Raffaele is not a slave


It has been claimed that, in this most recent round of closing arguments and in interviews since the latest guilty verdict, Raffaele and his defense attorneys have finally betrayed their resentment and started to put distance between him and me legally and personally.

This is not the case. Actually, Attorney Bongiorno’s closing arguments and Raffaele’s latest statements pinpoint and attack a fundamental weakness in the prosecution’s case against both Raffaele and me that has been ignored for far too long: Raffaele is not a slave.

The prosecution’s case relies upon the idea that the brutal murder of Meredith Kercher hinges upon me: that only I could have facilitated access to her; that only I could have had motive to instigate the assault and plunge in the knife. As for Raffaele, because he had only just met Meredith and had never met Rudy Guede, the prosecution tried to depict him as both predisposed to violent sexual fetish and absolutely subservient to a dominant female companion. They cited his habit of carrying a pocketknife (which did not correspond with Meredith’s stab wounds), his Japanese comic book collection (which included girl-power Sailor Moon), an incident at school when he was caught viewing porn, and the one Marilyn Manson song on his computer. Because he was present and supportive of me in the immediacy of the discovery of the murder and because my surviving roommates had described us as piccioncini (“lovebirds”—a far cry from the dominatrix/slave), the prosecution assumed and pursued the theory of Raffaele’s unquestioning devotion/obsession with me.

The prosecution has sustained this theory for years even when, to begin with, the case was convoluted and objectively baseless, especially against Raffaele. An unreliable trace of Raffaele’s DNA on Meredith’s bra clasp. A partial bloody footprint on a bathmat that more closely corresponds with Rudy Guede’s footprints. The unreliable testimony of a homeless, heroin-using serial witness who claims to have seen Raffaele and I in Piazza Grimana between 9-11:30 p.m. the night of the murder. That’s the entire case against him.

In a recent email exchange, Raffaele expressed his frustration to me: “I don’t want to be punished for, nor have to continue to justify, those things that regard you and not me. Obviously the evidence demonstrates both of our innocence, but it seems that for the judges and the people this objectivity is of no importance.” The point being that the prosecution’s case is founded upon unreliable and irrelevant circumstantial evidence that most often has nothing to do with Raffaele at all. As tenuous as the case is against me, it is illogical and unfair that Raffaele should be held legally answerable for it. No judicial panel in their right mind can determine guilt beyond a reasonable doubt for Raffaele based on the objective evidence specifically related to him that the prosecution presented in court.

Raffaele’s experience of surviving injustice, documented courageously and honestly in his memoir Honor Bound, has been uniquely traumatic and desperate. Part of that struggle has been having to come to terms with the fact that his judicial system has disregarded him as an individual who is capable of self-determination and owed the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise.

Raffaele has plenty of reason for resentment, but not against me. The only reason he has been dragged into this is because he happens to be my alibi. He is collateral damage in the unreasonable, irresponsible, and unrelenting scapegoating of the prosecution’s grotesque caricature that is “Foxy Knoxy”.

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  1. ZeldaZonk says:

    I’m sorry I’m unwell and don’t have the energy to read all of the above.
    I’ve just started watching the doco, and my first thoughts are: Amanda is on the Autism Spectrum, as am I.
    (I have excellent Aspie radar but of course it’s just my impression.)
    Which explains her ‘odd’ reactions and behaviour.
    Poor detective work if you ask me.
    What a horrific thing to go through.

  2. Daphne says:

    Wow, this got to be so confusing.

  3. Ivan Najakov says:

    ” he isn’t a slave which is why he will start talking soon”
    Raffi was probably watching the movie Amelie at his place when the crime occurred. He doesn’t have anything to say.

  4. Ivan Najakov says:

    “How come you don’t have one single “what about ” regarding Rudy Guedé?? ”
    The What about we want to know about is What About the jail Rudy was in because he committed a burglary and was caught with that lawyer’s lap top in his back pack.
    Where I live, if a Black man was caught in October, he would still be in jail in December. Even in Italy he would still be in jail on Nov.1 and Meredith would be alive now.
    Do any of you guilters have a story about why we have nothing to be suspicious about this?

  5. Ivan Najakov says:

    As a submissive person, I can see why Raffiale would be Amanda’s love slave, I would if I had the opportunity to.
    However, that story does not make sense. If Amanda ordered me to help her kill someone, I would say no. I would assume that with my luck we would get caught, and when that happened they would put her in a cell in the women’s jail, and me in the men’s jail, therefore I would not have a motive to assist my Master with the murder.
    Get it? I would no longer be able to serve her because I couldn’t get near her.
    Their problem with Rafael is he can provide Amanda with an alibi therefore they have to make believe he is part of the team who killed Meredith

  6. Anonymous says:

    Die Zahlen belegen: Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass ein Dieb den Bummel durch die Stadt verdirbt, ist kurz vor Weihnachten h?her als im Rest des Jahres. Die Chance, Opfer einer Straftat zu werden, ist nach Angaben der Polizei am Hauptbahnhof, an der Reeperbahn/Sternschanze und in der Innenstadt besonders hoch. So nehmen Taschendiebst?hle in der City im Dezember regelm??ig drastisch zu. Waren es dort nach einer der “Welt” vorliegenden Sonderauswertung der polizeilichen Kriminalstatistik im November 2012 noch pro Monat 85 angezeigte F?lle, stieg die Zahl im Dezember auf 239 F?lle. In den Ausgehvierteln Reeperbahn und Sternschanze sind Diebe besonders aktiv. 4.236 Anzeigen registrierte die Polizei im Vorjahr in diesen Vierteln, das entspricht fast einem Drittel aller in Hamburg begangenen Taschendiebst?hle. Allein im Dezember 2012 schlugen sie dort 462 Mal zu.

  7. Greg Thomson says:

    I tend to think Raffaele was “dragged into” this because of his own moronic behavior. Why apologize for that? Give me a break.

  8. Chris says:

    Hi Amanda, I have a question, now that this “supreme” court has overturned your appeal, I guess that means there will be a new appeals case? and if so, when you are found innocent AGAIN, will that be the end of this, or will that verdict then have go back to this same supreme court to make it offical again? How does this this “circular” “justice” end?
    I’m truly sorry for all that has happened to you and your family, i dont pray, but I wish all the best things for you and them-Chris

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Chris,

      At this point, the latest appeal court found Raffaele and I guilty. Raffaele and I are appealing the verdict to the Supreme Court in Italy. They could either decide to uphold the convictions, or send the case back to the appeals level to be retried again, at which point we would have hope of receiving an innocent verdict again. No matter what happens on appeals levels though, the verdict must be confirmed through the Supreme Court before being considered final.

      Thank you for your sympathy. It is an incredible, terrible battle.

      • Kristine says:

        Can Italy/prosecutors be sued for wrongful imprisonment, etc? You and Raffaele have suffered so much.

        • Sheri says:

          I agree, when will this be over , they have the killer and so much of Amanda’s life has already been taken away not only hers but Raffaele and their families lives have been for ever haunted and they can never give them back all the heartache, stress, and along with everything else, memories, happy ones that were in their future that were taken away but they should have to go through what they are putting them thru, not that I wish anyone to go through anything like this but many peoples lives are forever lost in many ways from ever being normal when Rude soon will walk the free word, I have followed this and every court trial and hope for Meredith’s sake Amanda and Raffelle can soon be out of this nightmare , prayers to Amanda and her family, lots of love and support, keep fighting

    • Michelle says:

      Worldwide political corruption. I think it’s just hard for some ppl to believe that this case has no suspense. The world is too caught up in The film industry- looking for loop holes when none exist. The answer is simple RUDY killed meredith. No tales and no twists- end of case. Live and let live.

  9. Luna says:

    Amanda knox,

    You’re right, he isn’t a slave which is why he will start talking soon. Be prepared. You’re supporters will be so disappointed. The truth comes out eventually.

    • Som Nathan says:

      And the truth and whole truth was, is and will be …


      • Luna says:

        What about the footprints revealed with luminol, what about her boyfriends DA on the bra clasp, what about Amanda’s DNA mixed with Meredith’s blood in at least 5 locations, what about the DNA of Amanda and Meredith Kercher on the murder weapon found in Sollecito’s apartment, What about the lie about calling the cops? What about the confession of being there and covering her ears while someone murders Meredith? , How did Amanda know Meredith’s throat was slit without seeing the body or hearing from anyone? , Why didn’t Amanda show some respect for her dead friend by attending the memorial? , why would someone who broke in cover the body and lock the bedroom door? Who cleaned the blood in the hallway leading to the bathroom where Amanda’s footprints were revealed with Luminol? What about all the lies and false alibis? What about Amanda accusing her innocent boss? What about the fact the Amanda and Rafaelle’s phones being turned off at 8 pm on the night of the murder and being turned back on at 6 am the next day?, what about Amanda purchasing cleaning products the next morning? . So even though there’s a mountain of evidence against Amanda , I’m still somehow suppose to believe she’s innocent. ..so ALL this crazy amount of evidence was ALL contaminated? And all her lies and fake alibis were due to confusion. And the fact their phones were turned off when the murder happened, and purchasing bleach, plus accusing an innocent man, and Amanda’s bizarre behavior after the body was found and the fact that sollecito and Amanda were the first people there before the body was found is ALL ONE BIG COINCIDENCE? ??? AMANDA must have the worst luck in the world.
        Some of us are just not stupid enough to believe a pathological liar. I wanted to believe Amanda was innocent, I really did…but too bad there is just way too much evidence linking her to this crime in some way.


        • BigDinBoise says:

          You’ve been lied to, but not by Amanda. Learn the truth, read the transcripts, look at the photos, videos, and read the independent analysis, and then decide.

        • Philippe says:

          How come you don’t have one single “what about ” regarding Rudy Guedé?? when MOST ( actually all) evidences point to him, and to him only… ? Bizarre that.. What about his changing of story, the fact that after having fled the country he first said on Skype that neither A nor R were there, and as soon as he got into Perugian custody he told a completely different story.. ? Pretty weird that, wouldn’t you say..Why trying to believe so hard the hardly believable where all the evidences that tie things up are hanging only by a shred, and so even only if one refuses to consider that they ALL, absolutely ALL points that you mention above have been already refuted scientifically by the defense..if any of the above would be listed in the motivation to the last verdict it will create most probably an international storm.

        • Aaron Lee says:

          Amanda, what infuriates me is that you will have to deal with idiots like this, with their “mob mentality” for a long time.

          As if your normalcy of life hasn’t been disrupted enough, these amateur “legal experts” continue to judge when it really isn’t their business anyway.

          You have my support.

        • Ron Smith says:

          No evidence of DNA belonging to Ms.Knox is in the room, that is true.

          The entire cottage is the crime scene though, not just the room.

          I would like to ask Ms. Knox why her defense team decided it would not be a good idea to send someone to view the testing of the double DNA knife, to make sure the test was done correctly. It just does not seem very consistent with a defense team who feel an injustice might have been done.

          The Kerchers and Sollecito had representatives present for the test, Ms. Knox did not.
          Why would that happen, if Ms. Knox was coerced into creating a false written statement implicating an innocent man? I would be very suspicious if that had happened and was notified to whether I would like to attend the testing of a microscopic peice of DNA, that could only be tested once.

          I would also like to know why Ms.Knox did not withdraw her statement against Mr. Lumumba sooner, whilst she had access to legal representation, rather than wait until Mr. Lumumba was released without charge by the police themselves.

          I would like to know, if Ms.Knox knows if there was a hugely significant amount of Mr. Sollecito’s DNA present on the bra clasp found in the cottage, compared to the other trace elements of DNA that could have arrived on the bra clasp due to contamination.
          Actually, I do have alot of questions, too many to write here.

          • Wayne says:

            Ron Smith, Amanda “withdrew” her accusation against Patrick within a few hours of the interrogation. Read her hand-written note carefully. The real questions are 1) Why did the police hold Patrick for two weeks although they had no evidence against him 2) why did they not release him when they first were told within a week of his alibis 3) why did Patrick report and then withdraw charges of being hit and kicked by the police 4) why did the police close Patrick’s bar for many more weeks after his release? These questions will lead you to the truth concerning the entire Patrick story.

            Hand-written note
            In regards to this “confession” that I made last night, I want to make clear that I’m very doubtful of the verity of my statements because they were made under the pressures of stress, shock and extreme exhaustion. Not only was I told I would be arrested and put in jail for 30 years, but I was also hit in the head when I didn’t remember a fact correctly. I understand that the police are under a lot of stress, so I understand the treatment I received.

            However, it was under this pressure and after many hours of confusion that my mind came up with these answers. In my mind I saw Patrik in flashes of blurred images. I saw him near the basketball court. I saw him at my front door. I saw myself cowering in the kitchen with my hands over my ears because in my head I could hear Meredith screaming. But I’ve said this many times so as to make myself clear: these things seem unreal to me, like a dream, and I am unsure if they are real things that happened or are just dreams my head has made to try to answer the questions in my head and the questions I am being asked.

          • Ron Smith says:

            Well, I was going to reply to Wayne here, as I disagree with his analysis of whether the whole cottage was the crime scene or not, but unfortunately I have no way of replying to him.
            I simply stated a fact, The whole cottage was the crime scene. I was not trying to twist anything.
            Also, could Amanda Knox not could have written or said more to have Mr.Lumumba released?

            As for why the police did not release Lumumba earlier, I am sure they did have evidence against him at that point, in the form of a hand written witness statement from Amanda Knox.

            He was released after a multitude of people came forward as an alibi for him.

            What the police did, or did not do with regard to Lumumba’s bar is straying from the point of my question really.

            I asked why Amanda Knox did not come forward directly and say Lumumba was innocent. The note does sound very vague to put in mildly.

        • Wayne says:

          The note was the ONLY evidence Ron. And as you admitted it sounded vague. You are missing the entire point. The police suspected Patrick and coerced Amanda to go along with their suspicions. The evidence points to that. Investigating Amandas cellphone and demanding to know why she had “arranged” a meeting with Patrick when she texted “C U Later” The use of this “vague” note to arrest Patrick. Holding him for two weeks with no actual evidence. Declaring him guilty to the public with no evidence. Holding him after he had produced alibis. Leaving his bar shut down.

          A blind person could see the truth. And yet you refuse to see.

    • Pigsticker says:

      On the contrary, it is the pro-prosecution side that will be disappointed, because Raffaele has had much to say about the shortcomings of the Italian Judicial System (I won’t even call it a justice system anymore) and I’m sure he will continue to say much more. In particular, it will look very bad that they only decided to railroad him to get to Amanda, their prime target, against whom the evidence is similarly weak. As for why there was so much focus on Amanda, look up the word “misogynism” in the dictionary and you’ll have a pretty good description of what’s behind the prosecution’s obsession.

  10. Will says:

    If it’s possible, Raffaele is even more screwed in all of this, seeing as how he and his family will likely continue to be tortured daily by the Italian Inquisition for the forseeable future. It speaks very highly of Ms. Knox that her concern for him has not waned.

    • Michelle says:

      Raffaelle had no motive.. An educated background, successful family. A loving father! FOR crying out loud let’s petition for him. I’m sure if we can get x amounts of signatures, Italians courts will leave him and his family alone.
      The only motive Amanda could possibly have had- she’s from a normal family (dad not around- psychologically disturbing) less boundaries, a DREAM of going away from home for fame, finding a rich dude, graduating.. Maybe nothing and nobody was going to burst the bubble n ruin her time abroad, ESP cuz she had to sweat for the dollars to finance this trip.. Then this British girls constantly nags her about chores around the flat n her lifestyle.. Making her daily life a little disturbing. But that can’t be a provocation for murder! Nope too childish. Only Amanda and GOD know what her role could’ve been if any under the influence of drugs. Innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Let’s give her freedom, time will tell if she was involved.. They say what goes around comes around. If she killed meredith her own death will be the same. But leave it to GOD to decide cuz the evidence is presumptuous not solid.

      • Som Nathan says:

        Where is the EVIDENCE against Amanda. There is none at the crime scene. They say, the whole villa is the crime scene. No, it’s not. The room where Meredith was raped and murdered is the crime scene.
        And who are we to judge Amanda’s character and personality. So far what is observed via media interviews and her posts here at her own blog speaks volumes of her morality, responsibilty and truthfulness.
        You need to read her memoir “Waiting to be Heard” where she has detailed her weaknesses and strenghts. It was too much of an asking from a then 20 year old.
        Since her acquittal in 2011, Amanda has shown great character and resolve to clear her name and fight for injustice for herself and others. She has challanged the Perugian authorities of her WRONGFUL conviction. And, they have and will try “face saving” tactics to find her guilty again to cover their mistakes, because that is easy.
        An INNOCENT verdict will reek havoc on the Perugian authorities who were involved in initial investigation. Their careers will be at stake because of the “case closed” mistake was done, even before all the evidence was collected and analyzed.
        The Perugian prosecutors were WRONG then in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and they are WRONG now in 2014.

        • Ron Smith says:

          There is evidence at the crime scene. The whole cottage was the crime scene, the room Meredith was found in, was within the crime scene. Filomena’s room was part of the crime scene, the bathroom was part of the crime scene.

          • Wayne says:

            Your insistence on the “whole cottage” as the crime scene is a thinly veiled disguise to deflect from the fact that Meredith was murdered in her room and that for Amanda to have taken part in that murder, her DNA or some trace of her in the room would have been found. You are using the tactics of subterfuge and misdirection to ignore that key fact.

  11. mike says:

    Oh Hi Amanda!! I just wanted to say that you are an evil bitch who participated in the murder and the evidence clearly shows it. Burn in hell!!

    • Michelle says:

      Meredith didnt deserve her life to end like this.. unbearable! She was truly beautiful
      and happening. Someday she would have had a degree, a job, children. God give her family patience! Her memory will live on- she was helpless that night. If anybody seems innocent and dragged into this saga, it’s RAFFAELLE. Justice for him!

      • Corrado Massa says:

        Facts: No evidence against Raffaele, and no evidence against Amanda. Conclusion: BOTH of them are innocent.

    • Fred Aborn says:

      Judge Claudio Hellmann said there was “A substantive nonexistence of evidence” and found Amanda and Raffaele not just “Not Guilty – Insufficient Evidence” but he used the rarely used term of “Innocent: – Did Not commit the crime.” Amanda returned home after his trial. Enough!

    • Amanda’s UW interview clearly shows the real person she is. I observed the following statements from her UW interview and they all support my initial profiling of Amanda Knox that she is innocent and was, and is, a very good daughter within her own family – someone incapable of killing (especially a woman) such as Meredith Kercher who was simply a friend and room-mate in 2007.

      Amanda’s statements below are paraphrases. The Italian Judiciary has failed to really understand or see the real person Amanda Knox is. She is not the person the Italian or European media has made up. This is clearly proven by the lack of forensic evidence from Meredith’s bedroom and the lack of blood evidence, and lack of wound evidence, on Amanda Knox right after the crime occurred. This kind of evidence is also not present for Raffaele Sollecito because he is, like Amanda, also innocent of any involvement in the death of Meredith Kercher.

      Observations about Amanda’s recent UW Interview:
      1) Amanda has been, and is, a good daughter to her parents. She makes statements of responsibility that “I couldn’t meet my Mom at the train station” and “when there has been a murder and of all times I don’t show up to meet my mother at the train station – she must have been so worried” – these statements show that Amanda cares about her family and cares about being responsible to her Mom and family;

      2) She emphasizes that when the homicide happened in 2007 she was still pretty much a “kid” herself – this is also true. Her love of children comes out in this interview by her statement “I know children because I am the oldest of my generation and I have lots of cousins”. This is the Amanda Knox I know, a person who loves children and wants children and a person who gets along very well with other women. The fact is that Amanda being the oldest in her family grew up having to nurture and take care of her younger sisters – 3 of them to be precise including many younger cousins. This aspect of Amanda’s personality the Italian Judiciary and police have completely ignored or missed in judging or seeing her as a person. Veteran FBI profiler, John Douglas, and former FBI agent Steve Moore both concur with my own analysis that Amanda Knox is innocent.

      3) Amanda shows great emotion when she begins to describe being sexually harassed by a male prison official and “didn’t know what to do about it.” A young girl in a foreign country who is locked away in prison who hasn’t yet mastered the language and has lost not only her new room-mate but also a place to live and also has to see her new innocent boyfriend locked away as well has a great deal to deal with emotionally. The very fact that she went on to learn Italian so well shows how strong she really is as a person and how resourceful she is. She also went on to write a book about her experiences in Italy – being incarcerated and wrongfully accused. She is also a person who has spent over 1,000 hours in court and over 34,000 hours in prison for a crime she did not commit (ditto for Raffaele).

      4) The fact that Amanda went to Italy with the goals of learning a new language and wanting to learn the culture of a new country show her in a true light not a false one. She has reached several of her goals despite the fact of being entrenched in this huge case and being wrongfully accused. There never was any motive for her to have hurt Meredith Kercher and there never will be any forensic evidence to implicate her in the murder, or Raffaele, as her American attorney, Theodore Simon, has recently said. The Italian prosecutor entered the wrong murder weapon into “evidence” therefore any DNA evidence from Amanda who used this particular kitchen knife to cut bread is irrelevant to this case. Meredith Kercher was attacked with a small pocket knife and not with the larger knife taken at random from Raffaele’s kitchen drawer.

      5) The Italian police, prosecutor, and Italian Judiciary have all incorrectly read Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito as persons. They are not the persons portrayed in the media following the murder. They are both clearly innocent of any involvement in the death of Meredith Kercher. Both of these wrongfully convicted co-defendants are honor students who had no motive to harm Meredith Kercher and were not even at the residence when the crime occurred.

      6) My final observation about Amanda’s UW interview done for the Guardian magazine is that she is still innocent and always has been. She is not an “evil bitch” and she will not be “burning in hell” as the above blogger indicates. I would urge these sort of bloggers to study this case in far more detail because WHEN they finally do they will realize that Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are innocent and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN despite the statements made under severe duress by Amanda during her illegally-conducted interrogation by the Italian police in Italy in 2007. Italian Judge Claudio Hellmann is the only one who has acknowledged Amanda and Raffaele’s collective innocence in this whole matter when he Acquitted them both on Oct. 3, 2011. She is innocent, Raffaele is innocent – period. – Best, Kenneth Janeway

      • K says:

        Ditto that, well said. And read her book… Her very tone and demeanor, before even studying the evidence, left me saddened she was (is) stuck in this “carnival” (it really is) of a judicial system that Italy is running… Same for Rafaele… they were only newly together (a week)… people use your common sense. What kinda young girl and her young NEW boyfriend are going to throw their whole life away cuz they’re looking for a fun sexual stunt (with some murder and mayhem thrown in)? C’mon. And of course Amanda’s DNA is everywhere, hello, she lived there and came back into the flat. Read her memoir. They’re both INNOCENT and God love ’em, I hope they get their lives back. (And you’d possibly conclude maybe you WERE in on it if you’d lost enough sleep, barely spoke the language, hadn’t slept etc etc too…. “Confessions” are coerced all the time. How’d YOU like to get smacked around and all they went through??? Burn in hell indeed… Someone will, but it won’t be Amanda.)

        • K says:

          ha ha, said didn’t sleep a couple times!! must be tired. lol. Amanda, Rafaele, I really pray for ya’all. How long must this circle go round and round?

    • Will says:

      I’m not sure why you would make such a vitriolic attack–perhaps it’s a form of tranference resulting from a disappointing childhood. In any event, you are mistaken about the evidence, which to an objective observer demonstrates only Guede’s involvement, and not that of Sollecito or Knox.

    • Joel says:

      Whoever monitors this site should delete this nasty nonsense. Yes, we all know that hateful, irrational conspiracy theorists exist. They don’t want to hear that Amanda has no history of violence, that Meredith was her friend, that none of her DNA/fingerprints were in the murder room, and that Rudy Guede claims he was having a romantic interlude with Meredith, went to the bathroom, and that when he returned she was dead. And then, of course, he fled to Germany. What type of mind buys Guede’s alibi and excoriates you?! Exasperating. RUDY GUEDE KILLED MEREDITH ALL BY HIMSELF. The rest is a bizarre fiction.

      Amanda, I think the rational among us who are appalled by the injustice you face only hope you’re carefully planning your public defense. Someone should be advising you of the best time to present your story on something like 60 Minutes. Someone should be recruiting influential people to make your case just as the Memphis 3 had Johnny Depp and Eddie Vedder. There should be a petition that millions of your countrymen can sign in support of you and opposing extradition.

      Those of us who support you need something to do other than vent here. Getting our friends to sign a petition is something. Someone needs to organize assets on your behalf. Perhaps it’s in place and your closest supporters are waiting for the next trial to begin before unleashing a major campaign. Is that the plan? Can we here help?

    • Som Nathan says:

      There is no evidence and proof of Amanda’s involvement. Your hate towards her is unjust. Amanda is in Good Hands and will remain so for rest of her like.

      You will benefit more if you directed your hate towards the real culprits of the crime. That is, the Perugian authorities who WRONGFULLY framed Amanda and Raffele and are giving every legal protection to the sole murderer of Meredith Kercher, who raped her too.
      So it is Rudy the savage beast who is in jail. And then it is you who is burning in rage and hatred, because you and your fellow guilters have failed miserably.

      And Amanda, she will continue to chug along in her life with one success after another, even with this major bump in her life. Just because she is loving, caring, hardworking, well educated, passionate young adult, coming from a decent family. Despite your curses she will bloom into a wonderful and successful woman, a boon for her family and community.

  12. Steve Napier says:


    I loved your book. I have been to Italy and am somewhat perplexed why, as a very young girl, you would think about living there. Having visited there with my wife, we, and she especially would never return. History? Yes. The Vatican? One of the most awesome experiences of our lives. Venice? Breathtaking.

    But bathrooms with no toilet seats or toilet paper? Filth and trash everywhere? Rude people? Not again for us in our lifetime

    I support you completely as I hope all Americans who care about justice and truth do also. As a caution, don’t ever travel to another country the rest of your life with out understanding their extradition laws relative to Italy.

    Have a great life….

    • Michelle says:

      Rudy Guede raped and killed Meredith- released his bogs in the toilet, walked out of the front door to a disco. Murder.
      Someone was in the house. Came out of room and played goofy. Due to drugs. Moved her body to check her. Got scared what would happen.(possibly double stabbed her, to make sure she was dead), stripped her, locked her door, climbed out of her window, messed up filomena’s room, threw a stone from the outside. Cleaned up the rest of the cottage (under the influence of drugs) Manslaughter???!

  13. Daphne says:


    Hi! I hope you are feeling less trapped and intimidated by the unfounded verdict of January 30th. Again, I am praying for you and your lovely family and hoping everyone is reassured about the questionable validity of such a verdict.
    Your explanation about the popular opinion of Raffaele as a “slave” really shows how little Italy has changed since the middle ages. (Yes, here I go again about history.) That slave theory fits in so well of the ages old reign on gender and private spheres to uphold a “moral” reputation, because Italy sees everything in terms of female leverage in the power relationship.
    This became quite a prevalent approach after the crisis of 1387, when disease wiped out about a third of the population. Women were institutionalized and relationships had to be contracted for fear of ruining the honourable reputation of the female and her chances of securing a good husband. It was all about morality and the Vatican Church’s control over the private sphere. Science had nothing to do with any of it, and although this is a far cry from your case and trial, it is still accurate with respect to ignorance of forensic evidence — science, and your “scandalous” relationship with Raffaele.
    If this means anything with respect to your trial, I am totally missing it, but the logic is essentially there, along with the fact that the ridiculous verdict was timed to perfectly coincide with the release of the new movie. Keep strong, Amanda.

  14. Eve says:

    Your writing has become notably eloquent Amanda. I can’t express enough how I wish this would stop already. The collective Italian mentality is not well though. yes there are some amazing individuals trying to survive themselves in a struggling atmosphere for what once was a special magical life. Italy has increasingly become a country full of collective, anger, resentment, hostility. Joining the EU created a disaster. The influx of foreigners living, not just studying has fostered a great deal of zenophobia. The downward spiraling economy has created loss of jobs, desperate youth. America’s political choices that invloved wars which brought Italian soldiers into the line of fire has not faired well in the hearts of Italians. In general the Italians seems to have been a growing discontent with “America the great”. Italy has always loved and thrived on the “drama” of things and when they love, they love hard, when they “hate” they hate harder. I believe this large and relentless, irrational, meme of intense dislike for you is a challenge to America to see how “tuff”, how “clever”, how “humble” can “you” …”the american” can be. It’s a head trip on a mass level. Those judge thugs think they have one on us americans.
    anyway, that’s the way I see it. it’s a mess, it’s inexplicable, it makes absolutely NO sense and it is THEY who are criminal. They are acting like the gestapo or more like the russian government who is arresting people for speaking their minds, putting them in prison and holding them for years before a trial.

    • Daphne says:

      Eve, it’s true the “collective” mentality is not typical of todays culture. I think they are somehow stuck in the past, and give more attention to details like scandal and reputation than the scientific facts of the case. That magical life seems to have been predominantly concerned for saving face, especially where young women are concerned. It doesn’t really sound as though they have a lot of faith in things like DNA and physical evidence. Italian law has to change — and progress at least 500 years or so. I really think the verdict had a lot to do with the new movie’s debut. Hopefully Amanda is staying strong. It’s good to see her responding again.

  15. T.C. says:

    People need to take the time to write their Senators. As demonstrated by the latest verdict, Amanda cannot rely on Italy’s highest court to do the right thing and serve up justice. We also cannot rely on the extradition treaty with Italy or Federal code to protect Amanda’s constitutional rights. A citizens Constitutional rights are silent in both the Italian Treaty and 18 U.S.C. § 3184.

    In my opinion, Amanda will have standing to challenge both the Italian treaty and U.S. code [ Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1 ] however, it would be best to avoid that challenge and get your Senators to put pressure on the State Department. Avoiding extradition proceeding’s and legal challenges is the best path.

    Further, because extradition procedures are federal law, notifying your house of representative members that the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th amendment appear to be notably silent in the language of 18 U.S.C. § 3184, 3185, 3186 which causes you great concern. You might suggest in your letters that The U.S. Bill of Rights does not become null or void because a treaty or U.S. code has failed to include the Bill of Rights in the language. Ask your representatives to read: Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1

    • After studying the Treaty last week I am more positive in feeling that Amanda’s Extradition will be denied should this case go that far. Article VI states that the denial is “mandatory” if the person being Extradited has been both Convicted and Acquitted. I think Article VI will give any Secretary Of State valid grounds under the Treaty to refuse Amanda’s Extradition anytime in the future. If she was also used as a “political pawn” by Italian politicians or political parties, and it can be proven, then Article V would also kick in to also block her Extradition. She and Raffaele are simply innocent and had nothing whatsoever to do with the homicide of Meredith Kercher in 2007. – Best, Ken

      • Hi Amanda – I am watching Part II of your UW interview which shows the great emotion and pain you were, and are, going through in terms of your experience in Italy. I’m sorry that all of this has happened to you, and Raffaele. Your candidness is incredible in this interview and profound when you say, “when you are innocent you think freedom is right around the corner.” This interview shows the great despair you have been experiencing and of course, regrets you have. I am realizing more fully how exhausting it must be for you each day to deal with this 7-year saga. This interview portrays more clearly the “information overload” you must be going through to deal with this case day after day. I will continue to broadcast your innocence and to Blog on your behalf as you continue to finish your UW degree, and will be taking other actions when they are necessary to make a difference in your future. Promise…Please remember that many people are with you now and know that you, and Raffaele, are innocent…Focus on school as best you can in the meantime. – Best, Ken

  16. Lisa Smith says:

    Amanda, I read a discussion where somebody told that you are attending on a lecture at University of Washington named “Sociology of Murder”. Please tell me this is a joke? Why would you study that kind of matter, haven’t you had enough? Or will you be a lecturer someday, giving your pesonal view on a matter?

    • duke says:

      She could give her personal view on what it’s like to be railroaded for crime anyone can see she couldn’t possibly have committed,a crime that was already solved before she was put on trial.What never made any sense was why Amanda was considered a suspect in the first place.Hardly any murders like what happened to Meredith are ever committed by a woman but maybe they did believe she was involved at first.That might have been an honest but incredibly stupid mistake.By the end of November,2007 I don’t think they could possibly have believed it.

    • Luara says:

      Why don’t people let Amanda have a private life like anyone else? Analyzing and guilting her every move is scapegoating.

      • Mike Wiesner (Smith) says:

        …and harassment!

      • Seona says:

        Why can’t amanda have a private life you ask? She should stop blogging and writing books

        • Amanda says:


          I write about the case, not my private life.


          • chris says:

            I must say that I have found your strength and resolve throughout this whole situation especially in light of the latest setbacks, so inspirational. I have recently began to wonder which was worse, to have your freedom stolen from you originally, or to later regain it only to find out it’s in jeopardy again? Kind of like, is it better to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all? Later on I plan on writing the links to politicians in our country that have been suggested to contact to protest you extradition; I feel I need to help in any way possible; if there is more I can do please post/communicate in some way

          • Ron Smith says:

            Sorry if you feel people are enturbulating you, Amanda.

      • Daphne says:

        I agree with Chris. I can barely imagine what Amanda was feeling when she woke up to that horrifying day that changed her life completely. I think none of us are ever free, not after this injustice. Not only did the Kerchers not find the truth, but innocent people are expected to pay for others’ crimes.

    • Daphne says:

      Lisa: Why would that be funny? I don’t think that the subject matter really indicates anything about a student’s personality or character. If that were true, there would be no criminal law programs either. Just asking.

    • Som Nathan says:

      So according to you hundred other people who read the book, “Sociology of Murder” should be considered to be on

      the watch list for potential murderers or suspects in unsolved murders around the area where these innocent readers reside. What about the character of the authors. However, no proof that Amanda read this book. What about the other good books that Amanda read. Any “expert” analysis of yours on those books.

      Lisa Smith, I think you have perverted mind and your thoughts are formed somewhere else than your brain in anatomy. Your represent similar thought process as perugian authorities who were involved in investigating this case. Creative and fantasy thinkers like prosecutor Mignini and people with intutive crime solving skills such as Armando Finzi who picked up the first shinny knife from Raffele’s kitchen and declared as murder weapon, and then there is this police guy Edgardo Giobbi who could tell “Amanda was guilt by the way she looked, dressed, behaved and ate pizza”.
      If every city of the world had such a brilliant collection of murder solving authorities, then no criminals have to worry about their prosecution and jail. It’s the INNOCENTS who were not even around the crime will have to hide for they can be picked up, stacked in jail, an easy pick.

      What a farce that has occured in Perugia and duped all the guilters like a disease that has no cure.

      • Lisa Smith says:

        And that police gue was correct to arrest Amanda based on how she behaved! He did right! And I guarantee you that if you go dancing or peeing on one of my relatives grave, I will have you arrested immediately for grave desegration! And if you are catched acting like a lunatic near dead body in a murder scene, you will be arrested for the same crime also! If you go dancing near murder scene, or are caught making love there, you are put to mental asylym for criminally insane for the rest of your life ! And if your parent knew you were insane, they should be arrested for not taking responsibility to getting you in mental intitution!

        • DW says:

          Whew, I’m sure glad I don’t live in the same country as you. I sure wouldn’t want to live somewhere where “acting like a lunatic” – as defined by who? – near a crime scene makes one guilty of a crime (possibly of *the* crime).

          Incidentally, Amanda and Raffaele did not go dancing or make love near the murder scene. That may be Rudy Guede you’re thinking of; he’s the one who went dancing after the murder.

  17. Rob H says:

    The BBC is screening a “documentary” on Monday containing interviews with Lyle and Stephanie Kercher, presented by Andrea Vogt and Paul Russell.


    I have not read Russell’s book on the case, but saw him on the BBC just before the latest verdict – he really did not have much of a grasp of the lack of physical evidence in the case. Vogt’s position is well known.

    I wonder if the BBC are even remotely aware of the biases and competencies of these presenters, all be it that they have commissioned the programme from an independent production company.

    Nevertheless, I am convinced the battleground for this case has shifted to the UK. The pull of the British victim on the heartstrings of the public has been too strong a wall for the evidence in the case to penetrate – so far. A recent Yougov poll revealed that 51% of Brits thought MS Knox guilty – only 13% thought her innocent!


    This is an Italian case, a European case – a matter for the European Court of Human Rights already, in respect of Ms Knox’s calumnia conviction and quite possibly, at a later date, if it is not overturned, for her murder conviction too.

    But, the public relations axis around which this case turns is in the UK.

    As brutal as this may sound, the role of the Kercher family in the judicial process really ought to be properly revealed to the British public. They changed from innocent victims to participants in a judicial witch hunt the moment they hired a civil attorney and decided to sue for damages with their attorney merely shadowing the prosecution’s pursuit of Ms Knox and Mr Sollecito – not something the British courts would have allowed them to do.

    To the best of my knowledge, they have never been challenged in a public forum. Whether they are aware of what they are really doing or are merely being dragged along by Francesco Maresca, I do not know, but their position is untenable and it should be exposed.

    I have never criticised Ms Knox on this blog or elsewhere and I would never presume to “know” the right answer objectively and with certainty, but I must offer, for what it is worth, my own view as a Brit that she is being too nice to the Kerchers. They have lost a daughter and a sister and for that they must always have sympathy. Yet sympathy is not license. They have been actively engaged in trying to imprison you and have never conceded the fact.

    Meredith Kercher was your friend – that much is clear; these people are not your friends and you owe them nothing more than you have already given.

    Go after them for what they are doing to you. Stop being so damn nice!

    • I agree with the above comment . I’m realizing that the Kercher family, while desperately trying hard not to say what they truly feel, their actions are screaming it loudly.. In every single interview of the family they say they simply cannot fight the big PR Machine effort. I actually cried as I heard Lyle Kercher say this once. I believed his pain, and I also felt devastated knowing that this poor guy didn’t have to experience this pain if only he knew the truth. I realize instead that this family has been told to say two things consistently 1) that they are waiting till the process is over to speak to their feelings and beliefs of you. And 2) they’ve been told to keep saying over and over again that they are fighting a big PR Machine “spin”. This family is being held captive by some corrupt men. There’s a picture floating around on the internet somewhere that is of Meredith’s Mother. It’s a sweet picture except that at the bottom of the picture there is a caption saying, “she was everything you weren’t”. Really? I’m not OK with this. It actually makes me angry. Angry at who, that is the question..the Prosecution? It only angers them when we show our true sympathy. They don’t buy it and they don’t want it. They don’t know you, unfortunately. It is their great loss. I am sorry for them and I’m sorry for you, too.
      They are victims too, but I am angry that they are hunting you like an animal. And they’re trying desperately to get the rest of the world to do the same. This isn’t acceptable behavior. I hurt for their loss, but I can’t allow this wrong behavior and just turn my head away because of who they are. At what point to they need to take responsibility for their actions? I don’t know..They have interfered with the Judicial process and this is your life at stake. It’s not OK. No matter what goes on in this crazy world, don’t forget you AREN’T alone, we’re with you..
      While I know they are suffering in pain, at some point they are responsible for their wrong and hurtful actions. I hate what they are doing to you. I hate that they scream “it’s all about Amanda” when I know how desperately you wish it was NOT about Amanda. It truly is a witch hunt but someday long from now the truth is what will go down in the history books. Stay strong….

      • Luara says:

        What a sweet and angry message, Michelle. I looked at your blog, it says you’re Steve Moore’s wife. Your description “hunted like an animal” is very apt.

      • Eve says:

        very well said Michelle. Compassionate and intelligently articulated, as always.

      • Will says:

        Unfortunately, it all appears to be about enhancing Francesco Maresca’s fees and notoriety, at the expense of the truth and the Kercher family’s psychological and spiritual welfare.

    • Doug says:

      Nicely done Rob H. I too am British, and I too believe that if a short term resolution to this case is even likely to be achieved, the stance of the Kercher family needs to change. I can’t agree though that Amanda is in the best position to ‘take them on’. Doing so would just alienate her from them even more, when what she ultimately wants (according to her own interviews) is a relationship with them that would allow her to pay tribute to Meredith in a meaningful way, something she has been denied by the false accusation. Amanda appears to be to be far more understanding of the Kercher family’s position than they are of hers, yet another indicator that she is not the monster she has been painted as.

      I think that actually it is the likes of me and you (ordinary Brits, with no reason to ‘side with’ Amanda), along with British politicians and criminology experts that have a better chance of assisting the Kercher family in the achievement of justice they naturally crave, by starting to help change their view of Amanda and Rafaelle.

      • Anna Carnini says:

        Hi Doug, I agree with the points you made. It is my opinion that the Kercher family is being mislead by the Italian prosecutors. I truly hope that all involved will start to look at the scientific/forensic evidence and realize that Amanda and Raffaele are innocent of this crime. Amanda, if you read this, stay strong. My thoughts are with you and Raffaele.

      • Rob H says:

        My strategy would be more bullish than yours Doug – “the stance of the Kercher family needs to change”, you say. Well, either that or it needs to be marginalised.

        But in order for it to change, what needs to happen? Michelle Moore is correct. What the family says is carefully and closely managed. Their real position is disguised. In interview they are able to speak passively. Yet they are passive-aggressive. They are, they say, letting the process complete itself whilst at the same time unleashing their attack-dog of an attorney on Amanda Knox, as they have done for six years, in a determined effort to convict her and to imprison her. They do not admit this; they do not volunteer this. Instead they say they are on a “quest for the truth”. Their grief is allowed to be perpetual – to trump any other consideration. It is their primary shield. It has become invincible.

        At their press conference after the Nencini verdict, I was waiting for a journalist to ask them a searching question – about the evidence – about their hunting down of Ms Knox. No such question was asked.

        To change their stance, they must be confronted with the reality of the position they have adopted – made to defend it – forced to account for it. The current strategy of the defence in public, if indeed it is a clearly formalised strategy, which I doubt – taking it on the chin from the Kerchers and meeting such awful treatment with mere understanding, will not work to change them. They have to be made to justify their position and they will surely find it very difficult to do so.

        Ms Knox’s first and most important goal cannot be a rapproachment with the Kerchers; it is to be exonerated. The words “Amanda Knox” and “miscarriage of justice” have to go together in the minds of the public. The Kerchers are an obstacle to this; this obstacle will not be overcome with kindness and understanding.

        Take them on in England, sensitively, intelligently, yes. But take them on decisively; when the truth about this case comes out there, it will prevail. Either the Kercher’s position must change or the public must see that it is untenable.

        You cannot make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

        • Doug says:

          Rob H “Either the Kercher’s position must change or the public must see that it is untenable”

          But aren’t these two things linked to a fair extent? Wouldn’t a change in position of the Kercher family initiate a change in most of their supporters? Wouldn’t that, in turn, put even more pressure on the prosecutors and judiacary?

          For me, this is very much about personal relationships. The Kercher family has a relationship with the prosecutors and the police – by John Kercher’s own account (in his book), they were treated wonderfully by them following their daughter’s murder. The Kercher family does not have a relationship with Amanda. This makes it easier for them to believe in her guilt, as persuaded by the prosecution team and their own lawyer, and to entrench that position when challenged. If she could somehow develop a relationship with them however, that could change.

          You may be right though, this building of a relationship may never happen and they (the Kercher family) will ultimately recognise the truth by some other means. That is likely to take a very long time though – my point was that the development of a relationship between Amanda and the Kercher family could be a short cut to resolving the case.

          As for making an omelette without breaking eggs, I believe that this is a case where we must try and achieve that miracle. At present, there is just entrenched positions. Direct attacks and challenges will just reinforce that state. That is human nature.

          • Rob H says:

            Well if the Kerchers’ position changes, then that would change everything. Do you really see that happening? Just by being kind to them? No, I don’t see it. They are actively trying to imprison Ms Knox and Mr Sollecito and not being publicly honest about it either. They must be held to account, I feel. Their public position is a mass of contradictions which they will not be able to defend, if pressed. I don’t see “relationship building” as a useful goal here. It is a mirage.

          • elbee says:

            The Kerchers have suffered the most painful tragedy one can imagine. Yet, the conviction of innocents for a murder they did not commit should give them no comfort… in fact, the opposite. The only person whose independently provable DNA and other traces were found in the murder room is in jail. In seems irrational for them to want more based not on science but, for lack of a better description, based on nothing but a media generated notion of witchcraft. I can’t criticize this family for craving justice but they don’t seem to be looking in the right direction to find it.

        • David Barneby says:

          I agree the Kercher family are in a difficult position , naturally they are overwhelmed with grief , and anger for the horrific death of Meredith .
          With respect , my impression of them is that they are not highly intelligent people , that they are being swept along and manipulated by the forceful Maresca . From my knowledge of the Italian legal system Avvocati and giudice non sono dalla stessa stalla . From that point of view I might expect a lawyer to be honest with a client ; where as judges have never been adversarial lawyers , attain their position by examination and collectively are a law unto themselves . I dare say that Maresca is persuing the civil case as much to line his own pockets as to help the Kercher family . I believe that even deeply bereaved , but intelligent people would begin to unravel this murder trial and see the impossibility of the scenario and evidence against Knox and Sollecito .

          • Doug says:

            Some really fair points David. I am not sure about your point on the Kercher’s ‘intelligence’ though.

            If you haven’t done so already, have a look at Michael Shermer’s book ‘The Believing Brain’. He describes how our brains are hardwired to develop beliefs first, and develop the ‘facts’ or ‘evidence’ to support those beliefs second. It is pretty clear to me that this is what happened with so many ‘guilters’, many of whom (ones I have met at least) are very intelligent. For me, the Kercher’s beliefs in this case were formed early on through their good relationships with the Itaian authorities. And, because of their strong emotional attachment to this case, changing those initial beliefs will be near on impossible. The only chance I can see is the development of a relationship between Amanda Knox (and perhaps Rafaelle) and members of the Kercher family. This would allow them to view Amanda as a real person, and not the caricature that the prosecution-led media developed early in the case. Anything else (with the exception perhaps of unedited footage of Amanda’s interrogation), will just reinforce the Kercher’s beliefs.

            How Amanda can develop such relationships at this moment in time, is very hard to imagine. People like us can encourage the Kercher’s to reach out, but we need to do so with only compassion and understanding (I respect but don’t agree with Rob H’s view that taking a harder line makes more sense – because that just pushes the Kercher’s further into a corner instead of bringing them out of it).

    • Daphne says:

      I tried to access that documentary. Is there a link to it anywhere?

  18. quixotic1 says:

    First I preface. I find you are both absolutely innocent to murder. That is why I donate money to you both.

    Time and time again I see both of you taking subservient roles in your interviews. The last round has changed a little bit probably because you are frustrated. You allow the word confession and you seem oblivious as to the implications. I needed to dig a little to find that Amanda’s confession actually reads like a witness statement that Amanda was also distancing herself from as she was declaring actions that were NOT illegal. A sign of coercion. A sign of a misappropriation of the word confession.

    When people hear the word confession used without elaboration they assume that once upon a time you stated to the police that you wielded a knife in your own hand and then stuck it into Meredith and now you are recanting those statements as coerced. Why do you do this to yourself. You are intelligent people and you know better. Or do you? Is it a need to look a little guilty because that generates more income for your defense that goes directly into financial support of the system of your enemy? Or is something else at work. Stockholm Syndrome? Autism? Asperger Syndrome{.

    Ultimately it is the mechanics of the media that convicted you. No Raffaele is not a slave. No Amanda is not a slave. They both are involuntary unpaid advertising executives caught between the proverbial rock and someplace harder. I grieve for both of them everyday and I love them.

    • Luara says:

      I agree that Amanda sabotages herself sometimes, I wrote about this in an earlier comment.
      A criminal defense lawyer (or someone who claimed to be one) said in the comments on the reviews of Amanda’s book that she would have been a nightmare of a client, that she sabotaged herself in the initial trial by not following the instructions of her attorneys. Also that her statement in the initial trial was horrible because she didn’t unambiguously say she was innocent. Instead she said something about the mask of a murderer being imposed on her and thanked the prosecutor. And that showing anger in the initial trial was a mistake. She did better in the second trial.
      This prosecution may be the result of a good perpetrator/victim match between the prosecutors and Amanda. Abuse perpetrators do sense victims, just as victims sense perpetrators.
      That doesn’t imply that Amanda is to blame for what happened to her, of course. It also doesn’t mean she would have been found innocent in the first trial if she had acted differently.
      With Amanda possibly being “Aspergerish” – I found out when I was in my 40’s that I had been severely affected psychologically by gluten and other foods. It’s possible to have food allergies that don’t appear on allergy tests, that have severe psychological effects. People who have this kind of food allergy are likely to have allergic rhinitis and other allergy problems. These food allergies can be diagnosed by doing an elimination diet followed by food challenges – but before doing that, one should get tested for celiac disease.

      • Dons says:

        Aspergers? Interesting, because as I was watching interviews of Amanda trying to explain her innocence – I wondered just that – What if the mildest form of Aspergers? I don’t consider Aspergers as much a disorder as just a variation from the “norm”, If a person known to have Aspergers were to sit on that stand, how could their behaviour be strutinized and a guilty verdict possibly be handed down with no actual evidence? Human rights? Shame on prosecuters for making their behaviour theory the basis of their case. I am totally convinced of Amanda’s innocence and Raffaeles, and I am not suggesting that Amanda has Aspergers.. but as a Mum with 2 children with Aspergers, I know firsthand, how a child can react differently than “the norm” and others in most social situations, sometimes they might describe themselves as quirky, but really it is just a different way of thinking and perceptions about what the worlds about. It only becomes a problem when others perceive their different behaviours as evidence of wrongdoing, their intentions misrepresented. My children have been misunderstood, told they are naughty, called liars, kicked out of kindergarten, due to their unique perceptions, fears anxieties that are unique to them and different to the norm, and societies ignorance to think outside the box. Many people do not have the knowing that they are not conforming to “socially acceptable behaviour”. I can imagine my child with Aspergers doing the splitz in many social settings that would be deemed inappropriate, and I constantly remind her how to behave, but can not always be there to protect her, nor do I sincerely believe she needs to change anymore. I have come to realise, societies expectations of how people should and shouldn’t behave or react is totally unrealistic as we are not all the same. prosecutors must not discriminate against peoples right to express themselves in their own way. I’m sure if you were to ask families of someone with Aspergers, there would be a consensus on how varying behaviour actually is with people on the spectrum, and coupled with the fact that it is a common disorder, very high statistics in America for people affected with it, many people don’t even know they have it, it makes the likelihood of there existing a universal behaviour for dealing with certain situations such as Amanda experienced, less and less likely. Behaviours deemed unusual because they are not considered “normal” is a crazy notion to base a case on and is in no way evidence of guilt. when my 11 year old child’s first kitten died, despite being so close to the kitten, she wi(th the condition Aspergers) didn’t cry at all, she consoled her brother (who was worried about her being upset), saying “Don’t worry …. it’s Dead, its just what they do sometimes. this sounds unfeeling and cold to most, but logical and correct to her, and now I have seen it a dozen times, just the way she is, no harm , just literal and up with the facts. She can be very open to suggestion to, almost believing she has seen a shark in the water, because she imagines there may be one there, she sees a fly and fears a wasp. If a person with Aspergers was asked to imagine seeing Patrick, it is possible one person could process that thought deeper as my daughter does. (I do not know this is a common trait of Aspergers, only that I wouldn’t be surprised, as I have observed it.) Its a theory I would explore. With such high statistics of people with Autism in America, over analysing behaviours could potentially lock an awful lot of innocent people up. It is not a crime to not conform to “correct behaviours” simply because one does not fit the mold, Aspergers or no Aspergers. I wish it was highlighted to people the actual statistics of Aspergers and other forms of behaviour / communication disorders in America – People need to really understand how widespread it is. Perhaps then they can really imagine their sister or child in Amanda’s situation, rather than looking for the truth in a bunch of words and mannerisms that may or may not conform to the norm, as a way of accessing innocence or guilt. I have no doubt many people realise Amanda has no evidence against her, and that interrogations can be unjust, I believe it is the behaviour and mannerisms that people need to try and understand.
        I followed Amanda’s case and plight for years and am dismayed about the latest verdict. I pray positive revelations will free Amanda and Raffaelle from this miscarriage of justice.

        • quixotic1 says:

          I’m too old too be reliably tested. But I sometimes refer to my fellow humans as “the earthlings” in comforting jest. I cannot “feel” the difference between a teasing, a torment, a ribbing or a persecution. They are all in the same vain. That is my testament to my separation from general society. I explained it in myself this year when I saw it in her. I could be very wrong.

      • Nimrod says:

        That frustrated me during watching her interviews, too, because it leaves too much wiggle room out there for people to exploit. But I think it speaks to the kind of person she is: honorable and objective to a fault. I suspect for the longest time she felt responsible for bringing herself into this situation and felt bound by her signature on a document — unwarranted, in my opinion, and besides which that’s an argument for others to make. The reality of the world is others are less than honorable and would lie, deceive, embellish, and coverup, and expected the same of her and Raffaele, and when they weren’t like that, they became the “strange” ones. Isn’t that the entirety of mismatched expectations that got us here? So she was never the best advocate for herself among adversarial entities, but she is the best advocate for living authentically.

  19. Victoria says:

    Hi Amanda,
    I am very worried for Raffaele. I feel like he is counting on Italian justice to free him when it seems all they want to do is save face, and his life is a small price to pay for their pride. Is there anything that can be done to keep him out of prison before the ECHR rules on this case? I am praying for you both.

    • Daphne says:

      Hi, Victoria:
      I know what you feel, because I too am worried that the hatred in Italy by the few groups who feel scorned by the trial may not only completely isolate Raffaele and his family, but escalate into personal vendetta and other violence. I know that many parts of Europe still rely heavily on symbolism to express threats, so I play the media clips and watch for that. There was something very desperate about his recent Anderson Cooper interview and the recordings of Raffaele during the final day at trial.
      Because of his courageous defence of Amanda and himself, his love for her seems to be the one attestation of his will to confront the nemesis head on without losing face. He showed — as Amanda — incredible maturity for his young age.

      • C. Tim says:

        I, too, am very concerned for Raffa. His mood seems almost defeated. I worry what he might do to himself. We really need to rally around him and get Americans involved in his defense, as we are in Amanda’s.

        I am grateful that Amanda has finally begun mentioning his plight more frequently, as up until a few days ago she never even mentioned him in interviews, when his position is the most perilous as of right now. He is not safe anywhere he goes. =(

        Is there any way to grant him temporary asylum in the US until the judge’s document comes out?

        • Daphne says:

          But he has everything to live for, and the appeal should prove his innocence. He said he was excited about going on a trip with his friend; it doesn’t sound as though he was going to do anything drastic.

  20. Richard McDowell says:

    I know Italians read this blog so I have a suggestion for them. Rudy Guede is due to get out of prison in the near futue and when he does I suggest that Italian women stay miles away from this guy. Mignini claims that Amanda Knox is the killer and Rudy Guede is not a threat. The question is do you really believe Mignini enough to bet your life on what he says?

  21. Doug says:

    Those that still think Amanda is guilty and therefore a psychopath, including the Kercher family, the Italian Prosecution team and judges, should check out the recent case of Joanna Dennehy here in the UK to see what a real female psychopath looks like (details can be found on the BBC website amongst others). And, when I say ‘looks like’ I am not referring to her physical appearance. She was just convicted of three murders of men, and two attempted murders. She had a long history of ‘low level’ criminal behavior, a history of self harming and was feared by male ‘friends’. Even so, her murderous behavior was not predicted by anyone (perhaps largely because she was a woman). But, after she had killed once that led to what was effectively a ‘killing spree’. She reportedly said that she wanted to kill nine times, and be regarded as a celebrity serial killer. In other words, her psychopathy didn’t come from nowhere and disappear overnight as it seemed to with Amanda (if you believe the Prosecution team’s version of events of Meredith’s murder).

    • Matt says:

      I highly doubt the Italian judges and prosecutors believe she is guilty.

      • David Barneby says:

        I agree with you . This trial has become a political issue .
        The prosecution has made a massive mistake from the beginning having Framed Knox and Sollecito , before Guede came into the picture . They couldn’t face admitting their error , so they have hung onto their story determined to convict . The supreme court insists on maintaining the accused’s guilt , conviction and sentence . The reputation of the whole Italian Justice System is in danger of being exposed as corrupt .

    • Cinnamon says:

      Oh, these uneducated people don’t really understand what sociopathy is. They are merely throwing the word “sociopath” around, possibly as a form of psychological projection. No one who has actually read Hervey Cleckley or Robert Hare would seriously suggest that the gentle, bookish Ms Knox is a sociopath. The Guilters who scream “sociopath” are best ignored.

    • Rob H says:

      Doug makes an excellent point. Here is the story:


      Take a look at a real-life “Foxy-Knoxy”, the character who is not Amanda Knox but was invented by the Perugian prosecution and the media. This is what she looks like; this is what she does; this is how she is.

  22. Marguerite says:

    Dear Amanda,
    I thought you and Raffaele would be cleared, and now that you both have further injustice to face I want to encourage you to stay strong. I’ve recently tried to contact you and don’t know if I succeeded…? My name is Marguerite Bradley Visconti. I’m an American who married an Italian and lived there, in Naples, for over 20 years. Our 2 sons, 25 and 21, are studying law in Italy. As they point out to me, the legal system is very different. I became a “traduttore ed interprete giurato” enrolled in the “Albo”(union) and certified by the courts, though I preferred to teach English and do free-lance translations. My husband and I have separated and I go back and forth so as to keep my mother company since my step-father’s and brother’s deaths. I’m a very private person, but strongly feel the need to offer you my skills if you feel they could be useful…In Italy they say “Fidarsi e’ bene, non fidarsi e’ meglio” : trusting is good, not trusting is better. You have paid too high a price for being naïve. (Read Voltaire’s Candide for a laugh). Please contact me and I’ll send you copies of my documents to prove who, and what, I am. Although I love Italy, there are many prejudices, and you, as a lovely, affluent American have become a victim. And Raffaele is paying for having preferred you to “una ‘brava ragazza’ italianna”…And the part where you must have killed Meredith over cleaning issues fits the Italian idea that a house should be so clean as to be able to “mangiare a terra”(eat off the floor). Females are still bullied into that mold there, and young Italian women are rebelling to the point that Italy has the lowest birth-rate in the World (men don’t help enough in child-rearing)
    I feel for you so much: you are in the untenable situation where if you appear unworried you will be judged by evil-thinkers. But you must seek some joy, privately, so as to regain your strength. Trust that there are many of us who believe in you and will not let the situation “go off the radar” diplomatically.
    God bless Amanda and Raffaele! Take care!

    • Ken says:

      There is a maternal love behind Marguerite lines 🙂 . I join this message to offer my help if you need any French-Italian translations or graphic designs (although I doubt it to be helpful,sry). I agree with Marguerite and feel very sorry for both of you, but seek some joy in private among your loved ones. No one is entitled to steal that from you.

  23. Emily says:

    Dear Amanda,

    In the wake of the Italian Court’s re-conviction of you and Raffaele, I’ve delved more deeply than ever into your story. Honestly, it feels a bit strange to do so, since it’s such a horrific story, not only for your friend who died, but also, and perhaps more importantly, for you. I know you don’t need me to tell you this, as you’ve lived it and suffered for so long. But, I’m the same age as you; was in college when you were in Italy, and that makes me feel connected to you in some way and it makes me want to say something to you. I watched your interview, in which you described what it feels like to be a ‘marked woman.’ I cried for you, and I wanted to be your friend, and to be someone in your life that didn’t see you as marked, to be someone who didn’t need to make you prove your innocence, but would just treat you like any other person. Since I can’t exactly do that in person or as someone who actually knows you, I thought that I would try to do it here on your blog.

    I believe in you, Amanda. You are a beautiful, strong and TALENTED woman. I’m looking forward to reading your future novels, essays, etc. for years to come. I will do my part to prevent anyone from taking you back to Italy against your will. You are a hero to me. If you are marked in any way, it is as a creative spirit who is an inspiration in times of trial and a guide in times of strength.

    With love,

    • Daphne says:

      That was very sweet of you Emily!

    • penelope says:

      Is it really a more horrific story for Amanda than for Meredith? Am I missing something?

      • Matt says:

        Maybe he means as horrific as it was for Meredith, at least its over, whereas Knox’s horror is ongoing?

      • Daphne says:

        Your sentiments are shared by many, Penelope. I think fear of the future and the possibility that Meredith’s fate is enough to put even the bravest man on edge.

      • Andrea Jonasson says:

        She says ‘more importantly’, not ‘more horrific’. If this turn of phrase is upsetting to you, please don’t overlook that Emily has acknowledged Meredith’s tragedy.

        Sadly, there is nothing that can be done to avert Meredith’s murder. Amanda and Raffaele are at grave risk of further harm. Their plight is urgent, which may be where the idea of heightened importance comes from.

        In the mind of someone who understands the case for innocence, deep concern and sympathy for Amanda and Raffaele in no way diminish feelings of sadness and horror at Meredith’s murder.

  24. Richard McDowell says:


    There seems to be a huge gap between the information that is being presented in the Italian media and the American media. When each side gives the reasons for their passionate positions it is as if they are living in two different worlds. When you examine the case with the facts that each side has available to them you reach the same conclusion they do. But the facts are very different and they absolutly can’t be both right.
    There are really only three irrefutable facts about this case that anyone neeeds to know.
    The first is that a small time burgler who liked to carry a knife got surprised in one of his burglaries and raped and killed Meredith Kercher. A senseless murder but they happen.
    The second irrefutable fact is the the prosecutor Magnini is a bully and a liar. He is even a bad liar since he lied about things that can be scientificaly proven otherwise and he got caught by the Italian appeals court. Once you get caught then everything you have said and all the “evidence” you presented is nothing but more lies. Magnini has not given anyone reason to believe what he says and I can’t believe any of the Italian judges actually do. It almost seems the second prosecutor did all he could to lose the case and still keep his job. He retested the evidence and found it was even more bogus. He came up with a “dirty bathroom” theory of motive, a theory this last judge didn’t even buy.
    The third fact is that the feelings of the Italians about this case are too intense to make any sense. Murders happen all the time and few people who have no personal stake in them get that excited. The feelings are driven by the media and some antiAmerican feelings in Italy in an effort to sell papers and make money and they are driven by Italian politics. Americans do not understand the politics but they understand everything else.
    The Italians will never ask for extradition because that would expose all the lies and if they did the Americans would never grant it. With all the publicity this case has generated no Secretary of State or President would allow extradition. That would be political disaster and no one is going to destroy their political career for an arrogant, lying fifth rate prosecutor who wants to be a fourth rate prosecutor by sending innocent people to prison. No country writes a treaty that does not allow them exceptions and the treaty with Italy has them. In these cases extradition is refused until the politics in Italy change and every body has time to come to their senses. My feeling is that the reasons for this last conviction will be so nonsensical that even the Italians will have to take a second look and a second look is all it takes for the whole case to come tumbling down.

    • Joe Soap says:

      At least one of your “irrefutable” facts is nonsense, Meredith was not raped.

      • Caro says:

        Joe Soap,

        Meredith was not raped by her killer whose sperm was found inside her? Do you really believe she had “consensual sex” as {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqI5_hOrUFA/}Ruede Guede{/a}claimed? Are you for real?

        Shame on you!

        • Caro says:

          Correction: DNA of Rudy Guede was found inside her body, not sperm. But there was an untested sperm stain on the pillow. Mind-boggling that the court refused to test the pillow stain!

    • David Barneby says:

      As I understand , Extradition is not just one country saying somebody from your country has committed a crime we wish to extradite them . If another country seeks extradition , the persons home country will request , in a case such as this , a full transcript of the trial and evidence on which a guilty verdict has been proclaimed .
      I think Richard McDowell is right to say the Italians wouldn’t seek extradition , because the American court reviewing the trial would soon see the inconsistencies and lack of true evidence , the lies , that would expose the Italian Justice System as wickedly corrupt , for all the world to see .
      There have been discussions as to whether the US Double Jeopardy applies .
      Some argue that the latest Appeal was just a follow on of appeals in Italy’s Justice System . I’m not sure that I agree and neither do I thing the US Justice department would think so . This latest resulting in a new guilty verdict and conviction 30th January , started last september described as a retrial with a jury .
      A follow on appeal would surely be a re-examination of the case by a pannel of judges . I think the US would see this as a new trial and Double Jeopardy .

  25. quixotic1 says:

    On subject. There is a possibility if Raffaele reaffirms or makes a statement as to exactly when he cannot validate knowledge of your whereabouts, being careful not to editorialize these validations, he may be able to be forthright in defining the parameters of his involvement in these investigations while retaining honor. It may be enough for his country to accept him back without the inherent politicization that follows these trials.

  26. Paula says:

    Amanda you are so brave and so courageous and so strong. You and Raeffaele are totally innocent that is obvious. You have so many supporters and people who care and love you both, and are heartbroken with the current verdict. Continue to be strong and hold your heads up high as you have done nothing to deserve this persecution. Sending prayers from Illinois to you and Raeffaele.

  27. Dave Tupper says:

    Interesting that just today the Italian Constitutional Court has overturned the law equating cannabis and hard drugs like cocaine and heroin. I wonder if anybody has bothered to tell Amanda and Raffael’s persecutors….whoops, prosecutors.

  28. Daphne says:


    “Grotesque” characterization is what so many women AND men have had to endure in the fight to restore their good names — that is why it’s so important that you and Raffaele get all the support you can muster.

    Earlier I made some remarks about misogyny and medieval/Renaissance witch hunts. Today I found out that such trials were not perpetuated by a hatred of women; only 20% of them involved males. The motive behind such radical prosecution stemmed — just as I guessed — from false or malicious reports and a “sincere” effort to diminish all evil, because they really thought evil was a permanent force in everyday life. Real misogyny — an avoidance of women — actually came from a desire to preserve the female honour. The image of hate women was actually much more intense in German and British culture, whereas Italy was much more humane towards medieval women.

    Sorry if I created any confusion; this is a more accurate picture of middle ages female persecution. Whether or not any of this still reflects on today is not clear. My then remarks now sound entirely inappropriate and altogether too angry. I apologize to my professors for my having contributed to such a fallacy.

    • Daphne says:

      that was, “the image of hated women.”

    • Tyler says:

      “…The image of hate women was actually much more intense in German and British culture, whereas Italy was much more humane towards medieval women…”

      And what about (some) Americans and the image of hate against people of color? Does that play into your theory too, i.e., AK’s false accusation of Patrick Lamumba?

      • Daphne says:

        You mean, “coerced by police?”
        You are right about haters. They are anywhere, everywhere, anytime. As for colour, my family is typically bi-racial, and my gorgeous ex-husband was black, but I am Caucasian.
        Love is not a colour, it is a state of mind. Any “man” who does not equate the victimization of Amanda and Raffaele by such propaganda as child abuse needs a real talking to. Just saying.

      • Sarah H says:

        It was the police, if any, who were guilty of racism. They were the ones who found Lumumba’s name on Amanda’s cell phone and insisted that she “remember” that he had been there and had killed Meredith. And the prosecutor, as well, when he swapped Guede for Lumumba in his sex-game-fantasy, treating the two black men as interchangeable parts.

      • BigDinBoise says:

        You mean the Perugia Police’s forced false implication of Lumumba.
        You do realize the American president is Black, don’t you? I’m not sure where you hail from but I’m willing to bet that it’s a less tolerant society then the U.S. Race relations in this county, while not perfect, have come along way in the last 50 years.
        Since Amanda was working for Patrick I can’t see how you can imply that she is a racist.

  29. C, female, from Berlin says:

    Whatever one thinks about specific pieces of evidence in this kafkaesque “legal case”, it is beyond reasonable thinking how one can come to the conclusion of finding Amanda and Raffaele guilty of murder beyond a reasonable doubt. And this is what counts in legal terms. The various probability statements in the first verdict, for instance, the whole way of drawing conclusions are a disturbing line of argument. I’d like to suggest something, the headline of this little campaign would be “Ordinary people pose common sense questions”. It would be good, first of all, to know what Amanda thinks of this idea. There have been numerous trials based on circumstantial evidence, but what very much characterizes this case is the fact that a lot of questions can be risen just on the basis of common sense. In many other trials, just common sense doesn’t help much. But here, the sum of these “informed laypersons'” questions alone has the potential of creating a reasonable doubt. Most of the people in this blog are neither legal nor forensic experts. And we should not pretend to have this expert knowledge. Hardly anyone here can judge, for example, scientific expertise on genetic profiles. But many have a very profound knowledge of the trials and the evidence and are capable of logical thinking. It could be worthwhile to somehow systemize this blog by compiling and editing a list of questions from ordinary individuals based on common sense and good knowledge of the facts. However, this would need to be organized, meaning a shared document would be needed that could maybe be provided on this page. In order to be shaped in a fine manner in the end, some editing work would be needed and I am not sure how to best organize it. There are plenty, plenty of questions, many of them posed here and there in this blog. For instance: Referring to the discussion on when Raffele called the police – note that Amanda had started to inform people well before that time. Why should she, if guilty, call her flatmates at a point of time on 2 Nov when there were still traces of blood in the bathroom that would have been safer to remove by a more extended cleaning session? Also very interesting, referring to the footprint on the bathmat: Try and show ten unbiassed people you know the pictures of the bathmat and the footprints of Guede and Sollecito, which are published, give them a couple of minutes to assess them and then ask how they would match them. What do you think the result will be? Perform the experiment!

  30. Rick Bonin says:

    Amanda, although your current situation is difficult, you once sgain show your true character by standing up for Raffaele who is in an even more desparate situation. It is beyond my comprehension how two obviously kind and considerate young people got into this predicament, but please know that an army is massing around you both. You are not alone because you have truth and righteousness on your side. Bless you.

    • Kenneth Janeway says:

      Hi Amanda: The black & white photos you have posted are very nice (especially of Raffaele), but you can lighten them up some using a Photoshop program if you want. You may have such a program already on your computer. I have been praying about a favorable decision on your next Appeal because that would nullify the issue of any Extradition altogether and then you could get on with your lives. Keep studying hard and keep proclaiming your innocence in every forum you possibly can, and occasionally give people feedback when you can, too, because it is a two-way street. Remember that you are not alone in this journey, neither is Raffaele because it affects many (people) now and may eventually break new legal ground as well. You certainly will have a few pages in the Encyclopedias but I hope that the final sentence says “Acquitted” and “they went on to lead more normal lives”. Have a good day despite this new misguided verdict which we know is wrong. – Best, Ken

      • My Message To The World: Amanda Knox is innocent and Raffaele Sollecito is also innocent because they were not home at Amanda’s residence on the night of the attack on Meredith Kercher. Please study this case as I did in 2011 and once you also believe that they are innocent please send your correspondence via letter, email, text, telegram, the Internet, or telephone call to the President of Italy and to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry whose contact information can be easily found on the Internet. I ask this of every corporation, corporate CEO, pastor and priests, the elderly, school children, parents, police officers, heads of state, lay persons in the church, those incarcerated, teachers, doctors, nurses, those in the service industries, attorneys, pilots, flight attendants, those in the media, paralegals, and private citizens wherever you may live or reside. Please then send a copy of your correspondence if possible to your elected officials in your home state. This message has been posted without any assistance from the co-defendants, posted this day, February 12, 2014, on this website. Thanks for your kind help. – Best, Kenneth Janeway

  31. jlj says:

    I am neither Italian, american or british, but i am close to all of those countries. Having read your books ( both yours and Raffaele) and read the verdict, I strongly believe that the Italian press in accordance and feeded by the Public Ministry is guilty of having completely oriented the final judgement ( normal habit in Italy for PM’s to give info to the press in order to influence the public opinion) . PM’s in Italy tend to be stars and the tell “your aim justifies the means” has been applyed in this trail according to me. The family of Meredith if I understood properly the article in the Economis declared that the truth has not come out of this third trail. At this point, not having a motive, not having DNA prooves in the bead room I wonder how is it possible to have sensed both of you to such a terrible future.
    You have all my sympathy and comprehension, don’t stop your battle for truth. It will probably be harder for Raffaele in the future being in Italy!

  32. Santiago says:

    Hi Amanda, I think you wrote this post because you feel safe you won’t be extradite to Italy in case the Supreme Court finds you guilty, and your arrogance is clearly stated here to support one you have left behind. I’m sorry for this whole thing that’s brutal not only because Meredith died, but because you continue living your life with a huge burden that will torment you for ever. I can’t believe that you went back home, on that morning, found the front door open, blood in the bathroom, a door closed and none answer, thinking someone should be home, and without being scared you took a shower, calmly did everything you had to do, and then go back to Raffaele’s place. I also studied away from home, shared an apartment, had housemates, sometimes friends sometimes acquaintances, and I know that finding what you have found on that day at your place, would have frighten the hell out of me, and make me run away faster than a wind blow. Calling immediately the police was the only thing you should have done!!! The night you say the police mistreated you, they didn’t want you to be there, they only asked for Raffaele, so why let them raise suspects on you with your “bizarre” behavior? Why tell them that when Patrick Lumumba assaulted Meredith you where there and you covered your ears not to listen the screaming? I’m sorry for your lack of humanity, and that you live the illusion of freedom. Good luck!

    • BigDinBoise says:

      Having seen the pictures of the bathroom with a few spots of blood, I can completely understand why Amanda was not that alarmed by what she saw. Maybe you are confusing the actual photos of the bathroom with the ones the police leaked to the press after it had been sprayed down with Luminol? There is quite a contrast between these two scenes.
      Having said that it doesn’t excuse your arrogant remarks and condescending tone. It goes a long way to demonstrate what kind of person Amanda is that she allows ignorant trolls like you to post your hateful messages on her blog. I hope that you educate yourself on the facts of this case and develop some humanity and compassion of your own, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • T.C. says:

      If she is so guilty, why did a judge set her free? You can be a tabloid sheep if you want but it doesn’t speak well to your ability to think independently. The herd mentality of this world amazes me at times.

      • Willis Coleman says:

        Easy. It was a nullification verdict. The court decided that they were not going to convict Amanda and Raffaele because they looked like, in the court’s words, “good kids”. One of the lay judges essentially admitted this is what happened. The proceedings and motivation report were engineered to achieve the preconceived outcome. That is how O.J. got sprung too. Unfortunately for Amanda and Raffaele, in Italy the Supreme Court has to sign off on lower court decisions and this one couldn’t pass the smell test.

        • BigDinBoise says:

          Having read the both the Massai and Hellman report, the former read like a work of fiction with the evidence in the case hardly given consideration, and the judge even going so far as to throw out the prosecution’s theory of motive and inventing his own. Very strange.
          The Hellman report on the other hand read as if the judge had truly analyzed the evidence without bias and weighed both the prosecution’s and defenses arguments equally and objectively.
          The Supreme Court of Cassations ruling annulling the acquittal on the other had read as if it was indeed directing the new appeals court to engineer and achieve a preconceived outcome of guilty.
          This case has almost zero similarity to the OJ Simpson case, trial, or outcome. OJ was sprung due to a racist cop, a bi-racial jury of his peers that wanted to see a black man get off as payback for years of racial bias, an excellent legal team, and an incompetent prosecution.

          • Willis Coleman says:

            I could tell a lot of work went into the Hellmann report. It represents the best turd-polishing efforts of hundreds if not thousands of people.

        • T.C. says:

          So in essence Willis, you didn’t read the acquittal, correct? It is funny how the previous court with all its unfounded theories from sex game gone bad to they had nothing to do so killing Meridith was a good way to pass time, still can’t show any hard evidence that Amanda and Raffaele committed the murder…

        • Sarah H says:

          The court released her because there was NO evidence — disputed or undisputed — that put her in the murder room, and no evidence of Meredith on her person. She could not have carried out the murder without being in the room or touching Meredith.

          The fact that she had left DNA in other parts of the apartment was meaningless, since she lived there. The whole prosecution case was nothing but smoke and mirrors, and that’s what the Hellman trial recognized.

        • Jack says:

          Typical nonsense replies from “Willis”, devoid of thoughtfulness or analysis. Of course, the Pratillo Hellmann court brought in genuine DNA experts – with requisite degrees and refereed journal publications to their credit – who demolished the non-science that prosecution shill Stefanoni and her crew performed.

          The president of the Italian Supreme Court is an avowed 911 Truther, and the evidence collection and extraction techniques employed in the Kercher murder have made Italian forensics a worldwide laughing stock, and yet lemmings like “Willis” cheerfully continue to bolt towards the precipice.

          Who are we to believe, “Willis” or our lying eyes?

        • Rob H says:

          No, “Willis Coleman”. The Hellman Court decided it was not going to convict because there was no evidence to permit them to do so. Evidence, evidence, evidence! Do you remember what evidence is? That’s right, “Coleman”, it’s the stuff you are repeatedly asked for and can never produce.

    • quixotic1 says:

      I think you are describing the famous bloody bathroom photo. The following video made at Seattle University in 2011 will explain what it was.


      Start at 0:52:00 for an explanation by an expert who volunteers for Amanda and Raffaele.

    • Andrea Jonasson says:

      You seem to have a very clear idea of how you would have acted if you had been in her situation. Different people react to stressful situations in different ways. If Amanda acted in a way that seems unusual or strange to you, it does not logically follow that she is bizarre or guilty of the nearest crime.

      Consider the possibility that Amanda’s behavior seems odd to you because you don’t know and understand her very well, and you weren’t there and cannot understand what it was like to be in her shoes at the time.

    • Jack says:

      Persons who have no actual evidence to support their opinion in this case usually postulate as you do. In other words, as would a not very educated or bright individual who relies upon his instincts and biases to come to conclusions about a deadly serious matter.

      It is most unfortunate indeed, that the Italian judiciary is apparently riddled with individuals with similar mindsets and limitations.

    • Lyn says:

      Take the time to read a little of the testimony of Fabio Marsi…one of the Postal Police who arrived to return Merediths phones. He was not concerned over the ‘blood in bathroom’. This whole site is full of information that corrects/exposes the deceitful wiki style site promoted by proguilt fanatics.

      The piece re bathroom is toward the end of page, but read the whole. Some revelations.

    • Matt Ryan says:

      I don’t believe the guilters could be found in the shadow cast by Rafaelle, who never saw Rudy until he was brought in to testify. His courage in standing up for what is right in face of a cast of Keystone cops, PYA justice system, and an uncaring incompetent media shows him to be the best of this generation of Italians. He is a living Sydney Carton of Tale of Two Cities fame.

      • Daphne says:

        Apparently the prosecution tried to make the case against Raffaele by implicating a prior connection to Rudy between Amanda — who’d barely seen him twice — and Raffaele. The only clear connection Rudy had with that house was through the guys who lived downstairs. I think it must take so much courage for Raffaele to face life over there with the verdict that was just handed out. Both Amanda and Raffaele are pretty brave people.

  33. Boggled says:

    I understand that you’re scared shitless Raffaele is about to turn on you now that he’s missed his chance to escape, but you really should stop talking. You dig yourself in deeper each time. And you’ve reached new heights of unmitigated gall with your “victimhood”. Cancer? Really? Despicable. Your syncophantic, kool-aid drinking followers are clearly mentally challenged, but you should be ashamed. You know Capanne is waiting; why not get started on the rehabilitation process? First step is telling the truth. That would be the real truth, not the best truth you can think of.

    • Lince says:

      If you are so interested in the truth, do not be lazy and look at the evidence, not crazy speculations. In seven years, the prosecution have presented no even remotely believable motive, no proof of Amanda’s and Raffaelle’s presence at the crime scene (actually, the DNA evidence proves the exactly opposite), no murder weapon (the presented one has been repeatedly scientifically discredited – it turned out it contains traces of bread, no Meredith blood), no explanation how and why they got together with Guede, a virtual stranger for them, and no reliable witnesses (their star witness, a daily heroin user, testified about several wildly varying times on probably even different day when he saw some girl with a gap in her teeth, which immediately excludes Amanda).

      So, what the latest story that was apparently convincing enough to again convict Amanda and Raffaele? At 8pm that day, Amanda got a SMS message from her employer that she does not have to come to work. Since they got a free evening and because they were suffering from boredom, Amanda and Raffaele decided to have some fun by killing Meredith. On their way, they invited Guede, almost a total stranger to them (Amanda only saw him twice in passing, Raffaele never met him at all), to join them. After all, the more, the merrier. After the terrible deed was done and Guede left, Amanda and Raffaele decided to get smart. They selectively cleaned the murder scene from their DNA (the criminals of the whole world will be paying them billions to reveal how they did this), smartly leaving only those that belong to Guede. Then they staged a break-in, so that this would point even more to Guede, a known burglar. They probably knew, that when the police catch Guede, Amanda and Raffaele can rely on his unwavering loyalty to his fellow co-murderers, which he just really met that night, to never betray them. Especially after hearing about the cleaning and the staged break-in. Such was their devious plan, revealed to the shocked world by the brilliant prosecutors and judges of Perugia.

      You want people lives to be destroyed on the basis of such theories? Be careful, you or people close to you can be next victims of such a travesty.

      • Meg says:

        Amanda, I am interested in a truth that has not been addressed. I have your book but can’t dig in all my detritus to find the answer, plus I think folks should be thinking about the guys who lived downstairs. I want to make it clear to readers that I speak only for myself and not for you in any way or capacity, and that I understand your willingness to approve a vast spectrum of comments as just that – not endorsement of my views.

        So, there’s discussion on IIP about the relationship between Rudy Guede and Giacomo Silenzi and the other downstairs apartment residents, all of whom I believe were friends. Did they introduce you to Rudy as ‘The Baron’ or as ‘Rudy?’ Because someone on IIP (and here I think also) claimed that Giacomo and his friends denied knowing Rudy’s name to the cops. But if you knew it you must have been told it by them, instead of him being introduced as ‘The Baron.’

        Thanks for any info on this.

    • BigDinBoise says:

      Please don’t feed the troll.

    • Sarah H says:

      It is the people who follow the hate sites who are mentally challenged, lacking even the most basic common sense. Amanda could not have been involved in a violent murder without leaving some trace of her presence in the room.

      • Sheri says:

        I agree, when will this be over , they have the killer and so much of Amanda’s life has already been taken away not only hers but Raffaele and their families lives have been for ever haunted and they can never give them back all the heartache, stress, and along with everything else, memories, happy ones that were in their future that were taken away but they should have to go through what they are putting them thru, not that I wish anyone to go through anything like this but many peoples lives are forever lost in many ways from ever being normal when Rude soon will walk the free word, I have followed this and every court trial and hope for Meredith’s sake Amanda and Raffelle can soon be out of this nightmare , prayers to Amanda and her family, lots of love and support, keep fighting

    • Solemna67 says:

      Boggled. Wow…I know this is petty, but what is it with the haters? They chose to call themselves by stupid names that reveal their most obvious mental limitations…Slacker – to lazy to find the truth because its more “fun” to perpetuate the lies; and Boggled, your mind is boggled only because you won’t listen to reason; and are blinded by your own prejudices and misinformation. Let me clear it up for you: Guede killed Meredith Kercher. Case closed.

    • Boring says:

      Perhaps she is telling the truth. Every scrap of paperwork, testimony, and evidence I’ve been able to find suggests to me that the case against her is entirely emotionally driven.

      Did she commit this terrible crime? I cannot know, I wasn’t there. I cannot find any compelling evidence suggesting that she did.

      The bulk of the evidence against her is speculation about her thinking and her non-criminal behaviors. The case appears do have been wholly grown from a set of theories, which was then inflated with justification and supposition. Once battle lines were drawn, passionate emotion appears to have fogged every aspect of the case and media coverage. The most damning scenarios rely on portrayals which may or may not have anything to do with reality.

      What if. What if. What if she were entirely innocent of this crime? What if she was a dumb kid acting the way dumb kids act. I know that I’ve done far worse things than what she is “accused” of doing — kissing and smiling at a crime scene. (Real people act strangely in strange situations.) Smoking pot. (So what?) Sleeping with a guy. (Again, so what?) Being physically attractive. (Good lord.)

      She was a 20 year-old kid on a fling in a foreign country. She was living in a dream. We all do that at some point in our lives.

      I could be wrong. She could be a spectacularly accomplished, articulate, energetic liar. She might be a sociopath of dizzying proportions. In any case, there simply isn’t enough concrete evidence to prove that that is the case. We’ll each believe what we will.

  34. L'InsoutenableLégèretédel'être says:

    @ Amanda Knox

    Bitte verzeihe mir die Unhöflichkeit, dass dies in Deutscher Sprache verfasst ist. Ich denke, Du wirst diese Sprache verstehen, so wie ich deine Muttersprache verstehe.

    Eine Erzählung von Heinrich Böll aus dem Jahre 1974. „Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum“ / „The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum“

    Kennst du diese fiktive Erzählung?

    Ich? Ich weiß, dass ich nicht weiß! Ich kenne Dich nicht. Ich habe Dich noch nie gesehen. Ich habe noch nie mit Dir an einem Tisch gesessen, und das Brot geteilt. Aber ich bin bereit, Dir zu glauben. Denn ich weiß, dass ich nicht weiß.

    Verstehst du das?

    Du bist nicht nur gefangen, wie alle anderen, in Raum und Zeit – Du wurdest gefangen genommen, von einem System. Einem Gesellschaftssystem.

    Franz Kafka beschreibt dieses System in „Der Prozess“ / „The Trial“(postum im Jahre 1925 erschienen):

    „Der Protagonist des Romans, Josef K., wird am Morgen seines 30. Geburtstages verhaftet, ohne sich einer Schuld bewusst zu sein.

    Vergeblich versucht er herauszufinden, weshalb er angeklagt wurde und wie er sich rechtfertigen könnte.

    Josef K. ist in eine riesenhafte, monstergleiche Maschinerie geraten, in eine bestehende, arbeitende, geölte und gut laufende Maschine – die Maschine der Justiz.“

    Friedrich Dürrenmatt meinte, Gerichtsprozesse besitzen etwas wie Dramatik. Die Personen sind gegeben, ihre Rollen verteilt: der Richter, der Staatsanwalt, der Angeklagte, der Verteidiger. Jeder besitzt seine bestimmten Funktionen innerhalb der Handlungen. Und nur einer von allen Beteiligten, wird dazu gezwungen. Das ist der Beschuldigte.

    Ein Indizienprozess, wie in diesem Fall, ist immer das, was er ist. Immer in der Gefahr, Fehldeutungen und Fehlurteile zuzulassen – da niemand weiß.

    Ich für meinen Teil, werde nicht zum gewöhnlichen Richter. Ich werde nicht zum gewöhnlichen Henker, und Ich werde auch kein Recht und auch kein Unrecht sprechen.

    Ich besitze aber auch nicht die gewöhnliche Macht, um diese Maschinerie zu bekämpfen, in der Du, wie so viele andere vor dir und auch sicher nach dir, gefangen bist.

    Frage nicht, warum ich das geschrieben habe, die Antwort ist – Apología Sōkrátous: „Oîda Ouk Eidōs“

    Was ich weiß ist, dass Dir gewünscht sei, wenn Du es verdienst, alles Glück dieser Welt zu erhalten, denn das ist, was Du brauchst, um aus dieser Maschinerie herauszukommen, in der Du gefangen bist.

    Mein Name?

    Ganz wie William Shakespeare zu sagen pflegte: „What’s a name? “

    Viel Glück!

  35. Nick Green (UK) says:

    The prosecution’s strategy was just terrifying in its robotic mindlessness. They first suspected Lumumba, so they effectively brainwashed Amanda into implicating him, feeding her the story that they wanted to hear, until she said it back to them. Then, when Lumumba had a cast-iron albi, they poured all their attention on her. THEN, when she had an alibi – her boyfriend Raffaele – they went after him too!

    And you can just bet that if Raffaele had also had an alibi – say, a friend from college who happened to drop by that night – then we’ve had seen yet another person dragged into custody and through the law courts, another tiny fragment of DNA on another mysteriously surfacing scrap of ‘evidence’, and an even more convoluted murder scenario.

    Lucky for them that Amanda and Raffaele didn’t decide to go to a concert that night, or that police station would have got VERY crowded…

  36. GuiltyAmanda says:

    Amanda you gonna pay for your crime!! You making money and going in every Tv interview claiming you have nothing to do whit Meredith Kercher murder. “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”Adolf Hitler. Keep doing that but the fact is you blamed a innocent man Patrick Lumumba. Keep walking around like nothing happen and Raffaele Sollecito will soon or later rat on you when he will be in jail. By the way keep blocking the other post who aren’t supporting you.

    • BigDinBoise says:

      The lie is the one you and your ilk keep repeating. Your name is linked to a Mirror article, which ironical bills itself as the “intelligent tabloid.” It reveals a lot about you that you have directed people to a non journalistic opinion piece written by an editor of this junk newspaper that has made million selling stories defaming Amanda and Raffaelle. People that write tabloid news are the true scum of the earth. People that read it are below that.

    • Pigsticker says:

      “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

      A principle that Mignini & his followers (including that weasel Maresca) have abided by just perfectly. Looks how many judges fell for their B.S.? The Migniniites are running the perfect propaganda campaign.

    • Matt says:

      ” By the way keep blocking the other post who aren’t supporting you.” Yet she lets idiots like you post garbage against her.

  37. floen says:

    It’s so hard to imagine the nightmare of falling for someone for the first time in your life, then only having less than 2 weeks together before both being put in jail unjustly. That devastating fall – from being blissful, newly acquainted love birds to prisoners accused of murder is mind boggling. It still makes me sad when I see that infamous picture of you 2 together – I think of how that happiness was so unfairly stolen from both of you, and I can’t help wonder what would’ve happened with the relationship.

    The more I’ve looked into this and talked to people from the other side on Twitter, I believe this has nothing to do with belief in the guilt of you or Raffaele. It seems to me it really is a desperate attempt at ‘saving face’ – an egoist dictatorial decision of the official(s) that were involved just after the murder. The mistakes were made then, and trying to cover and prove they are ‘right’ became more important than doing what is right.

    Respectable and credible people from around the world have tweeted about the corruption in Italy lately, and honestly it seems like the majority of guilters are actually tightly connected and organized – and working towards a set agenda. So far they are failing, and the world is not dumb enough to fall for their tricks. 🙂

    • Marguerite says:

      I agree with Floen, and I feel more and more people will support you and Raffaele because fair people were flabbergasted by the latest verdict. I feel sorry for Meredith’s family, but I am also disappointed that they have not been more open-minded. I lived in Italy for over 20 years, married to an Italian, so I know a lot about the culture. Pros and cons. I know Italian perfectly, am a court-certified translator (traduttore giurato) and offer my services if they are of any use. I was not in Italy when either of your trials were happening or would have tried earlier to contact you. I truly hoped things would have been settled positively and agree that this further conviction seems an attempt to “save face” by the Italians. “Never say never”, “knock on wood” for fear of jinxing yourself (“iella”, or malocchio, evil eye) but, there is NO WAY the U.S. government should turn you over to Italy. I commiserate the financial, emotional, physical and psychological toll this has been on you, Raffaele and your families… God bless you! xoxoxo

  38. Stay positive Amanda! You’re doing a great job of dealing with this terrible injustice put upon you. I hope that hundreds of millions of people become sympathetic to your cause and somehow effect the best result possible for you and for Raffaele. This injustice and the heartache that it has caused you, will be part of your history throughout your life and how you deal with it, can bring you greatness. You’re getting an amazing education! Not exactly the one you went to Italy for, but it can turn out to be even much better for you in the long run. I hope you can return to Italy as a free person and enjoy that beautiful country again. I love Italy!
    Please share this with Raffaele.

    Kindest Regards,

    Joe Marchessault

  39. Len says:

    The death of Meredith Kercher is a very tragic story. R.I.P.
    Just like your supporters, I was surprised by your and Rafffaelo’s arrests.
    Of late, I decided to inform myself with the “How could this have happened?” And decided to read as much as I can on this case.
    There is a lot of information available to the public, and I STRONGLY SUGGEST, everyone, including your friends and die hard supporters, read the reports that are available. The reason why, it now appears that only SOME information have reached the general public, and mostly through successful PR campaigns.
    My reasoning for this is, that unbeknown to most, I found that there were indeed traces of your DNA, and blood, found mixed with Meredith’s. Indeed not in her bedroom, but in yours and Filomena’s.
    The bloody footprint found on the bathmat, also had a closer match to Raffaelo’s than to Rudy Guede. The latter’s shoe prints were found leaving the apartment.
    Raffealle’s DNA was found on a damaged bra-clip of Meredith, and the defense successfully argued the “cross-contimanation” sentiment, but on further reading on how DNA contimanation can occur, it seems plausible that it did not happen in this case.
    Then the witness that saw you you the morning after the murder, looking for cleaning products, correctly described the clothes you were wearing, found and photographed by police, laying on your bed that same morning.
    And then off course the fact that you changed your alibi 3 times.

    These are just SOME of the things I have questions about.
    I am not mentioning these things to launch an attack on you or your supporters, I am merely starting to wonder whether the Italian Police did in fact, had a few reasons to have suspected you and Raffealle .

    • BigDinBoise says:

      If you really care about learning the facts about this case, and I hope you would if you are commenting on either the guilt or innocence of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, then check out the following pro-innocence and pro-guilt web sites and at the least make an informed opinion. Obviously the sites are biased one way or the other but there is a lot of the actual case evidence, including crime scene photos, video, translated court documents, expert analysis, as well as various other information that has not been discussed much in the popular press.

    • Luca Cheli says:

      I suggest that YOU read the reports carefully:

      1) there were 2 instances of mixed DNA, not blood (TMB test negative and even the first grade ruling admitted that Amanda was not wounded hence where did the “mixed” blood come from?) ;
      2) one of those instances presented peaks attributable to a third subject, who remained unknown because no reference samples besides those of the defendants and of the victim were taken: clearly finding one of the other housemates’ DNA mixed with that of Amanda and Meredith would have destroyed any value of such circumstantial evidence;
      3) those instances of mixed DNA were found only after 46 days and hence after a lot of people had trampled and carried around any DNA in that house and since both Amanda and Meredith both lived there there was abundance of their DNA;
      4) you should really look at Raffaele’s big toe before attributing to him the bathmat footprint and certainly he is not a better match than Guede: you can simply say that it is impossible to attribute that print to anybody but that means it is no evidence at all;
      5) about the bra clasp it is a matter of fact there are on it the Y-haplotypes of at least three more males: or it is contamination or we have an army of killers in that room;
      6) the witness who said he had seen Amanda Knox on the early morning of November 2 spoke of a grey coat, the clothes left on the bed were a striped sweatshirt and a pair of jeans.

      I don’t know how many times I had to repeat these same basic facts through the years.

    • Lyn says:

      So Len, you state you have recently done some reading on the case. Have you taken a look at the independent expert report to the Hellmann Court on the knife and bra clasp??
      I include their conclusions here for your education. It is not a long piece. Doesn’t need to be. Truth doesn’t need many words.


    • Len D. says:

      Here is some information available to the public:


    • Daphne says:

      @ Len:
      The fact of that matter concerning the witness is that by then, the case had already been widely publicized, so it came down to a question of integrity and reputation of the witness. Many may have been able to describe Amanda with their eyes shut.

    • Sarah H says:

      What you found were hate sites spreading lies, and you lacked the common sense and logic to sort through them.

      Of course Amanda left her own DNA and even drops of blood in her own bathroom. But the fact that there wasn’t a bit of physical evidence of Amanda in the murder room is the KEY FACT that even you don’t deny. That room was covered in blood — not scrubbed of Amanda’s DNA and fingerprints or of anything else. Amanda couldn’t have been in there helping to murder Meredith or she would have left some trace of herself — as Guede left dozens.

      The rest of your post is full of lies from the hate sites. It’s not that they’re unknown to Amanda’s supporters. It’s that they have been fully debunked, except in the minds of the haters.

  40. Daphne says:

    Noi vogliamo solo sapere perche e stato cambiato il verdetto.

    • Marguerite says:

      Spesso le persone “strafottenti” non si giustificanno. Mai. (“High-handed” people often offer no explanations. Ever.)
      Thankfully, the U.S. government will not allow extradition without sufficient basis.

  41. nelly says:

    I dont understand who was meredith, her family, friends in perugia. She was in the house. Whom did she let in, why, which where her programs for the next day, with whom…… knowing perugia very well, foreign students have high life and they are dragged into it, organized. A small, beautiful center, fantastic for young people. . Perugia is the capital of drugs in italy. Mafia. Police knows the scene, doing nothing against it, because big business. Maybe they are and where afraid to disturb their system?

    • Sarah H says:

      Meredith didn’t let anyone in. Rudy Guede, the man with a history of burglarizing after throwing a rock through a window, through a rock through the girls’ cottage window and entered without anyone’s position. He rifled through Meredith’s purse and stole her rent money before or after he assaulted and killed her.

    • ss says:

      Meredith was a 21 year old student from Croydon,london. I went to her grave to pay my respects,she was a very good student who wanted to study hard.amanda talks about sex and pot who cares what you do in your bedroom or somebody’s.nice student you are.on one your usa channels again you say I was sexualy active but not had a orgy.is this attempt to sell more story’s and get bigger offer for a sick film.does she care about Meredith her (friend) glad she not my friend.

      • BigDinBoise says:

        Didn’t Meredith smoke pot and have sex as well? Yes, I believe she did. I don’t think Amanda and Meredith were so very different.

        • DW says:

          Yeah, there’s a big virgin/whore thing going on in the minds of her accusers. Though it isn’t said explicitly, many accounts give the puzzling impression that Amanda smoked and drank and partied every night and slept with anything male that moved, while Meredith was beautiful, studious, virtuous, and innocent. In reality they were likely both just rather ordinary young students abroad; having a good time along the lines of most young people abroad. *Both* were good students, *both* had lovers, *both* smoked a little dope when out with friends. Only one of them, by a stroke of fate, was home that night when Rudy Guede broke in.

  42. Len D. says:

    “No judicial panel in their right mind can determine guilt beyond a reasonable doubt for Raffaele based on the objective evidence specifically related to him that the prosecution presented in court.”

    “The only reason he has been dragged into this is because he happens to be my alibi.”

    To me, these are the two key points. If you use logic, then Rudi is obviously guilty and Amanda and Raffaele are obviously innocent. So when people stop using logic then you have to ask what is really going on? Are these people dumb, or are they just not smart enough and creative enough to come up with a fully believable story given the available evidence to sway others towards a predetermined outcome (which mean it is more of a problem of ethics than intelligence). The question is why is there a predetermined outcome? If you and Raffaele are a means to an end, then what is that end?

  43. Alma says:

    siette colpevole e te hai avuto fortuna di essere li dovresti venire i andare in galera e qui tutti lo sanno cara mia

    • Daphne says:

      Alma: Ciao. Per piacere, perché pensa così? Noi voliamo solo sapere perche hanno deciso di cambiare la loro verdetto.

    • John Rowell says:

      Avrai visto Quarto Grado e Porta a Porta per caso?

      E tutti lo sanno qui eh? Io sono qui, con te, e io so il contrario. Spero che hai letto gli atti per arrivare alla tua conclusione mia cara Alma altrimenti il tuo commento non ha il valore della kakka lasciata da Rudy Guede nel bagno di Filomena e Laura.

    • Luca Cheli says:

      Se vuoi parlare italiano cerca di impararlo prima di scrivere.

    • julie says:

      o man, some people will never start to think by themselves….
      wishing you all the best of this world, amanda! stay strong!

    • Deppie says:

      I like the way that people who claim Amanda is guilty don’t ever bother to give any conclusive evidence, they just “know”. Like Alma, “everyone knows it”.

      Really Alma, care to give any evidence? And what about Raffaele, do you just “know” he’s guilty too?

      How about Rudy, the history student? What do you “know” about him?

      You people are pathetic.

    • Eric_B says:

      everyone in Italy ‘knows’ Amanda is guilty, do they?

      Then you should have no trouble providing a credible theory of the crime along with a timeline which explains the evidence and witnesses.

      I look forward to hearing it in your next post.

    • Julie Jorgensen says:

      Alma: Tu sei un coglione e non sai di cosa stai parlando e tutti sanno il mio caro.

    • Marguerite says:

      Bellissimo! 6 italianna, Alma? Non conosci la grammatica? Ed andare, non i andare…Pare che le persone ignoranti sono prevvenuti e colpevolisti…

  44. Noel says:

    Keep speaking your truth Amanda. The citizens of Italy are listening. Your fellow Americans are listening. The entire world is witnessing the completely unfounded accusations & verdict. We will fight this with you & Raffaele. We know you are both innocent. <3

    • Cinnamon says:

      The citizens of the UK are also listening. Many of us here think this whole case is ridiculous. Even a Barrister said that no British jury would have convicted Ms Knox on the “evidence” presented at Florence.

  45. Gomorrah says:

    I commend Raffaela & you for staying strong & showing how much you care for your friend who’s in Heaven. The closer you are with our Lord the better he will get you through this mess. I have faith in both you kids that you will do right as you always have then & now. My continued Prayers to you both, your families & friends. We will all get through this & somehow someway everyone will understand & see the TRUTH/Light.

  46. Jeff Beverly says:

    Raffaele is a slave only to his own sense of honor and integrity. He refused to betray a friend.
    Amanda, we understand that you are a pawn in the italian court’s game of striking back at ‘Big-Bad-Old-U.S.A.’ But we know that you didn’t fly the plane that killed innocent people in the Cavalese cable car disaster. Your finger was not on the trigger of the gun that killed Nicola Calipari. And you were not a C.I.A. agent operating in Italy. But the italian courts are using you to take vengeance for those perceived insults to ‘italian honor’. We (your supporters) will continue to stand by you and fight for you. God bless you.

    • Daphne says:

      The saddest part is that Raffaele was probably in love with Amanda. It must have hurt him a little when he was forced to move on. I think it’s tragic.

  47. Carrie says:

    This entire situation is so sad. Sad for the family of Meredith Kercher, who despite the real killer being in jai,l still can’t get closure because of the prosecution’s vendetta against Amanda. Sad for Amanda and Raffaele who will have to live with this injustice for the rest of their lives. I wish nothing but peace for everyone involved.

    • Meg says:

      I do not feel sorry for the Kerchers – at this point in time. Raffaele Sollecito’s life has been horribly disrupted to the point where even without facing 25 years in prison for a crime he had nothing to do with, he’s still been tracked out of a normal life. One’s twenties, mid-twenties, can set the course for the rest of your life. To be so held up in that period is already semi-tragic. To not be able to grasp the few remaining strands of youth left is a complete disfiguring of Raffaele’s future. Most in society do not like to think about this, but it’s the truth. Raffaele didn’t just lose those four years of is life, he lost the opportunities which accrue from having been able to live normally within them – for the rest of his life.

      Even if the ISC were to bizarrely switch course and fully exonerate him in a year, the damage done up till then is already something profound with lifelong implications. Amanda will always have to contend with these exigencies as well.

      But now we have Raffaele struggling to simply remain bodily free for the rest of his middle adulthood.

      The Kerchers are attacking Raffaele and Amanda; they’re attempting to essentially kill or totally disable them and that makes them no better than Rudy Guede.

      I feel zero sympathy for their sick and demented vendetta.

      Only one person links Meredith to Rudy Guede, and that is Giacomo Silenzi – NOT Raffaele Sollecito, who knew none of these people. He is the one actor in this drama who I have considered purely innocent from Day 1. Amanda had responsibility in dealing with a foreign country and context more wisely than she did. Patrick Lumumba shouldn’t have been viewing Amanda as a way to make money by scoring an interview with her for his friends in the press. Meredith should have refrained from taking up with a man, Giacomo, who showed signs of drugdealing tendencies and misogyny.

      But Raffaele? No, he was just a sweet guy who tried to be a good boyfriend. It was not his father’s responsibility to shepherd a foreign exchange student around Italy.

      This may seem ‘disrespectful’ to the innocentisti who consider themselves above the fray, superior to those who come from less than privileged backgrounds.

      But it is the truth, flawed and venal as it may be. Raffaele did absolutely nothing, and he will now suffer the most. The Kerchers lost their daughter and that is awful and tragic, but people lose loved ones all the time without becoming murderers themselves.

      I and others will never allow Amanda to be abducted from her own country to be sacrificed on the altar of Perugian and Italian corruption’s face saving cult.

      But Raffaele? What will become of him? The truest and purest innocent often suffers the most.

      Giacomo Silenzi is the link between Meredith and Rudy, and it is into his life the Kercher family needs to look for these supposed ‘answers’ they claim to seek. Was it fair that Amanda made some risky choices but when their daughter did she came home in a body bag? No, but life isn’t fair and hatred is not a substitute for justice.

    • Matt says:

      I feel for their loss, but at this point, with all the information available, they are choosing to be ignorant.

  48. Tyler says:

    Dear Amanda
    What do you think of these statements by Rudy Guede in a signed letter from prison. He seem to be disputing your account of what happened.

    “Against me are made continuous false and imaginary reconstructions for the sole purpose of wanting to denigrate my figure and person, systematically and in a negative way in the public eye and not just the Italian.”

    “In the final judgment, as far as I’m concerned about these false and imaginative reconstructions, is that I was acquitted of theft and simulation of crime, a fact that I never hear mentioned in the various journalistic reconstructions.”

    “I also want to point out I do not accept in any way to be passed off and continually held up as a drifter, a thief, a homeless man, seeing my person and my dignity offended continually, denigrated and stereotyped by facts and things that do not realte to me… when I had a beautiful family and precious squeaky clean and friendly relations in Perugia.”

    So if he didn ‘t break the window, who did?

    • Pigsticker says:

      Before taking what Guede said at face value, you might want to talk to some of his past robbery victims. Two good names to start with would be Paolo Brocchi (whose law office he broke into) and Maria del Prato (owner of a Milan nursery, which she found Guede in less than a week before the murder). Then there’s the guy he threatened with the knife in his own home. Wish I could remember his name…

      • Lyn says:

        That was Christian Tramontano who had Guede evicted from a nightclub after he spoke with bouncers and explained that he had burgled house/threatened with knife. This was before Guede murdered Meredith, obviously. Another nightclub heard the story and also barred Guede.

        • Lyn says:

          Another VERY pertinent point!!

          At the Brocchi Law office, entrance was gained by a rock through a window. Glass from window was found neatly lined up on a desk (I believe it was a desk). Also, robber drank juice. One of the Lawyers testified that glass was found on top of and under items scattered all over the floor.

          At Via della Pergola…entrance was gained by a rock through window. Glass from said window was neatly lined up on sill. Juice had been drunk from fridge AND from the bottle…. ( Guede admitted this as he likely assumed his DNA would show there). Also, there are claims glass was found on top of and under items scattered on floor.
          Can anybody see a pattern here?? lol It is as plain as the nose on your face!

          One other thing. Well two actually. If Guede had asked either Meredith or Amanda for a drink, and he had never been in the apartment remember…does anybody believe they would have allowed him to go to fridge and drink from the bottle??!! Both girls had been well brought up, you simply do not let a first time guest help themselves. Plus, you would not direct said first time guest to the bathroom that was NOT your responsibility! Especially after seeing/hearing about ‘cleaning issues’.

          Nope. 🙂

          • Lyn says:

            Dang!! Need to add…Guede was caught in Milan a few days later in Maria del Prato’s kindergarten premises with a laptop from Brocchi’s office. Of course, Guede who as his adoptive mom said, lied to protect himself! He ‘bought it’ from somebody. Hmmmm. If anyone believes that you are lost. 🙂 Then we have the scenario at the Milan Questura. Guede is duly photographed, fingerprinted, charged with theft, possessing stolen goods and possessing a weapon…namely the knife from kindergarten. Then what happens? A call from Milan to Perugia ensued and the Milanese Police put him on a train home. To sexually assault and kill Meredith Kercher.

        • Pigsticker says:

          Thanks Lyn

        • Daphne says:

          The fact that Amanda was out there among such dangerous people at night must have frightened the daylights out of her after what happened to Meredith.

      • Mike Wiesner (Smith) says:

        The man Guede threatened with a knife was bartender Christian Tramontano, on Sept.27th. Had Guede been arrested for his previous crimes, he never would have been able to climb through Filomena’s window on the evening of Nov.1st. Too sickening to think about.

        Even sadder is the failure of the police to track down “the Baron” when the boys living downstairs reported him during the initial police interviews. The police were desperately trying to find every person who visited the cottage, but the boys only knew Guede as “the Baron.” Had they canvassed the area, they easily could have found out it was Rudy Guede. They would have then matched the fingerprint on his identity card, arrested him, and solved the murder.

        Instead, they focused on Amanda, and ‘confirmation bias’ took hold. The obvious break-in became “staged” in their minds. The murder had to have been done by three people, when it much more likely was done by one. From there they interpreted every act with a meaning that fit their preconceived ideas.

        “When you attach an assumption to a piece of evidence, you start to twist the narrative to support it, and prejudice yourself”
        True Detective

        Both Raffaele AND Amanda became the “collateral damage” of this prejudice, due to the failure of the police to search for “the Baron.”

        • Meg says:

          Do you really believe the guys downstairs had no idea what Rudy’s real name was, after not just playing basketball with him but also hanging out in their own home with on on several occasions (if not more…)?

          I don’t. I think they planned this smoke and mirrors campaign, just as they refused to even come into Perugia without a sympathetic authority figure to accompany them to the police station.

          I don’t believe it at all. Giacomo Silenzi lied on the stand to make it appear that Amanda was more involved with the scene downstairs than she was (correct me if I’m wrong, please, Amanda – you weren’t baking cakes for Giacomo and his friends chronically were you?) He was also trying to be as sneaky and as stealthy as possible as he implicated Amanda, trying to make it sound as if he liked her but…

          Nah, these guys, especially Giacomo, knew who Rudy was IMO. They even suspected he might have been involved I think from early on. Certainly they were trying to camouflage their involvement with Rudy.

    • Glenn Thigpen says:

      If I recall, Rudy also denied killing Meredith. If he did not, who planted his bloody foot prints at the scene, planted his DNA at the scene, and planted his finger prints, etc. at the scene, all without leaving a trace?


    • Joseph W Bishop says:


      Amanda has never provided an “account” of how Meredith died, because she wasn’t there. She has provided her conclusions about what the evidence shows. Many important, independent experts concur with her.

      Perhaps it would be best to look at some undisputed facts that conflict with what Guede is said to have written above:

      (1) He says that he’s not a thief, yet he was caught red-handed having broken into the office of Maria del Prato in Milan only days before the murder. When you find somebody you’ve never seen poking around your private space, it’s a big deal. He wasn’t able to escape because Ms. Del Prato had two male repairmen with her.

      (2) In this break-in he was caught with a laptop and cell phone stolen from a Perugian law office where the entry exactly matched what was found at the crime scene: An elevated window that had been broken with a rock.

      (3) A man named Cristian Tramontano states that he had caught Guede inside his house as he slept upstairs. When confronted, Guede threatened Tramontano with a knife. He was threatening someone with a deadly weapon inside their own home.

      (4) Guede’d DNA indicated sexual penetration of the victim, even though none of Meredith’s friends knew of any telationship between him and Meredith.

      (5) Guede admits watching Meredith bleed to death yet he flees the scene of the crime without calling police or an ambulance.

      Hope this helps.

    • Rose Marie says:

      Why believe Rudy, whose DNA was without any doubt in Meredith’s room and on her and inside her? His foot print on the bath mat. His feces in the toilet of the Italian girls. Only because he knew there was evidence to support it, he admitted that he was at the cottage. But he made up much of the rest.

      His comments show only that he continues to talk about things far from the main facts of his guilt. He tries to shift the focus in a cowardly way to some arrogant claims about his honor, his name and by talking about his figure (or face – perhaps not translated well), he could be trying to assert that racism is to blame.

      And to quibble about suggestions that he was a drifter? Well, he was without a job and had been thrown out by his family. He had broken into several businesses and residences and stolen items. He had no money for rent. So maybe he wasn’t convicted on those charges, stealing and altering the scene, but he was most likely was guilty of those. His prints were on Meredith’s purse!

      Funny how Amanda didn’t need any money and had plenty in her bank account, yet she instead of Rudy was blamed for stealing from Meredith? And all the rest.

      Rudy is the murderer, rapist, thief and burglar in this case. The Italians were fixated on Amanda and Raffaele. It makes no sense. Racism was an issue in this case – in the way the police focused on Patrik and jailed him without proper evidence. They served him up and coerced Amanda into naming him. Then they let him languish in jail for a few weeks without DNA or other evidence to substantiate his guilt.

      Racism is also evident in the treatment of Rudy Guede: Reverse racism. Guede has used it to his advantage, playing it for all he can, starting with this strange and certainly fictional claim of “black man found, black man guilty.” And he has continued in that “poor me” mode for six years. There are many disturbed apologists for Guede who froth at the mouth in their hatred for Amanda and Raffaele. This sort of disproportionate attention to racism is used by the pro-guilt side to distract from the facts. The facts tell the story – that Rudy Guede is guilty and Amanda and Raffaele are not guilty.

      • Cinnamon says:

        I’ve noticed a lot of reverse-racism from people regarding this case too. It seems politically incorrect to suggest that a black man alone is guilty.

      • Meg says:

        I believe anti-white racism has been one integral tool for the corrupt prosecution from the beginning. I even think that they knew Rudy was the perp, and set Amanda up to falsely accuse Patrik as both a distraction from Rudy, and as a way to create evidence that Amanda was somehow an evil racist, so therefore she must be a murderer.

        A black man’s DNA is everywhere, including in the victim’s vagina, but the white bitch did it.

    • Larry says:

      Wait, you are taking a man that had his DNA all over the scene, including his sperm inside the victim, at his word? He says he was “squeaky clean” although he had a clear record of similar (nearly identical) acts of breaking into homes and offices to sleep and wielding a knife. His feces were found in the toilet and his prints all over in Meredith’s blood.

      Even if you don’t “understand” the circumstances that led to Amanda’s original declarations under distress and abuse by the police, one thing is certain, the evidence clearly shows that she had nothing to do with this crime. I’ve spent more time than is likely healthy reviewing every detail of this case. Even if some find her behavior odd, one thing is for sure, there is no way possible that she can be convicted beyond a reasonable doubt. Even if you think she “could have” done it, that means she “could not have” done it. There is your reasonable doubt. If there is a single question in your mind about her guilt, that is reason to acquit. The burden of proof is on the prosecution, not the presumed innocent.

      In my humble opinion, she has proven her innocence beyond any reasonable doubt. But it’s sad she even had to do that. She should be presumed innocent. Please read all of the facts in the case. Read her book. Take an unbiased look at the entire thing from day one. Then comment.

      Even putting aside the absolute failure of the investigators and prosecution – remember that the prosecutor was convicted of corruption after this case – ask yourself how she could have cleaned all of her and Raffeale’s DNA from that room while leaving an enormous amount of only Rudy’s? That is literally impossible. Go try cleaning your DNA from your house but leaving a single other resident’s DNA. Unless you have supper powers, you will find it impossible. Then take a look at the only real expert testimony as to the time of death and the undisputed evidence that she was watching a movie at Raffeale’s place at that time. That is just a small piece of the overwhelming evidence that she was clearly not present. I could go on for days dispelling these lies.


        Larry your assessments would ring truer if Amanda was tried in the US. But as has been noted before, Amanda unfortunately fell under the Italian system of justice. She didn’t have the presumption of innocence like the US has. She didn’t have
        many rights, that she would have had in the US.
        In many ways her court legal battles in Italy came down to the their professional word against hers…and she always lost.

        She was in a no-win situation…its amazing she won the
        verdict in the 2nd trial. That was a huge upset for the opposition
        in Italy…but they came back stronger than ever.

      • Nasim says:

        You talk about sperm and then proceed to lecture on the need for others to learn their facts? The “squeaky clean” reference is taken out of context and has a slightly different connotation in Italian. That said, I agree that Rudy’s letter is disappointingly self-serving as always. None of the accused win a gold star for honesty.

        • Larry says:

          Ok, the “sperm” was found on a pillow under her body. His DNA was inside her. His DNA, prints, feces, etc., littered the entire scene. You cherry pick on mistake. Just like the prosecution.

          I can’t stand the ignorance of people that simply WANT her to be guilty and to hell with the actual facts and evidence. You question her statements but fail to point out the linguistic differences in her “see you later” text. You can’t explain how one cleans only her DNA but not that of Guede.

          I’m not asking you to “like” Amanda, but at least give this case an unbiased review. I have. And While I haven’t practiced law in Italy, I do know that they are afforded (supposed to be) the presumption of innocence. I have been involved in many civil and criminal cases through my family law firm. The fact that the Italian system tries both civil and criminal proceedings at the same time is unconscionable. The burden of proof and proceeders for submitting evidence is different. Yet, evidence that was ruled inadmissible in the criminal case was still introduced and presented to the jurors deciding her fate in the criminal case. There is so much wrong with that.

          And I’ve had people tell me that I’m only passionate about this case because she’s a pretty girl. Wrong! I can cite three recent cases with pretty women where I have taken several different positions. In the Jodi Arias case, there is no doubt that she is guilty and she admitted such. Then you have Casey Anthony. While I believe strongly in her guilt and that she had something to do with it, if I were a juror I would have voted to acquit her simply because there was reasonable doubt. The evidence wasn’t strong enough to erase questions of maybe it was an accidental death that she covered up. Any question and you have reasonable doubt. I still despise her as a person.

          In Amanda’s case, I believe the evidence exonerates her beyond any reasonable doubt. Furthermore, I believe she is sincere, honest, smart and a good person. Nothing at all suggests otherwise unless you simply judge her based on the early biased, planted and false stories concocted by the prosecution. Even then, all she is guilty of is what you may perceive as weird behavior.

          Let this poor woman move on with her life. She will have to live with this forever, no matter the outcome. It is heartbreaking and tragic. I truly wish her peace and serenity. This girl has more strength than anyone I’ve ever seen. She deserves her life back. Kercher’s death was horrible and tragic. But this witch hunt is making it worse. The family is not getting any relief from this nonsense.

      • Boggled says:

        No, the prosecutor was accused of corruption. And cleared.

    • Lyn says:

      A timely reminder of words from Signora Caporali…Guede’s ‘adoptive’ mother in Perugia. ” Rudy always lies to protect himself”.

      ‘Nuff said.

    • Sarah H says:

      How did Guede’s DNA get inside the victim and in her purse? He said that she — who had a boyfriend — chose to engage in intimate activities with him. That’s enough to prove what a liar he is.

      • Willis Coleman says:

        Amanda had a boyfriend too and chose to engage in intimate activities with others. Are you saying that proves she’s a liar? Frankly, while Rudy’s account is most surely a lie, it’s a much more skillful lie than the nonsensical contortions of Amanda and Raffaele.

        • BigDinBoise says:

          What is your proof that Amanda and Raffaelle “chose to engage in intimate activities with others”? By the way, I’m saying you are a lier

    • floen says:

      Sorry Tyler, but I take offense to you posting that on here. You really should research more thoroughly instead of bothering someone who is very busy, and expecting her to explain Guede’s words and actions as if she can speak for him. Go to injusticeinperugia.org and read what the experts say about the window.

    • chris says:

      Of course he was acquitted of “simulation of a crime”…he didnt simulate anything….he ACTUALLY commited a break in, and as far as aquitted on theft, well who cares about some cash and cell phones stolen when you slaughtered someone, that’s just redundant.

    • MedullaPancreas says:

      It’s not even disputed Rudy’s DNA was at the crime scene and inside Meredith. So as far as the sane world goes Rudy has no dignity to offend.

  49. Tom Zupancic says:

    I can’t help it. Whenever I read about this case I can’t help but first and foremost consider the absurdity of the prosecution’s fundamental premise; that Raffale and Amanda could ever have had anything to do with this crime. How could any intelligent and cognizant human being begin to think that? The only logical interpretation of these events is that the investigators who perpetrated this injustice are some dang wierd individuals. The people who created this fantasy and continue to drive this injustice a not ‘normal’ people.

  50. Larry says:

    I have been very attached to this case from the start. Just days after the murder (by Rudy), I was elected as a legislator in Upstate NY. Whether it was my own bias or just intuition, I immediately felt for Amanda. Although a little older, I was just 28 in 2007 and had just survived my own injustice and malicious prosecution. At just 24, I was working for the mayor and became a scapegoat in a political fight that had nothing to do with me. I was arrested and chained to a wall. I lost my job as Marketing Director for the city. Worst of all, I had NO IDEA why it was happening until much later. I was young and naive. But I similarly willed myself to grow up quick and I dug in deep to make sure that I fought the system. I would not allow myself to become a victim. Many told me that I was not acting like someone that was victimized. How should I have acted?!? I was determined to fight back. I have always wanted a career in public service. Long story short, after three years of legal battles, I was totally exonerated of the allegations in criminal court. In 2007 I won a civil rights lawsuit against the mayor and city for malicious prosecution with a $75,000 award. And in the November 2007 election, I won a seat on the legislature and the mayor that caused this was defeated in his reelection bid. But then came the national/worldwide attention to the Amanda Knox case.

    While many saw the case as sensational and just a beautiful girl, I was more personally affected. I saw many parallels to myself. I have followed ever since. It has outraged me that an injustice of this magnitude was allowed. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me to see the malicious nature of the prosecution. It is a problem even here in America. What has surprised me is the nature of the judicial procedures in Italy.

    I know this is long but I have never commented on any website or social network on this matter. But the recent verdict has me literally losing sleep. I must admit that I made a huge mistake. I bought Amanda’s book for my mother the day it came out. However, I never read it until this week. I thought I knew everything. I finished it last night, and although it didn’t effect my original opinion on the case (I already knew she was innocent), it did bring to light many things that were never published and put everything into perspective. It was amazing and I couldn’t put it down.

    But the ignorance of many people commenting and opining around the world is killing me. I can’t imagine that they actually believe what they’re saying. Anyone with even an ounce of intellect would see this case for what it is – an absolute injustice. I have to believe many are just trying to capitalize on the cottage industry of being cynical and a contrarian. And once a lie is put out there, no matter how much evidence is provided to dispel it, many will always believe it. I still have many “trolls” that fill the internet forums with lies and hate about me. But I keep plugging away.

    I wish there were something I could do to help. I will make a donation to the fund and hope that helps. In the meantime, keep fighting the good fight and know that there are millions of supporters around the world. And never give up on fighting for those without a voice. Remember, true character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you. Keep being that quirky girl full of optimism. There are so many people that can be helped by your story and your advocacy.

    • Daphne says:

      Wow, that’s quite an experience you had there. But then again, you were tried in the US, and so you probably were able to access that help a bit more easily than Amanda. Well, thanks for letting us hear your story, and maybe you can focus on what brought your own case to justice, and share that with Amanda. (Were you literally “chained?”)

      It’s true that once a mistake is out there affecting your credibility in any way shape or form, it’s hard to set it right. That is why Amanda’s lawyers mustn’t give up. I am saving my opportunity to donate when we are really at battle in court. It’s so hard to know just how much Amanda is going to need. You really do sound like a winner!


      Larry, great personal story. But can you imagine if you had to clear your name in Italy for the same thing…might prove a wee bit more challenging.

      I’ve had to learn, to not take it so personally when people had this vendetta thing against me, to wrongly accuse me. Its like I gave more weight to what they said, then what I knew was true…maybe I’m a people pleaser, wanting to please everyone.
      1. Bad idea…impossible, impractical. I will have enemies anytime for speaking the truth and doing good. That’s reality. How I handle it is really the key here.

    • Paul Smyth says:

      Just a great comment Larry. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Of course Amanda and Raffaele are innocent. The case against them is an intellectual embarrassment and no intelligent person, fully apprised of the facts, would buy into it for a second. What should have been a simple, easily fixed mistake has now spun wildly out of control until it has now become Italy’s version of the Dreyfus Affair.

      The murder of Meredith Kercher is ineffably sad but not complicated to solve. All of the evidence points to Rudy Guede, acting alone, as the killer. What is unique about this case is the emergence of a highly motivated, sophisticated, ruthless, and seemingly well funded disinformation campaign, centered in London and dedicated to perpetuating a grave injustice by fooling people into believing otherwise.

      But I have faith that this ugly effort is destined to fail. The plain fact is that if you slow down and look at the so called “evidence” bit by careful bit, it all disappears. If we can keep the focus on the profound lack of evidence, the manifest absurdities of prosecution theories, and the manifest unfairness of the proceedings, Amanda and Raffale will prevail.

    • Daniel says:

      Larry, perhaps you could find a way to send a more complete version of your story, here, to the Kercher family? Meredith’s brother recently reported to the media that they feel they may never know what really happened to their sister and daughter. It almost sounds as if some doubt is creeping into the manipulated world they are living in. Certainly, your story might help them to see more of the insanity (if not the criminality) of Amanda’s and Raffaele’s prosecution, and the reality of Rude Guede’s solitary guilt in her murder.

      If the Kercher’s were sufficiently convinced of the manipulation of which they have clearly been victims, they might even turn for the appeal and plead to the Italian Supreme Court on behalf of the defense that they now see how they had been so badly misled all along. I know this is an outside shot, but such a dramatic change in the perceptions of Meredith’s family, or even just some members of it, could influence the appeal in a more positive direction.

      In any case, at least some of the Kerchers may be reading this blog and that may be enough to help them to revise their thinking and feelings about this case, despite very strong influences to stay the course.

  51. Bjørn Meurer says:

    There are no words for those italians… – but keep fighting, and smile. We are at your both side.
    Greeting from cologne

    • Pigsticker says:

      Actually, alot of Italians are beginning to wake up to the facts. We’ve been receiving a huge flood of new supporters on Facebook, many of them in Italy. As I predicted to Frank Sfarzo, they’re all getting really pissed off.

  52. Kristen says:

    The prosecution doesn’t want to admit they are wrong. From day one saying it was more than one person who committed this crime they had to go with it because this was a “big” case. Bullshit. If they were the prosecutors that they should be this case wouldn’t be what it is today.. But no they have to tell lies and make up stories to save their asses from being so ignorant in this case. R and A are innocent.. And those prosecutors know it too.

  53. kwill says:

    Your grace and courage is astonishing — possibly only matched by that of Raffaele. Last week when you said that it was like being diagnosed with cancer, I thought YEAH, BUT ALSO, NO. A giant freight train came out of nowhere and damaged you both . . . the difference is that cancer is (mostly) random, and if you get it, you know that it’s not personal. The universe doesn’t have it in for you. It’s just bad luck.

    Handling that sort of thing with grace and courage is freaking hard. Lots of people dissolve into resentment and no-fair and fear, and who can blame them?

    But what happened to you guys IS personal. It wasn’t random. It was specific people choosing to target you and imprison you and prosecute against all reason & evidence.

    And I think that handling THAT reality with grace and courage is practically superhuman. I can only say that I’m confident somehow it will come out right in the end, and in the meantime please know that many, many people are trying to have your back, and Raffaele’s as well.

  54. Jo Mushaba says:

    Funny Amanda rips into the witness as being heroin-using when she herself is ganja smoking. If the man cant be trusted for his heroin taking, why should the ganja-smoking, wild-sex loving and serial lier Amanda be trusted?

    • T.C. says:

      Amanda, as far as I know doesn’t use heroin nor is she a serial witness. Would you suggest Obama or Clinton a killer? They are both on record as smoking MJ.

      Now how about you taking the time to look at the facts…It may raise your IQ.

      • Lisa Smith says:

        Yes! Have you ever heard Obama kill list? Your President actually kills innocent people abroad, with his drones. Children, women etc. without any trials. Not to mention his hideous crimes against humanity in Guantanamo bay, what you americans like to see continuing for ever more.
        Guede said Meredith told her before the murder that she was very annoyed Amanda smoking hash in the house.
        Guede also told police description what they were wearing (A &R) that murder night while they did it. He said they were wearing swimming caps to cover their faces, and gave details of those. I don’t know what to think about this. But police found identical swimming cap in Raffaele’s flat. This information was not allowed to be presented in trial because of A&R lawyers.

        • HH says:

          I have never heard that thing with the swim caps before. WHY would they be wearing swim caps to cover their faces in their own house? Who were they afraid would recognize them? Meredith? And why are you taking anything Rudy says seriously?

          I don’t see why Meredith would be annoyed with Amanda smoking hash. Meredith smoked it too and so did Laura and Filomena. Why wasn’t Meredith annoyed with the roommates who were providing the stash? Why wasn’t she annoyed with her boyfriend, who was growing it downstairs?

        • BigDinBoise says:

          I think we can see what you are actually upset about – i.e. U.S. foreign policy. I can assure you Amanda has nothing to do with that.
          As for the rest of the stuff you made up, I wouldn’t know where to begin on countering such fallacious arguments.
          Seek some professional help please, no one here can help you.

    • Daphne says:

      1) there was no evidence
      2) the case should have been based on facts, and not on sensationalist theories
      It’s interesting to see how many of us are spilt on this view, and how the European justice system still bases “beyond a reasonable doubt” on intent and motive rather than concrete evidence.

      • David Barneby says:

        I have lived in Italy a number of years and followed several murder trials closely . I’m still firmly in the belief that in Italy you are guilty until proven innocent , despite the fact that my Italian lawyer friends deny that . I once had a conversation with an eminent Florentine lawyer regarding a murder trial that had no conclusive evidence . Clearly the accused were convicted on the basis of probability , not proof beyond reasonable doubt , he completely agreed with me that probability had been seen as sufficient to convict in that case and that it was wrong .

        • "Dafne" says:

          Hi, David. Yes, that is the reason for such a division. But it makes it hard for the rest of the world to follow laws and keep out of trouble when most of the world has it the other way around. Following such logic, it would mean that anyone in Perugia without a solid alibi and/or a reason (however absurd) to dislike Meredith, would also be guilty. See? To me that is unrealistic, because the prosecution has failed or neglected to substantiate their guilt with anything concrete? It does not make too much sense. But if I understand correctly, you are implying that in Italy intent is sufficient grounds. It’s true that malicious intent is punishable in Italy. By the same token, anyone can say that “David Barneby” stabbed the victim, cleared all his DNA, and took Meredith’s phones and money all because he left a mess and Meredith was a neat freak. Amanda would have moved. (and probably in with Raffaele) had there never been a murder.
          The way it has been sounds so ludicrous presented.

    • Chan says:

      Just shows how utterly ignorant you are about heroin, marijuana and the prosecution’s repeated use of the same convenient witness in multiple cases.

    • Carrie says:

      You might want to do some research on the difference between the occasional joint and being a heroin addict.

    • Sarah H says:

      Let’s pretend there’s no difference between marijuana and heroin, as laughable as that may seem.

      Regardless, the heroin abuser got his dates wrong. He clearly couldn’t remember the story the police wanted him to tell. As a serial police-witness, it must be hard for him to keep his stories straight.

      Amanda’s claim of innocence, on the other hand, is supported by all the evidence found in the murder room — every bit of which matched Rudy Guede. Not a single speck of Amanda’s skin, blood, DNA, or hair; or any fingerprint or shoe print of hers was found in the murder room. She couldn’t have killed Meredith without being in the room, and she couldn’t have cleaned the room of all traces of her and Raffaele while leaving only Rudy’s traces behind. All the physical evidence proves that Amanda’s telling the truth.

      Logic and common sense both show that Amanda’s the trustworthy person, not the homeless heroin addict — even though his testimony about watching them OUTSIDE between 9:00 and 11:30 would have given them a useful alibi. Too bad he couldn’t keep his dates straight.

    • Lyn says:

      From drugbeat.org…. on the effects of heroin…


      Heroin causes confusion & clouds your thought processes

      You make irrational decisions

      It alters your perception of reality

      Emotional growth becomes arrested

      It suppresses emotions

      Heroin causes depression and lack of motivation

      It gives you a false sense of detachment from reality & the pain it may cause

      You have a false sense of ‘normality’


      Learning & short term memory

      Emotional growth & maturity

      Decision making & problem solving

      Antonio Curatolo was a self confessed longtime heroin addict. He admitted to using heroin the night he ‘ saw Amanda and Raffaele in Piazza Grimana’.

      Have you any further thoughts on this ‘super witness/serial witness’??

    • floen says:

      Are you kidding me Jo? Comparing heroin to cannabis is absolutely ridiculous. 27 states in the U.S. have either decriminalized cannabis, legalized possession and state-licensed retail sales, legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes, or a combination of the three. Heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet. How old are you and where do you live? Because it sounds like you are either 8 years old, or live in an isolated forest with no information coming from the real world. 🙁

  55. Tom Zupancic says:

    This excellent analysis of the Italian Justice System posted today by Andrew Gumble gets right to the point of what has been going on with this case from day one; “Trial By Osmosis: Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and the Nightmare of Italian Justice” https://lareviewofbooks.org/essay/trial-osmosis-amanda-knox-raffaele-sollecito-nightmare-italian-justice

    The short synopsis; in this system evidence is irrelevant, facts are irrelevant. As the ISC articulated so clearly, it is about ‘osmosis’ which is, telling a good story. The prosecution simply needs to fabricate a story that might be plausible, somehow. That is it.

    The article goes on to elaborate how the participants in the process insulate themselves from accepting any moral responsibility for whatever injustice they then promote. The article is a must read for people who want to understand the nature of this injustice.

  56. god says:

    vai in galera troia

  57. Stacy says:

    As always, brava, Amanda. Keep writing and expressing the soul the “haters” try to say you don’t have. We know better. You have a captive audience of believers who are inspired by your strength and perseverance. In boca al lupo…

  58. BigDinBoise says:

    Very well stated Amanda. I think the odd sentencing (25 for Raffaele and 28.5 for Amanda) in this latest verdict speaks volumes about what is at play in the minds of the Italian judiciary. While I think the evidence against both of you is thin at best, the evidence is even weaker if applied individually.

  59. Z says:

    Honest, correct, and intelligent as usual. I’ve also noticed that many people are slowly but surely seeing through all the lies and sensationalism.

    • Paul says:

      Sailor moon is a far cry from the MPD manga RS had in his possession. A quick google of images may be difficult for some to view. This information is not a surprise to many familiar with the case.

      • BigDinBoise says:

        Is that you Giuliano? Back to the satanic cult motive theories are we? What’s wrong? I thought the current theory was that the turd made them do it?

        • Nick Green (UK) says:

          Oh, it’s the sweet, sweet sounds of a barrel being scraped.

          • BigDinBoise says:

            “sweet sounds of a barrel being scraped,” – this must be a Britism. I’m not sure what to make of it?

        • Paul says:

          Images of bound mutilated woman are repulsive to me. MPD manga has a select following. I’m not sure whether you are defending them or what your point is.

          • BigDinBoise says:

            That’s because you don’t have a sense of humor Paul.
            Raffaele had a collection of Japanese anime and a single magna comic book with the image of a vampire women being slain. Hardly motivation for murder, unless your Mignini and you see it along with the photo of Meredith dressed as a vampire on Halloween and put 2 and 2 together to make five.

  60. Willis Coleman says:

    Let’s get one thing straight: There is absolutely no way that Raffaele is innocent of this crime. This conclusion is based on strong forensics, his changing alibis and to a much lesser extent on the witness testimony and character evidence. Raffaele’s best legal move from the beginning was to fast-track and try for accessory after the fact. Arrogant as always, he chose an all-or-nothing defense and he lost. Now he wants the Supreme Court to reduce his sentence anyway. To which I say best of luck.

    • Cheryl says:

      You are clearly insane and clueless, not to mention ignorant.

    • Michael Wiesner (smith) says:

      Willis, use some common sense:
      You are forgetting that guilty people NEVER, EVER change their alibis. There is no conceivable way Raffaele would have allowed the police to manipulate him into saying Amanda may have gone out if they were guilty. He would have blindly stuck to a set story, no matter what.

      The uncertainty of exactly what happened the day before is proof of their innocence (as if more proof were needed). The very fact they DIDN’T NEED ALIBIS is why they could be confused and manipulated by the interrogators. Had they been guilty, they would have been prepared; that they weren’t prepared is because they are INNOCENT!

      Common sense is sadly lacking in this ongoing miscarriage of justice!

    • Donna Frickey says:

      Please share with us the “strong forensics”. To the best of my understanding there is absolutely no forensic evidence which links Amanda or Raffaele to this awful crime. You also mention “character evidence” – what does that mean? I’m guessing you’re not from the U.S. because one’s “character” has nothing to do with one being guilty of a crime.

    • Chan says:

      So how did he and Amanda remove all traces of their presence at the crime scene while leaving those of Rudy Guede undisturbed? By magic?

    • Vinyllights says:

      Who are you kidding? Strong evidence? You have a lot of reading to do! Have you been at all? They had to go back after 40 some odd days to find something that tied raffaele to the scene. His best chance is to keep telling the truth even though the police won’t. Why wouldn’t they tell Amanda she was even arrested? They knew what they were doing.

    • BigDinBoise says:

      Please ignore this pest. It is only here for attention. Don’t feed it and it will go away.

    • Kevin says:

      It is simply incorrect that “strong forensics” tie Sollecito to the crime. As stated in the article, the claimed footprint in the bathroom is a better match for Rudy Guede who himself admitted to being in the bathroom, the claimed DNA match on the bra clasp has been totally demolished by an independent review which exposed critical shortcomings in the forensic process. That is the extent of the “strong forensics”.

      Perhaps more importantly there is absolutely no trace of him at the murder scene, no reliable evidence he ever left the house on the relevant night, and clear evidence from his computer that he was at home when the murder took place. If he wasn’t giving Amanda an alibi there would not even be a ghost of a case against him.

      • Lisa Smith says:

        Were you also a member of a jury that freed “loving mother” Casey Anthony because “no evidence is against her”, and “there is a reasonable doubt, that she just MIGHT be innocent if aliens killed her child” and ” we don’t know how she did it”? It’s the same logic.

        • BigDinBoise says:

          What does one thing have to do with the other? It’s not the same logic at all.
          Casey Anthony got off because there was no crime scene to investigate. The body wasn’t even found for months and there was little in the way of evidence of “murder” other then a lying mother and computer searches. If the prosecutor in that case wanted to insure a conviction they should have sought something less than 1st degree murder which carried with it the death penalty. I believe Casey Anthony is guilty, but if I was on the jury and forced to make a decision regarding her life, based on mostly circumstantial evidence, I might have voted the same way. The jury in that case believed that there was reasonable doubt that Caylee’s death was premeditated murder. That doesn’t mean that if 2nd degree or even manslaughter charges were sought in the case that they wouldn’t have voted to convict.

          • HH says:

            Actually in Casey’s case, 2nd degree, manslaughter and aggravated child abuse were also available as lesser charges. Her jury was full of morons who chose not to hold her responsible for anything. Apparently in their heads, thirty days without reporting her child dead or missing while lying to the world and partying wasn’t aggravated child abuse.

            Anyway, Amanda’s behavior was nothing like Casey Anthony’s and shouldn’t be compared to it.

        • HH says:

          What are you talking about? It isn’t the same thing at all. Casey Anthony had extensive forensic evidence indicating that her daughter’s dead body was in the trunk of her car for days. There was tons of forensic evidence implicating Rudy Guede as the sole murderer and there was no sign that Amanda was even in the room where the murder took place.

          Casey Anthony is very different. She repeatedly told lies. Amanda changed her story once during an interrogation where her rights were abused and then immediately attempted to retract it. The problem was not that she made a bogus confession which was obviously fiction, it was that the police stopped listening to her after they got her to say what they wanted.

          If you want to compare people to Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias, Rudy actually has a lot in common with them.

          1) Like Jodi Arias, Rudy used the “a stranger came in the house and committed the crime” excuse. Like both Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias, Rudy first blamed someone who didn’t exist, before finding it more convenient to put the blame on someone who did exist.
          2) Like Casey Anthony, Rudy went clubbing shortly after claiming he “witnessed someone’s death.”
          3) Like Jodi Arias, Rudy had knife cuts on his fingers consistent with stabbing someone. Rudy blamed the “mysterious intruder” for it.
          4) Like Jodi Arias, Rudy left a palm print in the victim’s blood behind.
          5) Like Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias, Rudy has told three differing stories about what happened that night. All of them absolve him of all blame.

    • Lyn says:

      You want character evidence??? How about Massei’s words. Read and learn.

      Massei p 421-422
      it should be noted above all that both defendants have no criminal record, no pending suit (with regard to the non-applicability of the limit to the granting of generic [extenuating circumstances] in Article 1 letter F bis [421] Law 24.7.2008 No. 125 to crimes committed in an earlier period, cf. Cassation 10646/2009). Other than their personal use of drugs, no unbecoming behaviour of the same [defendants] was demonstrated to have been carried out to the detriment of others. No witness testified to violent actions, or to aggressions-intimidations carried out by the current defendants to the detriment of anyone at all. To the contrary, there were even shown to be circumstances in which as much one as the other, besides diligently and profitably undertaking their studies in the manner that they were expected to do as students (Raffaele Sollecito was on the point of graduating and Amanda Knox was working profitably and regularly in the classes she was attending at the University) proved themselves to be available with others (Raffaele Sollecito, on the evening of 1 November, was meant to have accompanied Jovana Popovic to the station) and made the effort of taking on work (Amanda Knox worked in the evenings in the pub of Diya Lumumba) which was added to the effort required by their studies and attending lessons. These circumstances seem significant ex Article 133 paragraph 2 number 2 of the Criminal Code.

      Both defendants are very young, and were younger still at the time the events [took place]. The inexperience and immaturity characteristic of youth were accentuated by the situation in which both found themselves because it [the situation] was different from that in which they had grown up and did not have the usual points of reference (family, friends, acquaintances made through the years, one’s own country and town….

      You were saying???

      • HH says:

        You’re quoting Massei? Massei is utter fiction. He seems to believe he’s inside of the defendents’ heads. Not only does he make the assumption that the burglary was staged because Rudy would never rob his friends, but he decides in the absence of all evidence that Amanda and Raffaele were there and that they decided to help a stranger assault Amanda’s friend and roommate.

      • HH says:

        Lyn: Sorry, ignore me. I misunderstood your post.

    • Rob H says:

      Let’s get one thing straight: “Willis Coleman” is a fraud. There were no “changing alibis”, witnesses of any credibility or any evidence of bad character against Raffaele Sollecito. Always one to dodge a challenge as he has done ever since “his” first appearance on this blog – “Coleman” cannot produce, even once, any theory involving Mr Sollecito or Ms Knox actually committing the murder of Meredith Kercher with respect to the actual evidence. He has nothing, had nothing and always will have nothing except for untruths and innuendo. That’s it. “There is absolutely no way that Raffaele is innocent of this crime”, he states. As always “Willis”, a conclusion first, a reference to unspecified evidence to support the conclusion (“strong forensics” etc), followed by a failure to specify the evidence. We are not told what the “forensics” are or why “Coleman” believes them to be “strong” – let’s guess shall we? Could it be the discredited bra clasp and the non-existent footprint? Dishonest and grubby.

      • Lisa Smith says:

        Maybe he can read, could it be that? The massei report is there for you to be read too, if you ever bother yourself.
        Raffaele is a master of changing his alibs, I have lost count, could it be 5th going now (“Amanda left that night when I was sleeping”). He’s also changed his mind about Meredith cooking in his flat once, now he says that was one of his lies. “I LIED”. those are his words, not mine. So, a sworn liar By his own mouth.

        • BigDinBoise says:

          I’ve read both the Massei and Hellman report. Have you? Raffaelle never changes his alibi for the night of Nov. 1st. He might have gotten confused as to which night the police were questioning him about, but he never changed his alibi for the night of the murder.
          He believed the police when they said they had found Meredith’s DNA on the knife from his flat and postulated on how it could have gotten there, but he also wrote that he knew that was impossible because he hadn’t used that knife when he cooked at the Villa with Meredith and Amanda.
          But of course we all now know that the Meredith’s DNA was not actually found on the knife.
          As an exercise in futility, can you please list the various alibis that you believe Raffaele gave to the police?

          • Boggled says:

            So he came up with a complete fabrication about accidentally pricking her while they were cooking together?

          • Paul says:

            He told reporter Kate Mansey he was at a party on Nov 1 and he and Amanda both saw the body when the door was broken down. When you are talking about the night of a murder that occurred a couple days earlier you don’t need a calender.

        • HH says:

          Raffaele’s problem with the knife was that he trusted the police not to fabricate and fudge evidence. IMO when he heard that Meredith’s DNA was found on one of his knives (knowing that he didn’t murder her and Amanda didn’t murder her) he was racking his mind trying to figure out how it could have gotten there.

        • Rob H says:

          Either you don’t know the facts of the case “Lisa Smith” or you just choose to lie about them. Do you actually understand what the word “alibi” means? – not that you can spell it, of course. What happened to our exchange about your statements that 1) Amanda Knox’s DNA was on the bra clasp and 2) Her bloody shoe print was in Meredith Kercher’s bedroom. I asked you for the evidence of this or to apologise. Well?

          You continue to make a fool of yourself on this blog.

    • floen says:

      Willis: So you know better than the 20 independent US forensic scientists that looked at the evidence? What are your qualifications? Who is arrogant now? Seems like you.

  61. T.C. says:

    Well stated Amanda. Because Raffaele is an honorable man, he has not given the Italian courts what they desperately seek. As you know the Italian system of justice is corrupt. They have to save face at all expense even though in saving face, it demonstrates how corrupt the Italians system of justice is. With Raffaele not cooperating with what the Italian corruption, he will continue to be put under pressure. Raffaele has to understand he will not win. If I was him, I would hop on a private sailboat, go back to the Dominican Republic and ask for political asylum. This has became a political persecution, not a criminal prosecution.

    • MK says:

      How can he go to Dominican Republic without a passport? Even if its on a boat you need your documents. I feel really bad for Raffaele, at least Amanda can fight extradition and she might win but Raffaele will go back to prison next year.

  62. JimInAuburn says:

    This is so true. Unfortunately, if they do not find him guilty, then he can give you an alibi. So for your alibi to be a lie, he must be lying, and if he is lying, then he must be involved. Just more of the crazy reasoning of the Italian courts. Unfortunately, I fear that you will lose an appeal to the Italian Supreme Court. They have pretty much stated what they think when they sent the acquittal back down. So I expect them to uphold the conviction they wanted. I think you will fare much better in the ECHR. Good luck to you.

  63. Philippe says:

    Dear Amanda,
    your generosity and never ending faith in humanity confronted with such unfair adversity is really inspiring.
    You might be glad to know that, it is my experience, here in Europe, the latest verdict has had the reverse effect then that it was intended for.. many more people are aware of your story and are opening their eyes to this obvious injustice. I have been speaking to people about this for the past seven years, but can feel now that it is changing. it is a very unsettling thing that this has been allowed to go on for so long.
    if we go about our jobs , life, passions, somehow, in the back of our minds, it remains that this verdict and both you and rafaele’s fait is really not acceptable. It will never be viewed as a verdict on the MK murder, but an injustice, and one more shameful episode on the way to your exoneration.
    I found the article (below) particularly brilliant and helpfull in demonstrating what tradition the Italian justice system is based on, but what ever osmotic “narrative”the latest judge will come up with This time, in their “motivation “, it’s obvious it won’t stand a chance in the European court of human rights, if that where it will go.
    Wishing you lots of courage.
    PS: very effective picture and message!


    Very sadly enough, these particular Italian judges do not seek the truth or know the truth or care about the truth in this particular case. Your deserving vindication won’t come from them.

    But hold onto your hope, Amanda, it will come. Thankfully, the One above all of us, is the true God of Justice…which also implies that he also hates evil. Evil is clearly at work here, no matter what these judges call it. They are doers of evil and deceived.

    By the way, I have a 25 year old daughter who thankfully just came back from Cambodia after 6 months. Because of your terrible ordeal, we had a chance to discuss your case, the dangers of
    living in a foreign country, mainly some things she needed to be keenly aware of to protect herself, or to prevent such a thing that has happened to you…

  65. Deppie says:

    Brilliant, Amanda, brilliant! You are on fire. And every word you say is absolutely right.

    Raffaele is not a slave, and you are not his dominatrix. Only the sick minds that have allowed Rudy Guede to get away with the lightest of sentences for the brutal murder he alone committed could come up with such fantasies.

    It’s good to see that you’re not shying away from attacking the “so-called” evidence and standing up for yourself and Raffaele. You’ve spent enough time being sweet and apologetic. Now it’s time to get angry. Tear their stupid little bullshit arguments to pieces.

    • Lyn says:

      Deppie…I too am so glad to see Amanda getting a little pi**ed…* and telling it precisely as it is! Its time.

      I wrote somewhere a few months ago that I thought Amanda and Raffaele needed to get ‘angry’. Someone responded with ” yes, but righteous anger”.
      I agreed.

      So let righteous anger begin!

  66. JT says:

    A well stated and forceful argument. The prosecution has been trying to turn the two of you against each other since the beginning. Right now Raffaele is in a tough position since he is still in Italy and cannot legally leave. Since he is man of honor he has not given them what they so desperately want. To any one with any kind of an inquiring mind this entire case is a farce and just keeps getting worse. Suddenly Rudy is a student studying on a day pass?

    I am sure Italian law allows this. But really this is the man who seemingly could not read the letter the prosecutor alleged he wrote. Far to many years of covering up police and judicial intelectual dishonesty is going to come home to roost.

    I believe both of you are innocent. Keep fighting. I look forward to the total collapse of the prosecution’s case. They are relying on smoke and mirrors. Both of you, have fath in yourselves and never give up.

  67. You are both wonderful people who do not deserve any of what the Italian prosecutors and courts have put upon you. Thanks for this post, it helps people understand the real story, not what the media wants to put out there.

  68. neil jarman says:

    greatly written and informative i agree with every word of this ! all people are trying to do is drive a wedge between you and make up lies about each other to play off of each other to see who breaks first and it just hasn,t worked out as planned ! The right verdict is innocent and everyone knows it but its now about saving face and not admiting to the truth that the Italian judges etc made a big mistake and come out and say so to the world ! God bless you and god bless America from Neil uk

  69. Hi Amanda: This is an excellent “Blog” you have written in terms of Raffaele and the challenges you both face. It shows what a good writer you are and proclaims your collective innocence rather well and adequately in my view. Keep doing what you are doing, I saw a picture of foreign demonstrations in your favor on the Net 2 days ago…Please keyword “American Committee To Free Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito” on Facebook for your approval. Finished today. I am now studying Extradition cases re: Italy. – Best, Ken

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