison? Even the found footprint is questionable. Footprints are like fingerprints yet the police still doubts who’s footprint it actually is: Amanda’s or Raffaele’s.
      U know what I think? I think that there is a lot of ego going on. They arrested someone without enough evidence and feel the need to keep up an appearance by charging them. An out of hand seks game? That is their theory, right? Yet, no condoms were found, no seemen of Raffaele was found… What sex game? Show some seemen to confirm that allegation.
      I think Rudy killed that poor girl, fled the area after he did and just uses Amanda and Raffaele as a scapegoat because they were the suspects before he was.

      Here is a link for some documentaries that show how DNA was collected and how the prosecution showed exact area’s of where it was found. It’s impossible!!

    • Mike says:

      “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”
      Carl Sagan

  17. Dgrin says:

    reading the press back then I used to think they were innocent and victims of injustice too but then i carefully read/heard all the real evidence,audios and reports. they very well knew it was a homicide before that locked door was opened, gave themselves away way too many times and they definitely know more than they want us to believe. an innocent person just doesn’t change a “real” story so many times to accommodate newly found evidence that incriminates them with more lies on top of lies. you can draw your own conclusions after carefully reading every piece of fact that happened here:

    • Som Nathan says:

      @Dfrin. I visited the site you mentioned. It made me laugh. Full of murder mystery fantasies that Peter Quenell and his cronies have posted. Don’t go visiting these “pro-guilter” sites. It will polute your timid, tiny innocent brain. There are reports of brain damage to people after they visited some of these “pro-guilter” sites.

      the antidote to the above damage is ….
      You should visit for real facts about this murder case. The reading material over hear is quite comprehensive and will definitely up your cognitive skills.

      Bottom line fact is…
      On Nov 1 2007, between 9 pm and 10:30 pm Amanda Knox and Raffele Sollecito were not there at the villa, when “poor” Rudy Guede broke-in, pooped, threatened, caused bodily injury, raped and robbed Meredith Kercher, with the knife he always carried. Then like all “guilty conscious murderers” fled the crime scene to Germany.

      Repeat this a 1000 times, and you will begin feeling better. It happens to all guilters like you, but they get better after chanting of this mantra.

      Let us know how you fared.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you not realise how ludicrous you sound? ‘Pro-guilter’.. A girl died for christ’s sake. This isn’t some sort of personal attack on Amanda Knox. A GIRL DIED. And whether you choose to believe it or not, Amanda was involved.

        Som Nathan, your comment contains little sense. Like there are words but you are saying nothing. Maybe you should get yourself checked out? Because by the looks of things there’s only one person with brain damage here (apart from you) and that’s Amanda. The girl has psychological issues.

        • Doug says:

          “And whether you choose to believe it or not, Amanda was involved. ”

          But there is no evidence of that Mr/Ms/Mrs Anonymous, or none that hasn’t been thoroughly discredited anyway. So, that means those that continue to claim it must have some underlying reason for wanting to pursue Amanda on this. It may be something as ‘innocent’ and simple as a blind faith in authority (ironically, something Amanda had before she was falsely accused of murder), despite the fact that miscarriages of justice happen all over the world all the time. Or, it may be the sign of something more sinister in some individuals (not saying this applies to you, but some people do seem to get a kick out of going after Amanda). These things make ‘Pro_Guilter’ an apt term for me.

    • Brian Thurling says:

      Dgrin the site you referenced is a site dedicated to lies, falsehood & destroying the truth. I suggest you go to & (note the ‘the’ is missing – this is the correct site for the facts – haters deliberately created the site you quoted to mislead anyone trying the find the answers/info).

  18. david hughes says:

    Don’t worry Amanda the persecutors will be found out as they have perverted justice.
    One of the basic rules of life.

    Thou shalt not commit false witness.

    One of the ten commandments.
    People love you in great Britain and we are thinking and will support you.


  19. david hughes says:


    Simply no evidence to put you there
    The corrupt Italian system will be destroyed and you will do it.

    Love to you and your family and friends..

  20. Igor says:

    No spam here, just drawing your attention to …
    “Italy overturns ‘absurd’ drug law equating marijuana and hard drugs”
    Could their change of mind become helpful to your defence, somehow …
    Anyway, hugs

  21. Som Nathan says:

    The media keeps saying that there were multiple attackers who killed Meredith. Even in a recent interview Kerchers said, “based on the knife wounds to Meredith, they believe there were multiple attackers”.

    I am puzzled. If there were more than two people that night (Nov 1, 2007) in Meredith’s room, then how come there is no physical (shoe, foot prints etc) of DNA evidence of more than two people in that room. The evidence collected by Perugian police indicates only the presence of Meredith and Rudy Guede in her room. Judge Massie and Judge Hellmann also didn’t record any 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th person(s) being present in the room. Certainly, not Amanda and Raffele’s. Prosecution insists that they cleaned it, and left only Rudy’s. How?

    Are we all missing some evidence that media especially Italian and British media and “pro-guilt” websites know and we all general public don’t.

    It’s an irony that a criminal with history of possessing knife, breaking into facilities/homes and threatening with knife when confronted is being protected by the police, prosecution and media. And these two innocent loving, caring, fun loving Amanda and Raffele with no history of any voilence are being persecuted and punished by Italian prosecutors and British media. While Rudy Guede is “literally having fun” on tax payers money. While these guys are spending their
    own money and resources.

    It’s a shame. And, ask why are these two absolutely innocent individuals are being punished. The original author of all this mess is Perugian prosecutor Mignini.

  22. SarahViviane says:


    I’ve read your book and I’ve followed your case and I truly believe that you are innocent. What has happened to you is terrifying not only for you but for your family and for the entire justice system. I don’t have many words but it was really important to me to tell you that you have my unwavering support and deepest sympathies. I will continue to have high hopes for your Supreme Court trial. Hang in there, we have to believe that in the end, justice will prevail.

    Your French Canadian friend,

  23. Mike says:

    I keep hearing that a case like Amanda and Raffaele’s would not happen in the U.S.

    Think again. If the case happened in the U.S., I am confident that they would have been found guilty and would still be in prison. The peculiar Italian system at least looks at the evidence again. We don’t do that in the US. We only look at trial error and not at the evidence.

    Watch this funny but sad video of the Norfolk Four:

    • Mike says:

      Som Nathan, I have long believed in their innocence. But there are cases in the US where people are still in prison with less evidence.

      Italy has one good thing: on appeal they look again at the evidence in a timely manner. The US does not do that.

      The Norfolk 4 case is very similar. You have 4 people (initially it was 8) who hardly know each other and they meet this black man, who they don’t know, in the parking lot. They decide to rape and kill this woman. How crazy! Only one has been exonerated.

      You will be amazed at the similarities between the cases.

      • BigDinBoise says:

        I agree Mike. I think theoretically the US system should work better at delivering fair outcomes, but the reality is that we have our own problems with wrongful convictions, and, probably less common, wrongful acquittals.
        Although, there are some things about the Italian system that I find very troubling, such as the lack of double-jeopardy, civil trials running concurrent with criminal, no bail and allowing one year of incarceration prior to trial, as well as the slander laws that inhibit objective journalism, and allowing paparazzi into the courtroom.

        • Mike says:


          It is crazy but it is their system. In her book Amanda talks about translating for other foreigners imprisoned. If you are arrested in another country, you are under their system and laws such as they are.

          I have heard the Dutch might have the best system.

  24. EeBLeS says:

    Dear Amanda,

    This whole process you’ve been through has reeked of injustice since day one. It’s obvious there’s something else at play here, because we all know you and Raffaele are innocent. I, for one, have been following your case since the beginning, and have read everything I could get my hands on about it. Facts and common sense can lead nowhere but the truth, and the truth is that you are innocent. Don’t listen to the naysayers; they’re vastly outnumbered here (and everywhere else) anyway. We are all behind you, Amanda. Don’t let this awful turn of events discourage you too much. I’m sending all the good vibes I can afford to the West Coast for you!

    With tons of love and support –

  25. Gia says:


    I believe Raffaele is a casualty of this dastardly prosecution – A prosecution who has really always wanted KNOX… The American. There, I said it. The pretty white girl who had the audacity to do cartwheels and snuggle with her bf as an investigation was taking place. A girl who was too naive and too eager to help and ended up being abused and confused by a foreign system she was not mature enough nor emotionally adept to handle. Basically, she was a child in a seriously adult situation and she had no way to navigate or process it except through a giant filter of FEAR. And that’s what they wanted. When she stumbled – they pounced.

    They fed the media and enjoyed the Italian public opinion of her turning her into some socio-pathic s/x demon who killed for what…fun, pleasure, jealousy? What’s so ridiculous is that anyone with one shred of sense can see from start to finish that Knox and Sollecito had NO MOTIVE. They UNLIKE RUDY GUEDE – had everything going for them and was on the precipice of their futures. Rudy Guede had a life of crime, of emotional problems and a distant relationship with the people who took him in and raised him.

    Knox was a young spirited girl on the verge of everything exciting happening to her and away from her Seattle life and home, got a little more carefree – romantic, glowy-eyed independence and THAT is her only crime. When young, we don’t readily perceive that horrors are waiting in shadows – horrors that could potentially put us at risk. Events that unfold, unforeseen and yet here we are – a witness to this very thing.

    That at 19 Amanda smoked some pot and was intimately active with a cute Italian boy is the stuff youth is made of – and for that those hypocrite Italians have decided she’s a murderer? They have unashamedly ignored that there is NO DNA evidence while Guede’s is there, everywhere – in full.

    • Joel says:

      Well put, Gia. You hit the essence of this case on the head. To understand Amanda’s plight and innocence you have to start at the beginning with a naive young woman in a foreign country trying to actually help the very people intent on breaking her – and in a language she’s not fluent in. It has to be explained in that context. Police and prosecutors, whether through malice or incompetence, led a college student into a trap. They yelled at her, threatened her, slapped her. They brought up Patrick’s name as the killer; they demanded she imagine a scenario that had him in it. We’re all here because we’ve investigated the facts and are appalled by the injustice. I’ve never gotten involved in a public case like this. But this case offends me. It offends my intelligence. It offends my sense of right. I’ve heard Amanda’s words to the court, “Meredith was my friend, and I could never hurt her.” I believe those words. For those who don’t believe them, you’ll have to prove Amanda was actually in Meredith’s room on the night of the murder. Because Rudy Guede admits to being there. His DNA is all over Meredith, and he’s rightfully in prison. The rest is an evil smear campaign against a very young woman.

      • Philippe says:

        Can anyone answer this question :
        Since the court got it wrong twice already I don’t know what to expect of the next, and final appeal..of course we are eagerly waiting to read what the “reasoning” is behind this verdict, but let’s face it, the only new evidence presented this time around was positive for Amanda. ( no DNA trace of the victim on the knife , which made it not anymore a potential murder but just a kitchen knife , which is always was) so, my question is this, is there any OTHER counter proceedings that can be launched now, to clear once and for all Amanda and Rafaele?
        something like the European court of human rights? As if it isn’t possible.. Does that mean that this verdict is going to hang over these two until the final appeal? If so, shouldn’t we find another Emile Zola? as , yes, I do believe there is some real similarities between the Dreyfus affair and this present situation. Some of the same mechanisms are at play here.

  26. Daphne says:

    Excuse my typos in this section, I am without sleep.
    I hope you’re holding up ok. This has been a very tense week, and I hope you’re managing all-right. I wish there was something more I could do. Waiting to see what’s going to happen next will motivate many supporters to do their part in protesting against this injustice. My thoughts are pretty much on how you and Raffaele are going to get through this. He looks pretty frustrated!

    • Gia says:

      I feel the same way – just as if Raffaele and Amanda were my own son or daughter or brother or sister. I want to be able to do more too. I’ve been looking for a way to send money for Amanda’s defense and now just saw the Donate button. I just sent Raffaele some money on gofundme and was looking there for Amanda’s and wondering why she didn’t have anything there. I’m in WA state and I think most of us here do believe in her innocence. When the stories come out on the internet I always comment on them and while some people are convinced of guilt (with what proof, I don’t know!) I do my best to spell out the facts. Sadly, as a person of Italian ancestry I am utterly shamed by the farce of the Italian legal system, a thing that on its’ own has ALWAYS been known to be dodgey.

      • Julie Jorgensen says:

        Gia…if you scroll up to the top of this page you will see a Knox Defense fund donate button that you can click. This is how you can donate to Amanda’s continuing defense. I believe this donate button is on all of her blog pages.

      • Daphne says:

        Yes, unfortunately Italy is in a precarious legal position in the battle for the Kerchers. Since I can only acknowledge the memoirs’ accounts of that fatal night, I hesitate to say Italy is entirely to blame, although it’s tempting to think that in the context of a corrupt culture. But one thing I have noticed is the British role in downplaying Amanda’s humility and innocence. I found another picture of Amanda heading inside ABC. Do you notice anything weird? It’s sort of creepy and subliminal when you look at the background and her hand. Here is the link.

        • Julie Jorgensen says:

          I seriously had to look at the picture about 10 times before I could even figure out what you were referring to. So, are you trying to say you think they added light to the picture in that spot to make it look like a knife? I just thought it was light from the background either from a car or something. Hopefully that’s all it was…but you never know with tabloids I suppose.

          • Daphne says:

            Whatever the case, it is certainly subliminal! I had also found an eerie video that “dances” Amanda and I keep posting it, but it keeps getting deleted. I think it was posted by a Russian or Polish name, not a news station. It is pretty pathetic and I think legal actions should be taken against this evil uploader.

          • Daphne says:

            Yes, these photos were all by independent up loaders, not news stations. I have four altogether. The reappearing video that keeps dancing Amanda is one by “Posledniye Novosti.” The link I posted was deleted twice.

          • Cinnamon says:

            I couldn’t figure out what “subliminal” thing she meant either…

      • Daphne says:

        Don’t be ashamed.

        Despite some of the deplorable tactics Mignini allowed against these innocents, we do not have all the facts, and neither do the Kerchers. Italy has always been rich in culture and character and will always be, which is why I am focusing on studies in the Italian Renaissance. This year, my campus has put the summer abroad program on hold — the first time ever, but I don’t know why.

        Whoever precipitated this series of crimes against Meredith should be to blame if indeed there is a cover-up. I think there is, and that it was not random, but pre-meditated. But that is just a theory. The events of that night are still a mystery, up to a certain point.

        As I mentioned elsewhere, often police have no choice but to investigate all false reports against people, and it probably has a lot to do with power connections. (This should be banned from legal matters) It is too easy to phone police and report suspicious individuals falsely. The attacks on Amanda and Raffaele may have been caused by false reports, especially by those who needed to cover up the truth quickly. I am just floored at how soon the re-trial was set just after the popes changed!

        At this point, I suspect that someone tried to kill two birds with one stone (excuse the pun) and set Raffaele up because of jealousy. Maybe Amanda and Meredith were threats to the murderer. What a sure way to get revenge on all of them! I am just hypothesizing, because nothing else the prosecutors came up with sounded right.

        I cannot imagine how all 4 sets of parents are coping. I wish I could do something nice for the Kerchers and for the Knox family. Amanda and her parents may be distraught and hopeless. They have to stay strong. If I were Amanda, I might seriously consider going to a safe country just for an extended break from all of this!

  27. anon says:

    Amanda, I really want to believe that you are innocent, but reading facts in this case, it is very hard to believe you do not at least know something about what happened that night. The public may never know the truth, but my advice is to be a responsible adult and own up to whatever it is you do know and/or may have done. It will just eat away at you otherwise. I know this has to be hard for you, but as adults we consciously make our own choices, and have to face the consequences. May God help you through this.

  28. namingyou says:

    I believe with all my heart, intuition, intelligence and common sense that you were there that night 🙂
    I believe you have been lying for 6 years.
    And eventually the truth will come out.

    • Brittany says:


      Your heart, intuition, intelligence and common sense have betrayed you. The truth has been out for six years. She’s innocent. The facts and evidence is available.


      • namingyou says:

        You know what I find interesting upon reading some of the articles on that web site ? There aren`t any hours mentioned. Hence the manipulation.
        For example, the interrogation started around 11 PM and the signed declaration stating she remembers who has done the killing was signed at 1.45 AM.
        Really ? So those hours and hours of pressure, of intimidation, days of interrogation, confusion were actually just 2, 3 hours AT MOST on a night that she wasn`t even called to be interrogated ? Well, then I never want to meet an Italian policeman.

        • namingyou says:

          What I am getting at is that the days before the 5th of November she was not interrogated in a way that you would a suspect. She was considered a witness so she would not have been mistreated or pressured. The only pressure she got was on the night of 5, after Sollecito said she was not with him. How can anyone be pressured in declaring in just 2 Hours that you were an accessory to murder and that you remember specific details of that version of events ?
          I see here people genuinely care for Amanda Knox. I will not post here anymore. I am not certain of anything and it must be hell to be accused of something you did not do. And I have always taken that into consideration, that she could be innocent. The question is, did anybody here considered the other possibility? It is frustrating to see how stupid people are these days and how much power the media holds.

          • Julie Jorgensen says:


            I came to my conclusion about Amanda’s innocence based on days and days of reading and research. I did not base it on the media. The media peaked my interest but I came to the conclusion of her innocence based on research and facts.

            I don’t understand why detractors such as yourself continue to minimize the impact and effects of Amanda’s illegal interrogation and hours of prior questioning.

            There are many factors to consider. From the moment Amanda found out that her friend Meredith had been murdered, she was placed in a stressful situation. Starting that very first day Amanda had to go to the police station to answer question. Over the course of 5 days I believe the total hours of “questioning” came to over 40 hours.

            I don’t know if you’ve ever been placed in a very stressful situation with police questioning you. I have and my experience luckily was only a few horrible hours of my life. I truly can’t imagine over 40 hours of intense questioning.

            You also need to take into consideration other important factors as well. Amanda’s age (20), her personality (trusting, wanting to please authority) her life experiences (Amanda stated in one interview she had never even been spanked before let alone hit by someone in authority), her fatigue, (she hadn’t slept well since the murder and the interrogation was in the middle of the night), hormones (her menstrual cycle had just started), fear (Amanda was told she would never see her family again and would go to prison for 20 years if she didn’t answer the way they wanted), worry (she knew her mom was trying to call her as we was coming the next morning and they wouldn’t let her answer the phone), pressure (12 different professionally trained officers yelled at her and berated her for those hours telling her she was lying), and a foreign language (Amanda barely understood Italian at this time.)

            All of these things helped create a perfect storm that led to a false “confession”.

          • Brittany says:


            Everything you need to know.



          • Brittany says:


            Try this link.

            Her book will answer your questions.



          • Daphne says:

            Yes, you’re right about the media, I have been running into weird things online since the verdict. But what makes you so sure they did everything right in the interrogation?

          • rosemary says:

            I have found a few quotes from the Friends of Amanda website Amanda’s Police statements…
            It was news to me and I have come a very long way since I was 19 years old.

            ‘ ….Unscrupulous police interrogators use a number of techniques to manipulate suspects into self incrimination. One technique used is to ask a suspect to describe what COULD have happened…or to ‘IMAGINE HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIOS’….this is what they did to Amanda on the 5th day of interrogation. In her faulty Italian, more frightened now than ever before in her life, in the words of Perugia’s Chief of Police to Newsweek Magazine ‘ finally she buckled’….
            Her own ‘false confession’ was full of phrases such as ‘ in my mind I saw …myself in the kitchen, I saw Patrick…..’ etc etc.
            ‘In my mind…I saw..’ She was so alienated from the scene it was unreal, a fantasy, a movie that she herself was directing.
            This frightened girl was providing them with a manufactured scenario of her own imagination. Exactly what they wanted to hear.
            In simple terms this is known as Appeasement. It is not a Confession.

            Appeasement v. meaning to ‘pacify a person by yielding to their demands’.

            Amanda it is time to get tough. I agree wholeheartedly with so many comments. Leave the Kerchers now to their own devices, they are a torn family, confused, and easily led by a corrupt face saving Italian Judiciary. They do themselves no favours.
            God Bless. Love and support. Your innocence and that of Raffaele is
            blindingly obvious.

          • Daphne says:

            Raffaele did a UK interview. He was asked about that night Amanda allegedly left his apartment. Raffaele answered that when he said that, they were questioning him about another night. I will try to find the link.

        • Greg T says:

          The hours have been mentioned and documented 1oo’s of times, for many years now. I forget what time she and RK came in, I got tired of reading and researching it many years ago, but it was a lot earlier than 11PM, and she never was free again. They led her to believe that Patrick was the killer, and wanting to help them, she went along with their suggestions, but after being held in a cell all night asked for and wrote in her own words, that what the police made her sign was not what she believed. Just how many hours do YOU need to be scared to death, alone in a foreign country, held prisoner, no communication allowed, your phone taken, yelled and screamed at by many people you don’t understand, told to just “sign here so you can be free?” Its pretty sick what they did to her. You need to read more than a couple links to filter thru all the rubbish. Too many sick people are way too invested in this for their careers, movies, news casts, “journalism” etc to allow the simple facts to be heard, instead forever repeating and altering what years ago was established as false, even by the prosecution. You can get a free trial of audible books on amazon to listen to Amanda’s account, read by herself, if you don’t want to buy anything. I haven’t read the book by Candace Dempsey, but before she published I participated in hundreds of discussions with her and others digging up the real facts, I have a feeling that her book will give you a balanced good first overview, then come back here. Its ok to express doubts, every thinking person is a skeptic, otherwise they don’t think. The “guilters” like to cherry pick allegations of facts, swamp every book or news comment section with weird names and repeat over and over what nobody ever believed, and things not even discussed in court. It would be interesting if there was some mystery, but there isn’t, and this makes people wanting to capitalize on it panic, so they keep repeating the myths. One myth is that all Americans support her. No, actually it is one of her West Seattle neighbors who has been promoting the attacks against her family, and the other hate site is based in Chicago I believe. The real story which is gradually emerging, is not Amanda, but all the media frenzy and revelation how most journalism is just people who copy and paste anything that is sensational, with no regard at all to facts, and this applies to all USA news as well, absolutely. I cant even watch them anymore, there is never anything new, and they keep repeating the bullshit started over 7 years ago. The equally ugly side is the sick people who come here to taunt her, attack her on her facebook after pretending to be friends, and feed the media with their hate campaign from their computer, by flooding with trolls, fake names, fake personalities, coming on as a friend, talking innocent, then sneaking up to backstab with sick comments. As for your comment, “well,then I never want to meet an Italian policeman” guess what, the English girlfriends of Meredith ran like hell out of Italy, and I have yet to see any interview of any of the residents of that cottage. ONLY Amanda and RS had no reason or fear, offered whatever assistance to the police.

          • Daphne says:

            Greg T:
            You sound like a true supporter. I have wondered the same thing about the other roommates (7? 8?) that were interrogated. I don’t think any of them testified and most were not questioned at the trial. But if Meredith had a jealous or angry friend back home, we will never know what happened. If the police do not follow the regular course of questioning, it might have meant that they already know who did it for sure and may not want to pursue a particular line of logic, as is what might have happened with O.J., who apparently might have gone to trial to protect someone else.

    • Joel says:

      You see, Namingyou, judging based on heart, intuition, etc, is fatuous if they disconnect you from the facts. Conspiracy theories can be fun, but the vast majority are untrue. The boring reality is that Rudy Guede killed Meredith. Guede has been convicted of the murder, and he actually admits to being in the house (on the toilet) when Meredith was killed. He said Meredith had invited him over as a date. He says they kissed. Does your heart and intuition believe that Meredith was fooling around with Rudy Guede, a guy none of her friends ever saw her with? He said when he returned from the bathroom, Meredith lay dying from an attack. How do all your faculties feel about that alibi? When he went to the bathroom she was happy and very alive; when he returned minutes later she had 40 knife wounds. He didn’t say Amanda was in the room, and her DNA was not on Meredith. Rudy’s is all over her, and in her. His DNA/fingerprints were found in her purse, and she was missing $300. And then Guede fled to Germany.

      Read that as many times as it takes your heart, intuition, etc, to grasp the simple reality that Guede killed Meredith Kercher.

      • namingyou says:

        My intelligence did not disconnect me from the facts; it helped understand the facts. The fact is that, without doubt, there was more then one asailant. She did not have 40 knife wounds, she had 47 injuries on her entire body. Only several knife wounds. Too little knife wounds to explain how someone who was fighting for her life did not cut her hands or fingers trying to escape from just one man who, with one hand was holding her immobilized and with the other had the knife. How is this humanly possible with so little defense wounds ?
        This is a part of the 3 hour conversation between Guede and his friend after the murder:
        “I have read on the press that Meredith’s clothes were wet in the washer”. if is this is true, it was Amanda or Raffaele who washed her clothes because when I left she was fully clothed, wearing jeans, a white shirt and a wollen “thing”
        His friend then asks him why should Amanda wash Meredith’s clohes if she wasn’t the one who did it.
        Guede stutters then replies that someone came back and that the window was not broken when he left 🙂
        This is just a small part of this whole case; if you, with detachment and objectivity read the transcripts, the testimonies, take into the account the evidence and you make a little research on forensic stuff (all this means hours upon hours of researching) you, like the jury,judges,prosecutors,police will realize that you cannot send them (Amanda and Raf) on their way. You simply cannot. At the very least this is a complex case. And what is interesting here is that the public opinion everywhere else except USA have condemmned Knox only by watching her interviews. It is silly indeed, but if again you do some research into the psychology of liars you will then realize that there are too many giveaways that she is lying. As she lied when she accused someone else.
        As for me, I am not accusing anybody of murder. I simply said i believe she was there that night.
        Joel, I do not need to read your idiotic line of thought. I get my truths not from people like you who regurgitate what they involutarely memorize when the tv is on.

        • Greg T says:

          where is the transcript of Rudy’s Skype, I am interested to read that. “psychology of liars” LOL deja vu, look in the mirror. “I will leave and not post again.” Oops! Shifting narration, looks familiar, very familiar. What name for next time? I don’t think there were any washed clothes, running “machines” except for the psycho posters. But I am very interested in Rudy’s first candid responses, you obviously have listened to a recording (or are just repeating hearsay), so cut the charade, give your name and sources. Here is a fact of the obvious: Rudy cased the house, by association with the boys downstairs, and took advantage of the holiday to burgler the girls cottage upstairs, or just stake it out, like he had so many friends to hang out with instead. Then either thinking nobody was there, or the broken front door was open, or encountered Meredith and said that Meredith’s boyfriend (the one who grew illegal marijuana) asked him to feed the cat, check up on things, or he forgot something he need to pick up, or please can I use your bathroom mine is clogged, quite a lot of very likely scenarios. I find his initial Skype conversation very revealing, he is not too bright and uses his actual memory to base his lies on. Anyway, after he killed Meredith, not intending to, and who knows what, because according to Meredith’s boyfriend in England “she was no prude” so maybe she let him in…DOH! But this would ruin all the logic. Or maybe she didn’t entertain him, but reluctantly let him use the bathroom. Whatever. We know he was present when she was killed. And by his own Skype conversation, we also know that he suggests that she was clothed when he left (left bleeding). He didn’t have money before, so he either stole it first, or after killing her. He ran off in a panic, no scream or footsteps, that is bullshit. Maybe he went home first to clean up, then went to the disco, then returned to the scene, saw the door was still open, crept in, and did all the other bullshit attributed to Amanda and RS. That is the real time line of interest, when did Rudy go to the disco, how much did he spend, when did he leave town, when pretty much everybody else is asleep. This is so boring, but as long as you sick individuals keep attacking innocent people you will find ever increasing defense, for your eventual humiliation Bronco style. (although I felt sorry for the Bronco’s, not for you).

        • Kai says:

          “The fact is that, without doubt, there was more then one asailant.”

          That’s not a fact. That’s a claim. There’s a difference between the two.

        • Joel says:

          Namingyou, again, your post is devoid of fact. It’s rank speculation at best. So, Rudy told you Amanda washed Meredith’s clothes after her murder? Funny, that wasn’t mentioned in the exhaustive report by Judge Hellmann, which I read in toto. And it’s a very long read, but it is so meticulously detailed. That’s where I get my facts – from the judge who heard the entire case and ruled without prejudice. You purport to be a serious thinker, but you list your “intuition” as a primary guide. You’re a lightweight, Kid. You’ll have better success bringing your style of intuitive debate to the site of one of the London tabloids. So, shut up or put Amanda Knox in Meredith’s room on the night of the murder…a room Rudy Guede admitted he was in. Oh, that is, until he went to the bathroom. Amazing how Meredith was killed in the time it took Rudy to relieve himself. What does that super sleuth intuition tell you about his bathroom alibi?!

        • Brittany says:


          Go to “Meredith Kercher Murder” tab at top of blog page. There you will find this:

          ——Guede-Benedetti Skype Chat: Contact via Skype with Guede’s friend Giacomo Benedetti, on Guede’s location and involvement in the murder of Meredith Kercher. From 19 Nov 2007. Translation courtesy of AMK.——

          Also, you have repeated in your above comments incorrect facts. Take a look here:


        • Luigi says:

          …An inaugural travel abroad environment (the strangers randomly brought together, the hypersexual charge of youth and foreignness, the feeling that normality does not apply, in all, that one has embarked on an extended Saturnalia); withal, is it not conceivable that an American ingénue, a student wandering with eyes wide shut, could discover the darkest part of her (obscured) nature at the exact moment of fateful and irreversible transformation: and in so doing learn the harrowing secrets of the murderous bacchantes through a similarly shared sacrifice of innocence and blood, of lost illusion and life?

      • Daphne says:

        Whoa, 40 wounds, not all knife wounds, but still gruesome all the same. That poor little girl.

    • Chan says:

      Does your heart, intuition, intelligence and common sense tell you how Miss Knox removed all traces of her presence and Raffaele Sollecito’s presence from the crime scene while leaving Rudy Guede’s undisturbed? Because I would certainly like to know that trick.

      And does your heart, intuition, intelligence and common sense tell you that Rudy Guede and Meredith Kercher had consensual sex? Because if you don’t believe that I don’t see why you should believe anything else he claimed.

      • namingyou says:

        Chan, why would you like to know that trick ? Are you planning to commit murder ? Did any of you read anything on DNA ? I suggest you do that first before emitting any kind of theories.

        • Chan says:

          You can’t explain how they did it, can you? So your theory of the crime depends on Miss Knox or Mr Sollecito having supernatural powers.

          What you don’t realize is that it does not matter what they or anyone else said. Miss Knox and Mr Sollecito could confess tomorrow on worldwide television and it still would not mean they actually did it because it would have been impossible without supernatural powers.

    • Daphne says:


      What is your name? Whatever you know, by all means keep it to yourself. It’s not really necessary to spill the “truth” to the Italian police even after 6 years, is it? If you meant well you might have done so already.

    • Ian Morris says:

      It is hypocritical to accuse Amanda of lying whem the haters slavishly defend corrupt prosecutors who told numerous lies and the haters have produced wiki style website riddled with falsehoods.

    • Luigi says:

      The morning will not admit the reality of what the night has seen (or done).

      • Andrea Jonasson says:

        Poetic imaginings are a poor substitute for reliable physical evidence when people’s futures are at stake.

  29. Michael T says:

    Amanda, it is readily apparent that you are innocent to everyone who has followed the case from its beginning. You have been convicted, acquitted and you have been retried. You have handled every attack with courage, grace and dignity. The evidence requested by the court, which exonerated you again, was of course ignored. Apparently your real crime is being an American. Raffaele sat in the courtroom, the judge said he didn’t say anything and that worked against him, and Raffaele said no one asked him anything. His crime is apparently being Italian. They have the murderer in prison already. Who is running Italy’s judicial system – Moe, Larry or Curly? Hell should freeze over before we let them extradite you.

    • Gia says:

      I believe Raffaele is a casualty of this dastardly prosecution – one whom has really always wanted KNOX… The American. There, I said it. The pretty white girl who had the audacity to do cartwheels and snuggle with her bf as an investigation was taking place. A girl who was too naive and too eager to help and ended up being abused and confused by a foreign system she was not mature enough nor emotionally adept to handle. Basically, she was a child in a seriously adult situation and she had no way to navigate or process it except through a giant filter of FEAR. And that’s what they wanted. When she stumbled – they pounced.

      They fed the media and enjoyed the Italian public opinion of her turning her into some socio-pathic s/x demon who killed for what…fun, pleasure, jealousy? What’s so ridiculous is that anyone with one shred of sense can see from start to finish that Knox and Sollecito had NO MOTIVE. They UNLIKE RUDY GUEDE – had everything going for them and was on the precipice of their futures. Rudy Guede had a life of crime, of emotional problems and a distant relationship with the people who took him in and raised him.

      Knox was a young spirited girl on the verge of everything exciting happening to her and away from her Seattle life and home, got a little more carefree – romantic, glowy-eyed independence and THAT is her only crime. When young, we don’t readily perceive that horrors are waiting in shadows – horrors that could potentially put us at risk. Events that unfold, unforeseen and yet here we are – a witness to this very thing.

      That at 19 Amanda smoked some pot and was intimately active with a cute Italian boy is the stuff youth is made of – and for that those hypocrite Italians have decided she’s a murderer? They have unashamedly ignored that there is NO DNA evidence while Guede’s is there, everywhere – in full.

  30. indigestion says:

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  31. Greg T says:

    So does anybody have an idea why the court needs 90 days to explain their decision? What, do they start with a decision then read tabloids to come up with a story? Interesting that both the first and this judge expressed a kind of regret and guilt about their decision, like their hands are tied by the system or something we don’t see. I didn’t get the impression that this was even a retrial, just an examination of the first trial and basically they just got a huge wine headache reviewing at and passed the buck along. After all, they can sleep at night because the defendants are free, so they are not really hurting them, in their ever rationalizing minds.

    • Joel says:

      Yes, these decisions can be 100 pages or more, like Hellman’s. The guilty verdict is unreasonable, not the 90 days to figure out how to justifiably defend it in writing. Nencini will be judged by this report, and I bet he’s worried.

      This judge has to come up with a serious report that doesn’t resemble his flighty interview. He’s gonna take those 90 days to contrive something even remotely fact based. Of course, his interviews don’t discuss damning facts because there really are none – no Amanda DNA in the crime scene. He’s probably gonna go to absurd lengths to question her alibi on the night of the murder.

      Here’s what I can’t imagine the Italian judiciary defending. Mignini created the absurd sex orgy turned murder scenario. Now the prosecution has scrapped and Nencini has accepted the even more outlandish theory that Amanda killed Meredith over cleanliness issues – that after less than a month of rooming together, Amanda offed her college roommate in the most horrific way over an untidy shared bathroom that they had never argued about.

      Now extrapolate – subtracting the sex orgy you would have Amanda enlisting her new boyfriend and a guy she barely knows, Guede, and with whom she has had no communication, with the trio raping and killing Kercher – over cleanliness. And this issue ostensibly reached a boiling point without Amanda and Meredith ever raising their voices. It’s beyond absurd. It’s a joke, a spoof of justice.

      I think we’re all here because this case drives us mad, exasperated. It’s like it exists in another dimension devoid of sanity. Hello! Rudy Guede did it! Or had Meredith actually invoted him to her bedroom?! Beyond Guede, this whole thing is the fantasy of an eccentric man, Mignini, and now an entire culture feels compelled to defend it. It’s Amanda in Wonderland, well, Hell.

      • Cinnamon says:

        What I don’t understand is that Nencini ordered the knife re-tested and it came out as NEGATIVE for Meredith’s DNA, rather than the trace that was previously found (which was clearly a false-positive, since they do happen from time to time). So there was none of Meredith’s DNA on the knife and that bra clasp was contaminated (it was left there for 47 days, and picked up with dirty gloves), meaning they had neither Ms Knox nor Mr Sollectio’s DNA to place them at the crime scene. It will be interesting to see how Nencini will justify the conviction in his Report, whilst consciously ignoring DNA tests he himself ordered.

    • Daphne says:

      I think part of the 90 day wait is intentional, and probably about as long as it would take to wrap up the movie. As for the evidence, I’m almost dreading to hear what it might be. It is definitely creates suspense. Hopefully, this will lead to a final acquittal.

    • Chan says:

      It takes 90 days because lies take a long time to craft.

  32. Len D. says:

    I see that Judge Alessandro Nencini didn’t even make a week past the guilty verdict without doing something stupid and essentially imply that Sollecito should have rolled over and testified against you. Obviously this rocket scientist hasn’t read Sollecito’s book. I didn’t think it was possible but could this judge be dumber than Massei? This guy has a child molester testify (no relevance) and re-tests the knife to find that yet another spot on the knife doesn’t have Meredith’s DNA…combine this with a previous verdict that is closer to innocent that just not guilty and he come up with guilty! Just think of the illogic that this guy is going to surprise us with in 90 days…..if I only knew Italian.

    • Cinnamon says:

      I look forward to the publishing of Nencini’s Report too, and wonder how on earth he is going to counter everything written in Hellmann’s brilliant Report – especially the fact that they didn’t even know Guede, and that Sollecito actually did have a sound alibi (the Report stated that Kercher died at around 2115, and Sollecito was on his laptop at 2110).

  33. Richard Buss says:

    I am so impressed at the level of intelligence I find in this discussion… except when every now and then some Guilter comes in to spew out their venom. And yet these people are tolerated… good for you, Amanda, for allowing your opponents to show themselves anyway.

    This case could be the making of several PhD theses in psychology… what is the emotional make-up of guilters that make them keep coming up with new and different reasons to find Amanda and Raffaele guilty? Is it just a basic belief that Authority is always right? That sexually active people must be evil inside? Do I detect a little jealousy in these people? The sheer volume of discussion pro and con on multiple web sites is overwhelming. If I read an Amazon review on one of the books on this case, it usually has a flood of comments with people wanting to get their opinion in. Who ARE all these people.

    My own suggestion for this case is to call for the State Department to put out a travel advisory for Italy, that people may be subject to arbitrary and capricious prosecution by a judicial system out of control. I do not know if it will help, but if several thousand American students suddenly withdraw from study-abroad programs in Italy, then the Italians may start to notice.

    • Daphne says:

      Good idea. But besides Americans, I think all foreign exchange students and tourists should temporarily boycott Italy if they feel vulnerable to such hostility.

    • Som Nathan says:

      Our family was planning to travel to Italy for vacation. Not anymore, where you could be charged for the crime you didn’t commit, and deprived of any legal defence.

      • Daphne says:

        Surprise! I have seen so many Locked Up Abroad episodes, I think it’s become quite a trend. No wonder people get nervous in airports. Something just has to change.

  34. Kendall Witherspoon says:

    I’m curious.

    I have watched your case since the very start. I have read many many news reports and read many books about the case and have believed in your innocence. (Although I have not read your book yet.) But I’m curious as to why I have never seen you pissed off. If I had been twice convicted of a crime I did not commit, I would be on CNN raising holy heck. I would be pounding my fist on the desk and saying directly into the camera, “I did not kill Meridith Kercher. I was not there. There is no evidence that I was there. I DID NOT KILL MERIDITH!”

    • Daphne says:

      Because that is what they want her to do.

    • Julie Jorgensen says:

      Amanda has said these things over and over and over again…she has even said them with great emotion and frustration, but truthfully, from what I’ve been able to learn about Amanda, she is a pretty calm person most of the time and isn’t one to scream and yell a lot. And then, if she did, can you imagine what the tabloids would say about that? I wish I had even a small portion of her patience. I’m sure she feels pissed off and rightfully so, but she’s wise enough to not lose her cool and make a spectacle which would just make things worse.

    • Nick says:

      It is true that Amanda has a gentle, polite temperament. And that is exactly what made her such an easy mark for Sig. Mignini.

      If you had been the one being framed for murder, under the interrogation lights for hours on end, your confrontational approach might have counted for something.

      On the other had, if Mignini had managed to get you to sign a false confession anyway, it might have ended up working against you–all your fist-pounding might have actually made the interrogation video usable in court and they wouldn’t have had to make it not exist.

      And it is just possible that Amanda’s kind disposition, unchanged even after four years in prison, caught the attention of a certain judge, who then decided to take an objective, unbiased look at the evidence instead of just rubber-stamping a lower court’s abomination.
      What do you think?

    • Joel says:

      You’re right, Kendall, Amanda needs to replace her pain and frustration with righteous indignation. She needs to replace her long explanations with clear and firm statements of innocence. She needs to state the simple facts of the case that exonerate her: I WAS NOT IN THAT ROOM. THE ONLY DNA IN THE MURDER SCENE IS THAT OF RUDY GUEDE. MEREDITH IS MY FRIEND. I WOULD NEVER HURT HER OR ANYONE. I AM COMPLETELY INNOCENT.

      We know the facts and how innocent Amanda is. But the rest of the country doesn’t. And it’s going to take vast popular opinion to put enough pressure on politicians to prevent her extradition. Amanda, you need a new approach, and you need to speak to all who will listen. And you need help. The Memphis 3 had Johnny Depp and Eddie Vedder. You need influential people supporting you publicly.

      • Nick says:

        Italy violated Amanda Knox’s rights under the US constitution. To send her back would be to allow that violation to stand.

        It won’t happen. I guarantee it.

        The only people saying that she will be extradited are people who have a financial interest in saying that.

        And as far as your suggestions about changing her style or behavior in interviews, I think it would make her appear combative and defensive.

        I think she is doing fine being her own natural self.

        If you really want to help, donate some money.

      • Daphne says:

        I have heard her say this many times in interviews and at court just prior to her 2011 acquittal.

    • Luara says:

      I think Amanda did get angry in court once in the first trial and a photo was taken that was used against her.

  35. Cinnamon says:

    I found this radio show (with a biologist as a guest) discussing the “DNA evidence” on the bra clasp and knife. It’s an hour long, but well worth listening to:

  36. FARHAN PATHAN says:

    Bad things happens to Good people (Amanda, Rafa & RIP their friend Meri K)
    Good things to Bad people. ( Italian Mafia still huge and alive but there’s no trial & convictions to them )

  37. FARHAN PATHAN says:

    Dear A.Knox,
    I have been following this case since 2009, each and every time I see news, vids, blogs i have noticed many negative remarks. I have closely watched all your videos noticing each and every move, upon my research i noticed :
    2- A trap made by killer for Knox.
    3- We TRUST you.
    Thank you for letting me write my views, thousand of miles away from Mumbai INDIA.

  38. Luara says:

    The Kerchers have said they may have to accept never knowing what happened.
    But the truth actually isn’t difficult to see – Rudy Guede broke in, was surprised by Meredith. Since Rudy knew the guys downstairs, she perhaps did not immediately think “OMG burglar, I’m in terrible danger” and perhaps let him get close to her; he attacked her and murdered her.
    Rudy in his previous burglaries acted alone. That was his MO – so probably in this burglary he also acted alone.
    That’s it so far as I can see. And thinking that an Italian court is going to determine some truth beyond that, is illusion at this point.

    • Willis Coleman says:

      And then for some reason he sexually assaulted her while she was unconscious but didn’t transfer a drop of blood to her hips or her legs or her underwear. Despite his hands being covered in his blood and hers. Back to the drawing board.

      • Tom Mininger says:

        Ah yes Willis, just keep conveniently forgetting Guede’s bloody palm on the pillow he positioned under her hips, the blood on the waist band of her pants where he yanked down, and the stain on the pillow the authorities keep refusing to analyse.

        You have no honor.

        • Mike says:

          They don’t want to test the stain on the pillow because I think it comes from Meredith’s boyfriend. That would destroy their dialog.

        • Mike says:

          Tom, it does not make sense. Test the stain. If it is the boyfriend, then it tarnishes Meredith. The reality is that both women were on there own and exploring their sexuality. It does not fit the prosecution narrative.

      • Daphne says:

        Maybe he washed before that.

    • Daphne says:

      Or maybe he was hired simply to do a job.

      • BigDinBoise says:

        What are you talking about? If you want to add something to the discussion then you’re going to have to use more words.

        • Daphne says:

          Maybe he had other reasons. Maybe he didn’t. Whatever the truth is, it didn’t come out in the trial. Are those enough words?

          • BigDinBoise says:

            Sorry, I couldn’t understand what you were driving at with your short somewhat ambiguous posts. I thought you might be a guilter, but I could’t understand what you were implying. Sorry for jumping to conclusions.

  39. Luara says:

    Maybe the Italians wanted to confirm the original guilty verdict to validate the Perugia prosecutor and police.
    Perhaps the Italian supreme court will feel able to reverse the conviction and drop the matter, now that they have two guilty verdicts dignifying each other. So then they could say “See, our justice system works”.
    I don’t like to think this way, but at this point, cynicism about their decision process is justified.
    Prosecutors do what they did in this case, in other false convictions. They come up with an initial theory of the crime, a new suspect appears, they don’t come to the obvious conclusion but instead wedge the new suspect into their initial theory because they don’t want to look bad. See for example the “Norfolk Four” and David Camm.
    When prosecutors act like this, it damages the integrity of the criminal justice process. An honest prosecutor can take pride in changing their mind when new evidence comes along. When prosecutors hang onto their initial suspects, it makes it harder for other prosecutors to feel they can change their minds.

    • Mike says:

      Amanda should be happy that this happened in Italy. In the U.S. she would still be in prison. You mentioned the “Norfolk Four”. This case probably parallels the Meredith murder case more than others. It is comical and sad all in one. Before it was “Four” it was I think up to “Eight”. Some just had too good of an alibi.

      • Chan says:

        No, the case never would have gone to trial in the U.S.

        • Mike says:

          The Norfolk Four went to trial. The men have still not been exonerated. Their lives are miserable. The cases are extremely similar.

          There was another similar case that did not go to trial and it should have been what happened in Italy. You can find it. Just Google: Stock Murder in Murdock Texas. But the family and the police still believe they are guilty. Now get this, the son says: Now we will never know what happened. That is just like the Kurchers. Furthermore, one of the CSI man went to prison. He planted evidence because they could not find any

          All there cases involve people who do not know each other. They meet in a parking lot and decide to commit rape (2 cases) and kill somebody. That does not happen.

          Some of these cases in the US do go to trial with conviction. I know them all.

    • Daphne says:


      Yes, it is hard to steer off the course of an invalid theory if the focus remains on the same suspects. I imagine many other theories and witnesses surfaced as well, but for some reason, the focus has remained on these two innocents. I would put a lot of pressure on defence to take up such theories by urging witnesses to publicly testify and pursue these to the greatest extent. Obviously the “evidence” behind this second guilty verdict is being kept quiet to debilitate defence strategies.

  40. Bri says:

    Amanda, I believe that science, reason and honesty must eventually win the day, and that you and Raffaele will be exonerated. Hopefully such a high-profile miscarriage of justice will call attention to the hundreds (thousands?) of similar cases and we can all start to collectively understand the factors that cause wrongful convictions. Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight.

  41. Rob H says:

    Nencini: ‘The jurors returned home every day and were bombarded with information. When we met they would say, “Justice, but on TV they say that it happened in another way. What happened really?”.’

    The judge seemed convinced of Knox’s guilt, saying he believed that the murder would never have happened without her. But he seemed less convinced of Sollecito’s culpability and said the Italian could have helped his case if he had submitted to cross-examination.

    Defence lawyers have interpreted the comments as evidence that the panel was prejudiced, claiming the judges would have acquitted Sollecito if he had betrayed Knox.

    Sollecito’s lawyer Luca Maori threatened legal action and added: ‘By saying that Raffaele should have taken the witness stand is he saying that if he had accused Amanda Knox he would have been acquitted?’

    Rodolfo Sabelli, head of the Italian National Association of Judges, said Nencini’s remarks were ‘inappropriate’. ”

    Oh, my giddy aunt!! What a shambles – there you have it – Italian justice in a nutshell with “judges” getting their evidence from TV reports.

    A laughing stock!

    This verdict is going down, down, down!

    • S. Michael Scadron says:

      Yes, this could be huge. I contacted Erin Moriarty of 48 Hours (who I’ve spoken to before about other cases), linking to the story in the Guardian UK, and suggesting an in depth investigation. I can envision this, I told her: “Amanda Knox: Behind the Verdict.” 🙂

      • Rob H says:

        Yes, brilliant, S. Michael!

        This needs to be a prime time expose, with a copy to the State Department.

        Italian Justice in all it’s clownery.

        • TomG says:

          Au contraire! It is in fact a masterpiece of logic, Nencini is guaranteed promotion as a result of his commendable actions.

  42. Chan says:

    This is most unfortunate but entirely predictable, given the way the Court of Cassation all but directed a verdict of guilty in overturning your appeal. Fortunately, extradition can be fought on many grounds, assuming that the Italians even want to see their shoddy case and egregious misconduct exposed—in English—on worldwide television in federal court. Which I doubt, since it would undermine their whole legal system. Then again, no one ever accused them of being intelligent.

    Still, rather than be on a roller-coaster or expect any fairness, justice or even common sense from the Italians, I think you have to be prepared for their calumnies to continue for years. Their egos are at stake and they will fight to their last breath to avoid admitting a mistake.

    Meanwhile, both you and Mr Sollecito have done enormous good in shining the spotlight on coercive interrogation methods, false confessions and prosecutorial misconduct. It might be some small comfort to consider how much good you are doing and can continue to do by using your case as a platform to help other wrongly accused and wrongly convicted people. I hope and pray that the European Court of Human rights will intervene on your and Mr Sollecito’s behalf, because the Court of Cassation will definitely not overturn the verdict it asked for in its highly prejudicial decision—which was written in such a prejudicial way as to violate your human rights, in my opinion.

    It might in the meanwhile be helpful to spotlight your documented past as a perfectly normal, fun, happy, girl and young woman with a documented history of kindness and thoughtfulness. I would refer to that in interviews as much as possible if I were you. Most people, when confronted with such an obvious disconnect between years of pre-trial normality and this ridiculous caricature (Luciferina!) will realize that if a prosecution has to replace documented reality with a completely fictitious persona, it does not have a case against you. You are who you are. You have suffered much. And I can see by your actions that you are a kinder, more compassionate person than I am.

    • Cinnamon says:

      Yes, I see the European Court of Human Rights getting involved too. Both trials that found her guilty were show trials worthy of North Korea. The judges and jury were biased from the outset.

  43. Riposte says:

    I’m so disappointed in the Italian justices. So sorry for you and your family and the Meredith’s family. Mignini is the villain in this story.

  44. callen says:

    I asked the following question from day 1:
    Why would a perfectly well adjusted young lady with her entire future ahead her- no behavior issues in her child hood- dreams of studying abroad- go to Italy- do a complete 360- turn into an evil, murderer in just a few weeks. It makes no common sense. NONE.

    • Kenneth Janeway says:

      Hi Amanda, I’ve been working on ideas most of the day for you. Just remember that this Appellate Jury that rendered this latest verdict is just 7 people and there are more and more supporters coming to your aid and defense, daily, all across the world who realize that you are innocent and see the total lack of evidence putting you at the crime scene despite the mistakes made during your unlawful interrogation. Your newest Blogs are written very well and I appreciate them as I’m sure everyone who is behind you also does. What is important is not how “you” protest your innocence so much as how loudly OTHER PEOPLE and SUPPORTERS protest your innocence because people found guilty unfortunately are not listened to that closely, but INFLUENCE will eventually be felt I think to make a difference. I will be checking on various legal issues for you to see how this latest re-conviction might affect your ability to be hired in the United States (in Seattle) – if a Foreign conviction holds any weight in other words on a U.S. job application or resume. I feel that the people of Seattle fully realize you are innocent as is Raffaele. I believe that ABC is trying to also help you as much as they can without losing their objectivity (as reporters) but it is fairly evident I think to them that you are considered innocent because there is such a lack of evidence against you. You will begin to hear from me privately through the mail as soon as I can prepare a correspondence for you – I must work 6 days this week so this must be done in my spare time but I will get it done, nonetheless. I will work on this project until your name is cleared no matter how long it takes and I think that once your name is cleared, and your innocence is clearly established, then Raffaele will also benefit from this and he will be released. I basically will also be asking The Good Lord for wisdom how to best help you. I will be in touch,- Best, Ken

      • Kenneth Janeway says:

        Hi Amanda: The article in Slate magazine written by Jim Edwards is a good start…outlining points of your innocence. This is what I call “outside influence” (outside of yourself) that in the long-term can make a difference. Articles such as this one must begin appearing in the Italian press as well to sway the government and judiciary there of your innocence and their mistake. It seems to me that a true vendetta is at work against you specifically because you were given a sentence of 28 1/2 years and Raffaele was given a sentence of 25 – all of this done without a shred of evidence against either of you. This amounts to pure “character assassination” to me where the Acquittals of Oct. 3, 2011 were taken away from both of you. – Best, Ken

        • Alan Harrison says:

          I think you’ll find that the “extra” sentence on Ms Knox is for “vilipendio” – criminal libel of M. Lumumba. That means that the Italian courts have managed (1) to rule out that statement in regard to murder and (2) rely upon it for the criminal libel. If Douglas Preston’s account in the Guardian is accurate, Ms Knox’s lawyers should get forensic linguists crawling all over that statement, which is in bureaucratic police jargon unknown to Ms Knox at her early stage in learning Italian.

  45. Kerry says:

    It’s time to stop being nice ! ….. Go for the jugular ! ……. Discredit the judges or the jury …… It’s come to that moment in time when a win is a win ….. No matter how it’s won !

    • BigDinBoise says:

      Sort of in poor taste, don’t you think? Just saying…

      • Caro says:

        Hello BigDinBoise: No, I don’t think so …

        Mr. “Fou” (Kerry, please be kind – it was not meant as any attack against you … just the opposite!) knows quite well how world works, I assume. It seems to be it is an “universal law”: kind people tend to be more vulnerable by people with “peculiar” intends … I don’t like to see it, but probably it’s true: to win such a “game”, you have to use similar tactics like your antagonists. Please have a look at Baltasar Gracián …

        PS: Sorry for poor English …

  46. Noel says:


    noi crediamo in te!

    lo lo so che non sono solo anche quando sono sola


  47. Michael Paul ( @MNikator ) says:

    First, a big hug to you and your loved ones. – I’m still shocked, angry and disgusted by this evil, completely unjust verdict. It makes me feel physically sick.

    The last time I felt as awful as now, was when my best friend had committed suicide. I can only imagine the immense pain you and your loved ones must be suffering, Amanda.

    If there’s anything, I can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask. As long as it’s within my power, the answer will always be yes.

    More by private message on FB.

    Hugs and prayers,

    Your friend Michael

  48. Truth Matters says:

    I was one of those who originally thought you and Raffaele were guilty. I had signed up at a certain website that I now know has no interest in the ‘true justice’ it claims to support. It was at the site, however, where I learned that you and Raffaele are innocent. No matter how hard I tried to take the evidence and force it to fit a guilty scenario, I just could not make it work. I then found another site – – and have been your supporter every since. I am so sorry that you both are having to go thru this yet again but please know that there are people here who will support you if there is an extradition attempt. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, as well financial contriubtions whenever possible in the budget. Stay strong in the knowledge that there are people who see your innocence and support you!

    • Cinnamon says:

      I was the same – I initially thought there was a chance she might be guilty, but changed my mind as soon as I closely examined the evidence. The two things that convinced me were: a) no DNA evidence on the victim’s body b) Ms Knox & Mr Sollecito didn’t even know Guede before the murder. The latter point is very important, and I feel it’s grossly under-reported. Why would two people commit murder with a man they don’t even know? It doesn’t make sense at all.

      • Nasim says:

        But Amanda did know Rudy. And young people tend to become fast friends. It’s a pretty weak argument.

        • Eric_B says:

          Amanda did not ‘know’ Rudy.

          she was in the same room as him once, possibly twice.

          • Cinnamon says:

            “And young people tend to become fast friends”

            What a Mangini-esque argument. A bit like “only a woman would cover a corpse with a blanket”. Such flimsy arguments would never be admissible in a British court.

        • Rob H says:

          Honestly “Nasim”, I wonder if you are just having a bit of morbid fun or whether you really do believe this nonsense: She was introduced to him once in the bottom flat; he came into the chic pub once while she was working – she said she may have seen him in the crowd besides this. There is zero evidence that she “knew him”. There is no record of any phone calls between them; she did not have his number nor he hers. Nobody testified to support your spurious claim.

          And then you go off on Italian style pointless speculation – “young people tend to be fast friends” – your own opinion, which if true means that he was “fast friends” with any number of young people, who, then, it follows will be equally culpable of a conspiracy to murder Meredith Kercher in her bedroom without leaving any physical evidence behind.

          You are so dishonest – demonstrably so…. unless you can produce verifiable evidence of your claims from bona fide sources.

      • Rob H says:

        I got to “reasonable doubt” within an hour and a half of looking at the evidence – I kept checking, thinking I really must have missed something important in the prosecution case – no, there was nothing. Within a couple of days – sifting through the confusing and contradictory accounts of what happened in the questura, it finally became shockingly clear that this was one of the most disturbing miscarriages of justice I had ever seen – and I have seen many.

      • Daphne says:

        I only found out about the case shortly before the movie came out. Many thought the movie would harm the trial, and I think it did. But the actress gave total credibility to Amanda’s side, so the movie that actually convinced me of her innocence.

        • BigDinBoise says:

          God what an awful movie.. completely based on the sensationalized tabloid stories surrounding the case. Makes Mignini look like a regular Sherlock Holmes. Apparently there will be another movie coming out shortly based on Barbie Nadeau’s book Angel Face… staring Kate Beckinsale (for Christ’s sake!) as Barbie. Sounds like another complete farce, just like the last one.

          • Daphne says:

            Yes, I was floored by how it represented Amanda and Raffaele in the questura.
            Such a movie could hardly portray the complexity of this case. I hope the next movie, if there has to be one, does more justice to getting the real facts of the case out. My only experience in Perugia was sheer shopping joy — a beautiful leather purse and shoes, sightseeing, music, and non-stop pizza. That’s how I want to remember Perugia.

  49. Lindsay Jacobson says:

    I was so shocked, angered, and disapointed when I saw the verdict. I would have never imagined they could find you guilty again and am so upset with the Italian judicial system. Stay strong. Best of luck.

  50. Lucinda L. says:

    Dear Amanda,
    I am truly sorry to hear that the Italian courts are targetting you once more and I pray with all my heart that a solution will be found for you. I have been following your case and it breaks my heart. People are cruel to you for no other reason than that you are young and pretty and you were in love. This happens to girls all the time but in your case you happened to have the horrific bad luck of being near a murder scene. It makes me sad how everything in your life and everything you do has been distorted to fit some false idea of you that crazy people have in their heads. My dad also feels sad about what people do to you but he is convinced you will find justice. I want you to know that I believe you and my dad and sisters believe you too. I want you to know that we know that people are just projecting their insecurities on you. I cry every time I read the news about you and I pray for you.

    I dont know why life has been so unfair to you but I do know that you have courage, strength and dignity. I am poud of how you have handled a situation that would have killed most people. I am proud of the woman you have become and the way you keep on fighting. You are not alone. A lot of crazy people may say mean things, but a lot of good people out there see that you’re just a normal young girl in a horrible situation. Life is often not fair. It leaves some people blessed in good fortune and others mired in tragedy and it does not explain why. All we can do is fight for goodness and justice every way we can. It is wrong what has been done to you and I am verry sorry for what you have had to endure and still do. I wish you peace and justice and freedom. I wish you all these things because you deserve them and so much more. You were just extremely unlucky. That’s a hard pill to swallow. But take comfort in knowing that many of us know this and keep you and Raffaele in our prayers.

  51. Shirley - lilome says:

    Oh Amanda, I am so sorry for the storm of injustice that continues to follow you. Please find hope and strength in your family and many supporters. While it may be “easier said than done,” try not to allow them to take away your happiness. Today, you are in America, surrounded by family, loyal friends and supporters, while studying and pursuing your dreams. Keep doing that, and whatever it takes, don’t borrow stress from tomorrow. Best wishes to you.

  52. Tim radford says:

    Hi ,

    Will always support you, keep believing , you have loads of support.
    Stay strong
    You will be ok


  53. Jonathan says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I’m an Italian citizen, and despite the massive media programming portraying you and Raffaele as monsters, after 7 years of lies and lies and lies, for the very first moment, I’ve got to the obvious conclusion. As you said, if you really want to know the truth, you actually can.

    I’m just sick about all the pain you felt after all this nonsense!
    There is no dignity at all for any Italian journalist, interrogator, lawyer, or judge here.
    Just consider that you and Raffaele aren’t the only ones who have been destroyed mediatically in the past 10 years or so, in Italy.

    I don’t know if it’s about Fascism, incompetence, corruption, or complete idiocy. I’m just watching it live, that when trials like the one you had, and still have going on, at the time they go mainstream.. the reality is being reversed and the common sense being thrown away with a hellish bent.

    Please never loose your will, fight until the case is closed, find and hire someone who could translate yours and Raffale’s interviews in Italian, to dispel the mist in their brainwashed minds!

  54. Rob H says:

    Criticism of Nencini’s post verdict comments by Chairman of Judges and Raffaele Sollecito’s defence reported!

    The chairman of the judges’ governing body in Italy – CSM, has labelled Nencini’s comments which I posted earlier as “inopportune”

    Moreover, Mr Sollecito’s defence have weighed in too:

    “The conviction is the result of a clear bias on the part of the judges against the defendants, and in particular against Raffaele Sollecito, and that interview proves it,” defence lawyer Luca Maori told Corriere della Sera.”

    One lawyer (not identified) is reported to have said that the CSM should question the legitimacy of the verdict as well as considering disciplinary action against Nencini!

    Furthermore Giulia Bongiorno lambasted Nencini for criticising Mr Sollecito for not testifying :

    “I would not like the judge to be implying something else: that perhaps Raffaele, in order to have his innocence recognised, should have accused Amanda of the killing of Meredith Kercher,” she told La Stampa.”

    A good fightback just begun?

  55. Tim radford says:

    Hi I am saddened by outcome but know you will win in the end. Will pray for you every day till then, God loves you.


  56. Wayne says:

    Amanda, I encourage you in your fight against this corrupt system. I do have a question. One Italian article claimed that part of the conviction was that a conversation between you and your mom had been tapped and was incriminating. I find this very interesting but not for the reasons that the Italians might believe. If they had in fact tapped your phone and had determined that your conversation was incriminating and if this was immediately after the murder before your interrogation, then they have conclusively shown that you were not a ‘witness’ but a suspect before and during your final interrogation. If they have shown that they conclusively lied about the status of you being a suspect vs a witness then this would be a strong argument that they lied about the conduct of the interrogation would it not?

    • Nasim says:

      Wiretaps are routinely authorized against persons of interest as part of serious crime investigations around the world. In Italy they can be used to guide the investigation but cannot be entered into evidence against the person who made them without that person’s consent. A number of other people besides Amanda had their phones tapped. Prison recordings are different. They do not require a warrant and can be used as evidence, except for attorney-client communications. Amanda was well aware that her prison conversations were being recorded. Am I right Amanda?

      • Rob H says:

        Not sure about this at all – Maresca lied to the court claiming that Amanda Knox had stated in one of these tapped conversations that she was at her apartment the night of the murder. She had stated no such thing.

      • Sarah H says:

        You are failing to distract from the real issue, Nasim. It isn’t whether wiretaps are authorized. It is the fact that if this taping is possibly incriminating, then Amanda was a suspect before she was interrogated by the police — proving that the police were lying. There goes their excuse for not providing her with an attorney.

      • Wayne says:

        Naism. You are not grasping the point. Its not only that her phones were tapped. It is the claim that I’m trying to confirm that a conversation between her and her mother recorded BEFORE her interrogation was deemed as incriminating by the police. And that this particular conversation was used against her. I don’t know what they are talking about and am trying to find it.

        But if this is true, then the police have just PROVEN that they are liars. If they deemed a conversation as incriminating (whether it really is or is not), and if they then interrogate her as a “witness” meaning that they claimed that they did not need to provide a lawyer, this proves that they in fact lied, to Amanda, to the media and most importantly to their own courts.

  57. Richard Silvester says:


    I listened to the verdict being read out and could not believe what I was hearing. How any court can come up with a guilty verdict in the absence of any real, tangible evidence against you or Raffaele just boggles the mind but it shows, as others have noted here, that this is no longer about you and Raffaele, its no longer about facts or evidence and its no longer about justice or about seeking the truth. In my opinion, its all about the Italian authorities not having the guts to admit that they made a monumental mistake and it is now simply a quest to prosecute at all costs, and to heck with the evidence.

    Some may call it an exercise in ‘saving face’ on the part of the Italian legal system, but surely this must be doing them a massive amount of damage, at least in the eyes of the sane, rational and clear-thinking people of the world. Can the Italians not see that? And can they not see the hurt they are causing, needlessly, not only to you and Raffaele and your families, but also to the Kercher family. Although they do not have to face what you are facing, through the prolonging of this fiasco they too suffer, when in fact the sole perpetrator has already been found guilty and incarcerated.

    Enough of me ranting. Amanda, you have many supporters around the world, and a family and friends that surround you with love and support. You could not wish for a better, more supportive family.

    You don’t know me from Adam but if I may make a suggestion, and I hope you don’t think this is too presumptuous of me, I do believe that you should curtail your efforts to make contact with the Kercher family until all of the dust has finally settled. While I’m sure your motive for doing so is a heartfelt attempt to reach out, I think that they will not want any contact at this stage. Quite apart from that it seems in my opinion to lead some of your detractors to thinking that you are merely trying to taunt the family of the victim, which in turn leads to more badmouthing by them of you. My apologies if my comment causes any offence – it is made with the best of intentions.

    I remain a supporter of yours and convinced of your innocence, and I wish you strength, courage and resolve. You said in a recent interview that you will need a lot of help in fighting this fight and that you can’t do it on your own. Believe me, you are not alone.

    By the grace of all that is good, I believe that you will eventually be vindicated and be freed from this morass, and I wish you everything of the best.

    (British – living in South Africa)

  58. Amanda

    It’s terrible that the Italian court could go so far wrong.

    I am really at a loss at a verdict that flies in the face of the evidence and common sense.

    The pile of discredited lies grow ever higher, I just hope either the Italian Supreme court correct this, but to be perfectly honest that does not seem likely.

    However with so much public support, I hope the US government will refuse extradition. The situation for Raffaele I’m afraid is still worse.

    I do not know what else to say in such an impossible situation, but keep soldiering on in adversity.


    • Nasim says:

      Apart from the knife, which Nencini has yet to rule on, and the eyewitnesses, whose credibility is inevitably debatable, what exactly is a lie?

      • Rob H says:

        Stefanoni, Quintavalle, Ficarra, Maresca, Mignini – they all provide the answer to your question.

        Interesting that you need to ask what a lie is? All you friends over at TJMK have the same problem with understanding.

        It’s when you knowingly tell an untruth – state something to be true that you know to be false and vice versa.

        Pretty much, this happens everyday in Italian courts and on guilt obsessed websites and when “Fast Pete” Quennell opens his mouth.

      • Sarah H says:

        It is a lie that the murder MUST have been carried out by multiple attackers, and that those attackers were Rudy, Amanda, and Raffaele. Even the Massei report did not make that claim. Armed with a knife, Rudy Guede could have overcome a much smaller, unarmed woman; and he clearly did, since he was the only one of the accused who left DNA and fingerprints all over the room.

  59. Dear Amanda,

    I am so sorry to hear about the new verdict in your case. I know how mentally and emotionally draining the experience has been for you, and I admire and applaud your fortitude and strength. I hope you will continue to publicly denounce the lack of due process, violation of rights, and witch-hunt tactics, which are all too common in judicial systems everywhere.

    While my research and work in the past years has concentrated on family courts, and the re-victimization of victims of domestic violence by the courts, the manipulations & tactics of judicial actors are the same as seen in your case, regardless to the court system. Please see Family Courts in Crisis (FCC) newsletter posted on – For the next 4 months I will be covering judicial corruption and human rights violations in the courts, starting with ‘FCC- Judicial Corruption, Human Rights Violations & Organized Crime- Connecting the Dots’, which shed much light on what happened in your case.

    I hope everyone will contact members of the US Congressional Americans Abroad Caucus (see letter & list of members posted on, encouraging the members to challenge the US Department of State’s non-compliance with the Vienna Convention of Consular Relations, international conventions, and international law in protecting and defending the rights of Americans living abroad. (Even if your Congressman/Senator is not on the list, you may send it to him or her, as everyone has constituency living or travelling abroad).

    The State Department’s disregard for the security, safety, interests & protection of the rights of the almost 7 million Americans living and the over 30 million travelling abroad is inadmissible, and must be challenged by American citizens and the US Congress & Senate without delay.

    For more information about the issues & what can be done, please feel free to contact me at

    Quenby Wilcox
    Founder – Global Expats |

  60. BigDinBoise says:

    I am so sorry for this travesty of justice that has been perpetrated on you and Meredith. Her family appears to have ignored the evidentiary portions of the various trials and is unwilling to look at anything other than their first impressions of your guilt as so erroneously presented by Mignini in the first trial.
    I think it’s admirable that you continue to maintain that they deserve respect and support; however, given the obvious presence of reasonable doubt of your and Raffaelle’s guilt, and the vehemence with which Lyle is demanding your immediate arrest, I no longer believe they are actually seeking truth and justice for Meredith. I think it’s time to consider that they may now be motivated to ignore the facts of the case, particularly anything that leads to your innocence, due to the large sum of civil damages that has already been awarded in the first trial, and the prospect for an additional sum in the final civil court decision if you should ultimately be found guilty by the ISC. It’s my understanding that Massei awarded each of the parents 1 million euros and 800,000 to each of the siblings. Why monetary damages should be awarded to the siblings is beyond me? In fact I cannot understand why monetary damages should be awarded to anyone in this case. Unless it was the loss of an income earning member of the immediate family I cannot understand why awarding money to the surviving family members benefits the pursuit of justice. Who is intended to pay these damages? An incarcerated person that has no means to earn an income? The family of the accused? That’s patently unfair.
    I’m rambling and need to get ready for a Superbowl party so I’ll wrap it up… go Seahawks!
    I just think it’s time to cut the Kercher’s loose. I can understand your need for them to believe in your innocence, that is natural, but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. They want your blood and your money, and it’s the later that clouds their objectivity in even considering the notion that you are innocent and also a victim in this mess.
    Good luck, stay strong, and know that you have many supporters that will try to help spread the truth about your innocence.


  61. Pigsticker says:

    “Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”

    I can’t remember who it was that said that, but that statement definitely applies in this case. The Italian Supreme Court (or Court of Castration, as some of us have renamed it) has WAY too much power. I remember telling Frank on Perugia Shock that alot of Italians were likely to get very angry about that. Much to my surprise, I am now being proven right. Many of your new supporters on Facebook are either Italian residents or people of Italian descent.

    • Rob H says:

      The quote is slightly different:

      “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

      It was Lord Acton, referring to the power of absolute monarchs and the Roman Emperors who thought themselves Gods.

      Here it is the power of judges – able to decide cases without settled principles or case evidence for guidance – just there own biases. They think themselves profound logicians. This is what the Italian civil law system has created through its unstable mixture of adversarial and inquisitorial styles of justice.

    • Daphne says:

      John Dalberg-Acton 1st Baron Acton, 1834-1902.

  62. Katrin says:

    Dear amanda,
    My heart goes out to all of you.
    What i have never understood and havent found in anything written about the case is…..nor mentioned in the trial, but maybe i missed this……where would you have washed, hidden your clothes after having stabbed meredith so violently. Surely the police would have found traces somewhere….it just doesnt make sense.
    Stay strong! I hope this ends well for you!
    Big hug

    • Rob H says:

      That is exactly right! She couldn’t have!

      As you have pointed out, there would have to be transfer evidence – a profound quantity of blood on Ms Knox’s clothing and other substances too, which she would have taken back to Mr Sollecito’s apartment from the murder room. No trace of her was found in the murder room and no trace of the murder room was found on her clothing or in that apartment.

      Either she is of supernatural descent and has incredible magic the like of which the world has never seen, or else she didn’t commit the crime.

      As you say, “it just doesn’t make sense”.

    • Nasim says:

      We talked about this. Some of Amanda’s clothes seen in photos before the murder appear to be missing. Also Corriere dell’Umbria says there is a woman who saw Amanda putting something in a garbage can the morning after the murder. She did not want to testify.

      • Rob H says:

        Oh we are back to the imaginary missing shoes! Yes we talked about this. You are right. And we concluded that you were either mad, deluded or both.

        And now what? There is a woman somewhere who a newspaper says reported that something happened which she doesn’t want to testify about!

        Well, let’s take Ms Knox out back and hang her on the strength of that, shall we?

        Would you like to be judged at a criminal trial on the basis of this?

        Good heavens man! Are you taking medication?

        Do have the slightest conception of what the meaning of the word, “evidence” is?

        • Katrin says:

          If this lady didn´t want to testify in my opinion it isn´t credible that she saw anything.
          It is very difficult to get rid of clothes covered in blood.
          Also, blood is in your hair, on your skin, under your fingernails. Nowadays forensic science is so good, I am sure the police would have found some evidence of an intent to have washed it off, if there had been an intent.
          Nothing makes sense to me, ….Rudy Guede should end his silence, and tell the truth. But maybe he´s scared to do so, since in Italy it seem you can be tried more than once for the same case.

  63. Ahem! says:

    Look on the bright side… should get many days out of jail during the 28 years. You will get to travel back and forth to the court house to answer the myraid of charges that should be falling on your head after the incredible lying and defamation that you keep pushing into the public domain. You cant keep your story straight, you have no sole, and your so called supporters have been instrumental in your current situation. Its time you muzzled them……and yourself.

  64. Brigitte Gebhardt says:

    Dear Amanda,

    I am really sad of the wrong decision in Italy. Please be sure, that there are so many people in Germany who know that you and Raffael are innocent.
    Sorry for my bad english! We see, that the murderer of Meredith ist Guede.
    We see, that there are no traces of you and Raffael in the room of MK.

  65. Julianne says:

    I believe in you Amanda. Stay strong and positive. The Italian court is crazy for convicting you again.

  66. kgeddy says:

    The best thing for everyone involved in this fiasco would have been a verdict of innocent, the right verdict. It would have finally given closure to everyone involved, including the Kercher family. They would finally be forced to admit that it was Guede and Guede alone who murdered their sister, which would allow them to FINALLY begin the process of healing; instead, the shambolic Italian court system decided to throw everyone back into the crucible by issuing yet another indefensible verdict. There is no way that people of conscience will submit to this ruling, or allow Amanda Knox to be extradited to Italy. We will fight this injustice until the last.

  67. Jenny says:

    I am shocked, appalled and disgusted by the verdict. The case is so absurd that, if it were not causing pain to so many, it would be a joke. Here in England we are not all idiots – many of us know that Amanda and Raffaele are quite clearly innocent. Right now I am just wondering what to DO from a practical perspective. I plan to start by writing to my Member of Parliament, my Member of the European Parliament and the Italian Ambassador explaining that this verdict flies in the face of reason. Stay strong Amanda. This is NOT over!

  68. Pawel says:

    this is far from over and we all know it. You will fight this, along with Raffaele, and we, your supporters will fight this with you!!!

  69. Ashley says:


    My heart breaks for you, Raffaele, the Kerchers, and everyone else tortured by this complete and total injustice. I do want to say that the amount of poise, grace and compassion towards the Kertcher family you display is remarkable. I will continue to keep you and everyone else involved in my thoughts and prayers.


  70. Mike Wiesner (Smith) says:

    Courage is not the absence of despair; it is, rather, the capacity to move ahead in spite of despair.
    Rollo May

    Amanda, we know you are moving forward, and you know how many are marching behind to help fight this senseless persecution.

  71. floen says:

    Perfectly said/written Amanda.

    Supporters of the truth, please continue to share these links on social media. Public awareness and concern is key!

    • floen says:

      Another note about Twitter – To help counter the lies, please ‘favorite’ and ‘retweet’ other tweets from truth supporters – that is the only way the tweets get to the ‘Top’ tweets page!

  72. Billy Ryan says:

    Hi Amanda
    I am truly shocked and saddened at the injustice inflicted on you and Raffaele by the Florence court,like you I am an eternal optimist and I believe that the ECHR will prove to be a fair court and in that court you will get justice,I will never stop supporting you and Raffaele until you are both fully cleared,I have believed in your and Raffaele’s innocence since I came across this case in 2009

    Billy (Ireland)

  73. Eric_B says:

    ‘At the moment I can say that up until 8:15 of that evening, the kids had other plans, but they skipped them and an opportunity was created,’ Nencini was quoted as saying. ‘If Amanda had gone to work, probably we wouldn’t be here.’”

    this is idiotic beyond belief.

    since when do people decide to pop out to murder their housemate in the company of their boyfriend and a local criminal they have no contact with because they have an unexpected night off work?

  74. emma horsfall says:

    I stand by you to the end the you are innocence and I from the uk I was upset over the unjust verit

  75. T.C. says:

    There is nothing that is going to change the Kercher’s mind.

    What you need is people to act.

    People, write your Senators, the State Department, and other representative. Use the “facts” in your letters. Quote your sources. Make it easy for them and their staff to locate the information.

    Encourage your senators to make a statement publicly like Amanda’s Senator Cantwell did. Quote her statement in the letters to your Senator’s. Follow up with phone calls to your Senator.

    It is difficult to determine what the Italian courts will do next so preempt there decision by putting political pressure on the State Department and Senators. If enough political pressure can be built, it matters not what the Italian courts do, she won’t be extradited. The extradition treaty gives the State Department wiggle room.

    I suggest you don’t get into the legalize if you are not a lawyer.

    The most important thing is to write, write, write!

  76. Raven1955 says:

    I am heartbroken by the verdict. Stay strong. Like many others have said, we are with you all the way. I am also concerned about Raffaele. He is in the middle of the snake pit that is the Italian judiciary system. What is so strange about Nencini’s remark about Raffaele not taking the stand is that Rudy did not take the stand, but had his “letter” that he supposedly wrote read in court and that was perfectly acceptable.
    My prayers and thoughts and donations will continue to come for you and Raffaele, everytime I have money saved up for you. I still stand by pledge of donating $50-100 a month to both your funds. Stay strong, I know it is difficult right now, but know that I along with many others are willing to speak up for you.
    Lots of love and prayers your way.

  77. Nasim says:

    Ultimately it’s the job of the courts to decide if the prosecution is being overzealous. You lost because you didn’t put on much of a defense. The doubts cast on the knife were not enough. It’s clear from his comments Judge Nencini wanted Raffaele to testify. He did not and we know why he didn’t: lots of incriminating statements would have come into evidence along with him. Ironically, the man who was honor bound to protect you, doomed you.

    • Rob H says:

      What “incriminating statements”? His very normal responses to the police’s manipulation techniques – in the same way Ms Knox’s responses were entirely normal under similar pressure? Have you paid no attention whatsoever in your life to the sordid history of police forces the world over out to “get their man” (or woman) in suspect led investigations, who induce fear and confusion in the minds of those whom they interrogate, over many hours? Why don’t you go and read the experiences of the exonerated in capital cases? – There are remarkable similarities between them. Look at the circumstance surrounding the Ryan Ferguson conviction and later exoneration, for example, discussed on this blog – so many elements so similar to this case.

      If you went through the hands of the police in such circumstances I have no doubt you would come through it wrung out like a dish rag, doubting the reliability of your memory, ready to believe anything you were told. Do you not think so? Are you made of different stuff from the rest of us?

      Imagine, just for a moment that you are wrong about these two people – that they are in fact, entirely innocent – imagine one day being convinced of this – imagine perhaps that we had a celestial videotape which we could run and which would show it was Guede alone, after all. What would you say to Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito? And where would you look as you were saying it?

      What was it like the last time you wronged somebody? What happened when you you found out? What is it like when your absolute certainty is assailed?

      • Nasim says:

        I am not wrong. I know about torture. I was tortured in my country. It can break anybody. What happened to Amanda and Raffaele was not torture. There was no physical pain. If someone tried to coerce me in a language I barely spoke they would not get very far. I would just laugh and tune them out.

        • Rob H says:

          Ah, so you are a victim of torture. I see. Well, that does explain a lot about your character today. I am sorry for you.

          Actually, I didn’t mention torture – not the fingernail pulling kind anyway – but the mental effects of interrogations like the ones endured by Ms Knox and Mr Sollecito tend to produce very consistent results as the literature demonstrates.

          As to your ability to resist – I doubt it – we’re not going to get the opportunity to demonstrate this though, are we?

        • Julie Jorgensen says:

          No one should ever have to endure torture…I’m very sorry to hear you suffered such an atrocity. You should understand more than most the terrible effects it can have on a persons thinking.

          We all have different abilities to handle such treatment. I believe many factors play into how a person would handle emotional torture such as Amanda did that night. A person’s age, sex, personality, feelings about respecting authority or pleasing people, fatigue, hormones, etc.

          I don’t know if you knew this but Amanda’s menstrual period had just started that night and the first day of a woman’s cycle can be very emotional due to huge fluctuations in hormones. Throw in having a trusting nature, wanting to be helpful, and having 12 professionals team tag the questioning in a language she barely understood, and you have the perfect storm for what happened to Amanda.

          Throw in fear as well, Amanda was told she would never see her family again…and as her cell phone rang in front of her and she knew it was her mom calling, they would not allow her to answer. So Amanda was afraid and worried about her mom as well. Can any of us truly fault Amanda for what she said that night in her confusion, fear and emotional torment?

  78. Nathan Baker says:

    Amanda and Raffaele,

    This news that the courts have flip-flopped again is baffling and deeply shocking. I am so sorry to see this happen. The Italian justice system is completely screwed up.

    In my opinion, from this point forward, in every press release you do, every public appearance, every public statement you and others in support of you make, you should repeat like a mantra the following: they already got the guy responsible for the crime: Rudy Guede. Lately the media are barely even mentioning the details of the crime and the actual killer. You need to constantly steer them back to Rudy Guede. His DNA, footprints, and fingerprints were all over the crime scene. He had a known track record of burglarizing houses and businesses at nightime, armed with a knife–sometimes by throwing a rock through the window, like he did here. He was erratic and destitute in the months leading up to murdering Meredith. He fled the country a couple days after he killed her. He has constantly changed his story about the details of the crime.

    Police falsely implicated Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito, and Patrice Lumumba BEFORE they caught the right guy. Once they caught the killer (Rudy Guede), they should have realized they had it wrong in the beginning, and should have released you. Raffaele had never even met Rudy Guede before–nobody commits a murder with a fellow killer they just met that night. And your only connection to Rudy Guede was he had met you and Meredith when visiting your downstairs neighbors–exactly what led him back to your apartment to break in.

    There is NO EVIDENCE and NO MOTIVE connecting either you or Raffaele to the crime.
    Keep steering it back to the actual killer: Rudy Guede. The average person who knows about the case does not even know Rudy Guede exists, let alone know his name. That is a problem.

    I have reuploaded a mirror of a video that Rudy Guede posted to YouTube less than nine months before he killed Meredith. In the video, he displays erratic behavior and says “I’m a vampire. I’m going to suck your blood.” The guy is a creep, and his own video makes that apparent. If anyone wants to see the video, just go to YouTube and type in Rudy Guede. The video is the first result on that search and is entitled “Rudy Guede – The Murderer of Meredith Kercher.”

    • Nasim says:

      Caucasians in particular seem disturbed by that video.

      • Rob H says:

        I know some black and Asian people who are disturbed by it too.

        Perhaps you think that black and Asian people are incapable of discernment, “Nasim”

      • Julie Jorgensen says:

        I sense that there is some reverse discrimination going on here…at least in your mind. I personally have never cared what race Rudy Guede is. That should not even be an issue in this case. What should matter is his behavior on the night of the murder, and the history of his behavior before the murder. Trying to turn this into a race issue is just one more problem on top of a staggering list. Let’s see, sexism, racism, anti-americanism, puritanical thinking about sex, crazy theories about satanic rituals and sexual orgies, along with tabloid sensationalism created a perfect storm of injustice.

    • Zalman says:

      I think more effort should be placed in not only saying “there is no evidence of Amanda’s guilt” but rather a campaign strongly that there is clear “evidence of Amanda’s innocence”. See this video in which the lawyers do a amazing job in emphasising the burden of proof necessary for a jury to hand down a verdict of “guilt beyond reasonable doubt”. And the fact that in their case they feel that not only is there not enough evidence for “guilt beyond reasonable doubt” they can prove “innocense beyond reasonable doubt”. I believe Amanda’s supporters and lawyers should use a similar approach.

      For example, the fact there is no DNA, footprints, palm-prints, fingerprints, hair, etc belonging to Amanda or Raffaele in a tiny room with 2 litres of blood, is impossible if Amanda and Raffale were in the room. Or the fact that the other roommates immediately hired lawyers and left town. See

      If Amanda was guilty why did she not flee or get a lawyer? Why did she insist on staying in town and insist in helping the police even though her family were concerned for her safety in Perugia and asked her to leave town?
      Additionally, more focus need to be put on educating the public about false confessions.

    • Poirot says:

      Oh really? I suppose you have quantitive proof of that?

    • Gerard O'Driscoll says:

      I’m always concerned by people claiming this video means something. AK and RS have had silly videos of themselves shown as well. They mean nothing. Copious amounts of DNA on and in the victim, on the other hand, do matter.

  79. Som Nathan says:

    llDear Amanda,
    Like all your supporters, I am also saddened by this courts decision to uphold your guilty verdict, which only proves one thing, that this trial was phony, window dressing and a show case for ISC pro-prosecution guidelines. Judge Nencini, just followed the ISC directives and guidelines. It’s very obvious. In a way this verdict was expected. Rudy Guede has really fooled the Italian justice system, by exploiting it’s weaknesses.
    We knew then, and we know now, that you are INNOCENT. Your interview to “The Guardian” was excellent. Where you so rightly said, “Justice for you doesn’t mean injustice for Meredith and her family”.
    You and your family is an inspiration to many including myself, of facing the adversity, false acquisitions with calmness and compassion.
    Our hope and prayers are that, “In the end everything will work out just fine for you, if not, then it’s not the end yet”. Please stay healthy, strong and despite all this, complete your college degree. It will help in the long run. That, I keep telling my kids.

    To all who support Amanda, please vote this petition.

    Someone else had initially posted this URL on your blog. I am just reporting it here for other supporters to make note.
    It may be a bit premature, and may be not advised by your lawyers yet, but it may not be a bad idea to get it started early, in case there is a need.

    Best regards.
    (father of a 19 yr. Old daughter who is just like you, when you were at 19, full of energy, smart, intelligent, and unaware that evil lurks at every corner of life, ready to pounce on you the moment you let your guards down, that evil executed by evil people).

    PS. Thank you for letting me post on your blog. S

  80. Victoria says:

    Hi Amanda,
    I’m very sorry that the Italian courts are still trying to hide the mistakes of their prosecutors and police forces rather than allow two innocent people to go free. It is a sad day for justice and human rights. Please keep fighting and know that many of us are with you and you family. Stay strong and God bless.

    • Daphne says:

      Amanda’s entire family displayed heroic traits, and her dads, Curt and Chris, will always seem like perfect men, offering moral support to their children and families. I would so much like to console Amanda’s sisters and mom. They absolutely seem like terrific people. It’s a shame the truth did not come out yet, because they might have been able to help the Kerchers through this.

  81. Eric_B says:

    Gerard O’Driscoll wrote:
    You need to start an offensive against those judges and courts that don’t care about facts or logic. For example, how can a ruling in Guede’s trial that he was with accomplices become “fact” in your trial. That’s nonsense and needs to be exposed.

    Sure, but the only way to challenge that is in the ECHR.

    The Italian system itself doesn’t care about violations of human rights.

  82. Alex K. says:

    We need to wait for the motivations report of course, but it appears the cassation court’s approach to evidence has played a key part in this injustice. I wrote this in a comment to Andrew Gumbel’s Guardian piece:

    “I am appalled at the method of reasoning prescribed by Italy’s supreme court. No matter how flawed a piece of evidence, no matter how discredited a witness, they should be evaluated in the context of their totality, according to the court. Since this totality is made up of flawed inputs, it is a circular and, therefore, invalid argument.

    In practice, this “osmotic” approach, as the court calls it, allows to convict based on completely unsubstantiated evidence. It resembles a conspiracy theorist’s mode of reasoning; ironically, Ferdinando Imposimato, the honorary president of the supreme court, is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist who believes the CIA blew up the twin towers.

    The “osmotic” approach is especially dangerous since Italy seems to have no standards of evidence, in sharp contrast to the UK and US: Italy’s is an “everything goes” approach. Discredited evidence is not removed from the case file; prosecutors are free to regurgitate it.
    We keep hearing about Sollecito’s DNA on Meredith’s bra although the Conti-Vecchiotti report from 2011 proved the DNA “evidence” was obtained with so many violations of basic rules that it should be thrown out without reservation. The same goes for all other “evidence” against the couple – although shown to be worthless, it keeps coming back as if genuine and trustworthy.

    In this situation, one can only hope to be acquitted if one has a perfect alibi. I say perfect because Raffaele’s computer activity does give him an alibi but it did not bother the Florence court.”

    • Luara says:

      No matter how flawed a piece of evidence, no matter how discredited a witness, they should be evaluated in the context of their totality, according to the court.
      That’s why standards of evidence matter: if the prosecution can make a case out of smoke and mirrors – DNA evidence that wouldn’t be allowed in an American court, witnesses whose testimony doesn’t make sense, etc. – someone looking at the smoke and mirrors as a whole, will likely to think there must be some truth to it.

    • Nasim says:

      1 – The Conti-Vecchiotti report does not prove anything. It is just another opinion. The bra clasp is solid evidence.

      2- If Raffaele’s computer activity is such a perfect alibi why don’t they make their consultant’s report public in full?

      • Rob H says:

        Well, the metal part is solid – that’s the bit that contains…wait for it….FOUR profiles – yet the court doesn’t appear to believe that there were seven people in Meredith Kercher’s bedroom, including her. The fabric part, of course, contained no traces, so obviously there were five people who were actually flying around the room, four of whom flew over to touch the clasp and then Guede, who clearly couldn’t fly, stayed on the ground, while Ms Kercher was murdered by Ms Knox mid-air……yes, I see…very “solid” evidence.

        • Julie Jorgensen says:

          Don’t forget that the bra clasp was placed in some sort of container that actually had liquid of some sort in it and it ended up all rusted…sounds like solid, reliable evidence to me… NOT.

      • Luara says:

        Retired FBI agent Steve Moore says

        The Italian police “found” the bra clasp six weeks after the murder in a swept-up dust-pile.
        It was liable to have DNA from anyone who had been in the house.
        And there’s a video of the bra clasp being passed around by investigators with dirty gloves.
        See The Bra Clasp
        and Steve Moore on the bra clasp
        Steve Moore is openly skeptical that the bra clasp really was forgotten at the murder scene.
        This is the kind of evidence that shouldn’t be allowed in court because it can make people think “ooh – DNA! Solid evidence!” if they don’t appreciate the “little details” like being moved an found in a pile of junk.

      • Len D. says:

        “The Conti-Vecchiotti report does not prove anything. It is just another opinion.” Yes it is an opinion…from two people who are PHD’s and experts in DNA analysis. The field they are both in requires them to publish work for pier review so it’s safe to say that any claim they make will be fairly conservative. You on the other hand have no track record. Can you guess which opinion I think has more credibility?

    • Pigsticker says:

      Was Ferdinando Imposimato the guy who oversaw last year’s Supreme Court ruling? That explains alot.

      Plus I encountered someone on one of the Ground Report articles touting that same “9/11 was an inside job” propaganda. His rants were enough to fill an entire chapter.

  83. JT says:

    A very moving post. In all of the commotion and spin that seems to accompany this case this is a wonderful breath of fresh air which reminds all of us to remember that wrongful convictions create more victims and do nothing for the survivors of the original victim. I grieve for you, Rafaele and your respective families. The behavior of the Italian police, prosecutors and judges is most appalling. A portion of the Intersession, for today, the Feast of the Assumption seems applicable. “Gracious God, thwart the schemes of the powerful against the weak throughout the world, that wisdom may serve justice and the wise may follow the child .”

    Fight on for justice and truth and exoneration.

  84. Rob H says:

    I put this in “Housekeeping”: It is better here…

    Judge Nencini’s motivation for convicting Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito is already starting to seep out. Nencini has given an interview to “Corriere della Sera”. I am quoting only from the “Daily Mail” so some caution must be exercised, but the Huffington Post has exactly the same information. For some reason I cannot find the interview on the Italian paper’s website.

    “Judge Nencini hinted at what the court had found to be the most plausible explanation for what happened, saying that up until 8:15 p.m. on the night of the murder, Knox and Sollecito had other plans: In Knox’s case, she was supposed to have gone to work at a bar, and Sollecito was supposed to have gone to a train station to pick up a friend’s luggage.
    ‘At the moment I can say that up until 8:15 of that evening, the kids had other plans, but they skipped them and an opportunity was created,’ Nencini was quoted as saying. ‘If Amanda had gone to work, probably we wouldn’t be here.’”

    From the same source, Nencini also criticised Raffaele Sollecito for not testifying and for not submitting himself to cross examination.

    “It’s the defendant’s right, but it certainly deprived the process of a voice,” Nencini was quoted as saying. “He limited himself to spontaneous declarations. He said only what he wanted to say without letting himself be cross-examined.”

    So, Nencini has clearly rejected any alibi evidence and is of the opinion that a defendant, exercising his right not to testify, harms his defence.

    The other interesting point to make is that when asked whether the decision to convict was unanimous amongst all the judges, Nencini would only say that it was “shared”.

    It seems highly probable therefore that this was not a unanimous decision.

    • Nasim says:

      Legally Nencini could not say if the decision was unanimous or not. So he said it was “shared” which, if you think about it, is self-evident.

      • Rob H says:

        It’s perfectly obvious the verdict was not unanimous – they were out for far longer than anticipated, even by them. The question is – will anyone have the courage to break ranks towards thwarting this on-going injustice. Already, there is criticism of Nencini, effectively from his boss for his “inopportune” comments post verdict.

        After the Massei verdict, one of the lay judges I remember made a statement indicating a fundamental mis-understanding of the evidence – she was slightly obsessed by the idea of “mixed blood”. Not awfully bright, some of these “judges”.

    • Alex K. says:

      Here’s a link to Il Corriere:

      My attempt at a translation on Raffaele not taking the stand:

      The option of not getting oneself heard during a process is a right, but it deprives the person of a voice. Knox has spoken in various ways, has provided different/various versions, has written memorials. With Sollecito, it was decided not to speak. We didn’t have a cross-examination. [contradittorio processuale – I understand this refers to a witness subjected to questioning by all parties, including the judge and civil parties.] The motivations report will explain how this affected the decision of the court.

    • Cinnamon says:

      So the fact that the pair had other plans up until 2015 was the reason for the conviction? (Ignoring the fact that Mr Sollecito was on his laptop at 2126). Remind me not to change my plans at short notice in Italy, lest I then be accused of murder…

  85. Alex K. says:

    You are fighting against a great force, I am afraid, Italy’s corrupt system in an unholy union with influential British tabloids. There is no doubt about your innocence in the mind of any reasonable person familiar with the case, but there is an massive hate campaign against you. It is time to think of ways to silence people behind PMF and TJMK and the guilter wiki. They are extremely harmful as the spread lies unchecked using multiple identities on various internet boards and in comment sections of respectable news outlets. There are not many of them but using sock puppets gives a false impression of a measure of popular support for the pro-guilt case.

    I can see that TJMK and the guilter wiki still show up on the first page of Google searches. It’s a disgrace because they are hate sites at the same level as holocaust deniers. Perhaps it’s time to appeal to Google directly. Perhaps it’s time to write to their web providers to threaten them with legal action. You should also take careful notice of all threats on this blog and other boards since some could be legally actionable.

  86. Amanda,
    I want to first start off by saying Hugs to You, Raffaele, and both your Family’s. I will continue my prayers for you and Raffaele and both your Family’s. I feel the Italian justice system is so evil and corrupt and that the way they have treated You and Raffaele from day one and what they have put you both through and what they have put both of your Family’s through is evil and wrong and they will have to answer to God for that one day.
    I appreciate your friendship it means everything to me and know im always gonna be here for ya no matter what. I have believed in you and Raffaele since day one and I know your both innocent.

    Hugs and Prayers,
    Your Friend,
    Jonathan Blinn

  87. Shawn says:

    Hi Amanda,
    This new verdict is insane. Like you said, no new evidence, a horrible lack of evidence the first time around, a correct, INNOCENT verdict the 2nd time around, clearly do not add up to a guilty verdict this time. They are trying to save face and railroad you into a guilty verdict. Not fair!
    I am on your side 100%! If there is anything I can do to help, I will.
    So sorry you have to go through this all again. But remember, you are not alone, and so many of us will always support you. Stay strong! <3

  88. Gerard O'Driscoll says:


    You’re are now in a fight for your life with a system that has only one purpose – to put you in prison regardless. You didn’t commit the crime, and it has gotten out of hand, but you must come to understand and accept the new reality. You are now living your very own Bonfire of the Vanities. The evidence isn’t where the fight is anymore. It probably never was, and I’m a little surprised your Italian lawyers don’t seem to understand how their own system actually works. You have to really concentrate on showing that the Italian system that found you guilty is not credible, that it is protecting its own and covering up its own mistakes. And this goes right up to the Italian Supreme Court who are actually the worst offenders. Your enemy is no longer simply the prosecution, it is the whole judicial system. You must now find a team who will help you in your fight against this injustice, both in Italy and the US. And I think it should be a joint offensive with Raffaele. I don’t think splitting your resources is a good idea. You need to start an offensive against those judges and courts that don’t care about facts or logic. For example, how can a ruling in Guede’s trial that he was with accomplices become “fact” in your trial. That’s nonsense and needs to be exposed. It won’t be easy but you have no choice now. You should stop being reactive and go on the attack. You can’t afford to be too emotional about it in public. Emotion will change nothing. The message has to be relentless, consistent and hard. This is a political game now. And as with all political games, you cannot be even handed and objective or you will lose.

    I hope your case at the ECHR goes well. If they uphold your claim against the calunnia verdict, then you have a powerful weapon against the whole system, and also against any possible extradition. If you can properly expose the illegality and brutality of your interrogation (and all its consequences) then one of the system’s pillars will crumble (others being staged break-in and multiple attackers). You need courage and fortitude. And you can’t afford to spend energy or waste time on any who want you incarcerated. You have many, many supporters but you’ll have to lead the charge. I know it’s so hard and I’m so sorry it’s all turned out this way.

    I wish you all the best in your war.

  89. Kerry says:

    The world can sometime seem a place of hostility ….a place where justice can not always be achieved …..but these places are normally run by dictators or military leaders ….not a country that you’d expect protection , a country of reasoning ….a place where guilt would need to be proved before punishment ….. Corruption is everywhere ….but it seems it is in the highest places in Italy …..if any of you get the chance read “Trafficked” by Sophie Hayes …a British girl who personally found out that Italy looks after it’s own and no one else ….. Don’t give up hope Amanda …. as I found out in a short while reading about this case ……….you could not possibly be guilty !

  90. David Thorson says:

    We live in an evil and corrupt world – anyone with 2 brain cells or more can see you’re innocent. Ignore the very few who have only one brain cell or is so close minded to believe only the falsehoods of what the media wants to sensationalize. Keep your head high – you will be okay!

  91. Nigel Scott says:

    I had hoped for better from Italy but I am not surprised. Your support will continue to grow and it must be better focused and organised. I am very worried about Raffaele and our primary efforts must be to campaign for the Italian Supreme Court to look at this case in a rational way, not like last time. The media has been a big problem and remains so, particularly in Italy and the UK. The haters have been very effective with their Harry Rag PR Machine and we must counter that. Your grace and fortitude do you immense credit at this cruel time.

  92. Sadly, wrongful convictions create additional victims. The suffering will continue until the persecution of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito is put to an end.

    Stay strong Amanda. The fight is far from over. The truth will win out. You will be vindicated.

    • Paul says:

      Bruce Fischer posts are being made on your website IIP today accusing the Kerchers of being unemotional and motivated by money only. Your attention is needed back there. Thank you

  93. TomG says:

    Hi there Amanda!

    The whole thing got out of hand, as you put it, as soon as you were detained! Regardless of your admirable considerations on how the Kerchers may be suffering, there is no doubt that they think you are in some way responsible for Meredith’s death. In fact continual propitiation in their favour may do no more than give them an artificial moral ground when in reality they are in desperate need of cold, hard, scientific and forensic facts. What they need is tough love, continual sympathy is of no use at all if they are to be finally enlightened with the truth.

    We are frightened and saddened too, though we can’t come close to experiencing your (and Raffaele’s) suffering. This is our world too and this could have happened to any of us. We can only hope that some way or another this case will resolve and closure can be found for all the families involved. You said verdict was “no consolation for the Kercher family”, I suggest that the time for consolation is over, that will do them no good now. I offer you the same tough love.

    Kind regards

    • Russell Wellen says:

      “What they need is tough love, continual sympathy is of no use at all if they are to be finally enlightened with the truth.” I haven’t heard anybody say that, Tom G. You make a lot of sense.

      • TomG says:

        Hi Russell!
        Tough love is giving a person what they NEED! not necessarily what they WANT! It’s common usage in the UK.

  94. Karen says:

    We stand behind you to the bitter end Amanda.

  95. Tom Zupancic says:


    I was stunned and saddened to hear that the Court in Florence chose to ignor reason, truth, and justice. It is obvious to any fair observer that the fact of your prior aquittal establishes at least ‘a reasonable doubt’ (actually, Judge Hellman established much more than that when he declared emphatically that you were innocent). Instead, Nencini has made it clear that evidence, ie. the complete lack of evidence, was of no concern to him. This ‘trial’ was nothing but a farce.

    • Cinnamon says:

      It was a show trial worthy of North Korea. The Judge was going to convict from the outset because the Supreme Court wanted him to. Have you heard how he was caught breaking rules by talking to the media soon after the verdict? Mr Sollecito’s lawyer said that indicated bias because an impartial judge would not have done that.

  96. Matt says:

    Wow. You are a more graceful purpose that I am. With all the haters saying “what about Meredith” “what about her family”, you call upon people to show love and support for the very people who want you in prison.

    • Cinnamon says:

      My thoughts exactly. Ms Knox is showing maturity beyond her years in continuing to bless those who hate her. She is the total opposite of the “sociopath” image the Guilters are trying to promote.

  97. Antony says:

    Dear Amanda,

    I just want to say I’m terribly, terribly sorry to see that the latest Italian court has chosen the path of injustice. I haven’t written to your blog before, but I have followed your case since the Massei verdict and you must know that many, many people like me have you and Raffaele in our hearts.

    I can only imagine how desperate you must be feeling, even though the latest twist cannot be a surprise. Have courage!

    Best wishes, Antony (London, England)

  98. Julia says:

    I’m so, so sorry, Amanda! Please stay strong. Justice will prevail eventually.

    “The one place where a man ought to get a square deal is in a courtroom, be he any color of the rainbow, but people have a way of carrying their resentments right into a jury box.” – Quote from “To Kill a Mockingbird”

  99. A concerned reader says:

    Everytime you open your lying mouth you show a bit more of your evil inside, you will be sent back to Italy to face punishment, you are nobody to the White House. When its all over and you pass away you have to face your maker and he knows what you did, so think on that whilst you do your cartwheels and try and pretend you are a decent human being. You are the lowest of the low.

    • Sarah H says:

      “Whilst”? Your language giveth you away. Perhaps your Queen doesn’t care about justice for Amanda, but we will make sure our leaders do.

    • Eric_B says:

      I am not religious, but i feel this quote is apposite.

      Matthew 7:1-3
      Judge not, that ye be not judged.

      2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

      3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    • Pigsticker says:

      As Eric said, your comment says much more about you than about any of us.

    • Andy says:

      @ A Concerned Reader
      Why do you post such a bullshit. You don’t know Amanda at all, you don’t know what it feels to get involved innocent in a crime like this. The disability of the italian justice destroyed the life of a young girl. Malicious People like you are the bottom of the society. Greetings from Germany.

  100. Igor says:

    … So true.

    Praying for you and Raffaele. Sad God does not care like I do.

  101. Joe Public says:

    Rot in hell you psychopath

    • Sarah H says:

      Back at you.

    • Pigsticker says:

      You need to visit a shrink, Joe… or, if your real name is Brendan Mull, find a new one.

    • Lucinda L. says:

      How can you write this? Have you read the case’s details? Imagine for one moment being innocent and being framed like her and having the whole world lie about you.

    • Lucinda L. says:

      Please consider these facts.

      There was no evidence indicating Knox killed Kercher:

      • No DNA evidence linked Knox to the crime, even though she lived in the same house as Kercher.
      •The forensic evidence that did exist was mishandled by Italian authorities prior to trial. (Kercher’s bra clasp was left on the floor of the crime scene for six weeks before blood evidence was found on it.)
      •A bloody knife print didn’t match the knife police had in custody, so Mignini’s team had to create a theory involving two knives, Burleigh reports.
      •One of Mignini’s witnesses against Knox was Antonio Curalato, a homeless anarchist who slept on a bench near Knox’s house. He testified on who was near the house that night, and he also remembered seeing a party bus on the night of the killing. Burleigh’s book shows that that bus was not scheduled to run on the night of Kercher’s death.
      •Curalato turned out to be a serial witness and heroin addict whom the police had persuaded to testify in two other murder cases.

    • Andy says:

      Everything you wish other people comes back to you in a very strange way. I wish you a nice future.

  102. Joe Public says:

    The USA will extracite you asap just wish you could fry in Italy.

  103. Joe Public says:

    By the way when are you going to pay Patrick to compo.

  104. Joe Public says:

    Your one cold hearted evil bitch and will pay in hell

    • Sarah H says:

      And you’re a joke.

    • Brittany says:

      Joe Public,

      I am interested in finding out how you can speak to/about Ms. Knox with such conviction. After all we are not in Italy’s Courtroom we can discuss the actual facts and evidence in this case at great lengths here. Please come forward again to present your reasons for your belief.

      If we are to understand each other, however, it will do us both good to refrain from such vulgarity. Please consider this quote: “Rudeness is the weak man’s imatation of strength” E. Hoffer

      Thank you,


    • Pigsticker says:

      How many posts in a row was that Joe? Obsess much?

    • Daphne says:

      Please tell us, what do you mean?

  105. Carrie says:


    I am shocked and saddened by this guilty verdict. I tend to take the United States justice system for granted, but this is one of those times I’m so thankful to live in America. The fact that the Italian justice system was able to find you guilty after finding you innocent can’t even register in my mind. I’ve been following your case since it first made headlines in the United States and I believe with all my heart that you are innocent. What happened to Meredith was horrific but the guilty person is sitting in an Italian jail. I can’t even begin to imagine what this feels like for you, but I want you to know that you have so many people standing behind you and supporting you until this nightmare finally ends. I wish you the best of luck and hope that someday soon you can finally put this behind you. You don’t know me, but I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that I believe in you.

  106. Eric_B says:

    Judge Nencini’s recent comments show that he believes he was bound by the Italian Supreme Court decision in Rudy Guede’s trial to find that there were multiple (3) assailants.

    Therefore he had to convict no matter what evidence was presented.

    Leaving aside the question of who exactly made the Italian Supreme Court forensic pathologists, this is a clear violation of the right to a fair trial under the ECHR.

  107. Brittany says:


    There’s truth in every word of this statement. You are supported by many. We are standing with you.

    “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”


  108. Starbuck says:

    We agree with you Amanda. Stay strong. Please know that many believe you. This obviously is not about you.

  109. Jamie says:

    So sorry to hear this Amanda — I really expected better from them this time. How disappointing. My thoughts are with you and Raffaele.

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