12 Responses to LA Times Op-Ed: What do I owe Donald Trump?

  1. William says:

    Your belated ‘thank you’ to Trump sounded petulant like a child stamping her feet in defiance. The tone of the article was defensive, hostile and immature, and the content shallow. The LA Times (AKA, LA Mind Crimes) used you to take a poke at Trump.

    Trump asked not for loyalty but gratitude. He didn’t expect an ingrate and a hypocrite.

    I do understand your dilemma caught as you are between Trump and the cabal of wealthy Democrat influencers in Seattle who supported the propaganda campaign in the American media and against the Italian courts. Trump had to go. If you didn’t pitch him over, your biggest support group would have abandoned you. You must dance their jig. It was they who sprung you from prison and they, through the Democrat machine in DC, who told the Dagos to fuck-off, their girl wasn’t coming back. The Italian Supreme Court figured why fight a losing battle with a super-power and annulled your case. They got rid of a national problem.

    You are selling a bill of goods by claiming harsh and long hours of interrogation, which led to your ‘false’ confession. The court records show otherwise. From what I saw at a distance, the Italian police and courts were quite professional.

    The Central Park Five were guilty and justly convicted. Trump was correct on this as were the courts and the police. The poor white woman, the victim, whose life these Negroes and ‘Latins’ ruined for sport no one talks about or remembers.

    “Muggers and murderers,” he [Trump] wrote, “should be forced to suffer and, when they kill, they should be executed for their crimes.” Bravo!!! Is Trump really from Texas? Texas is always up for a good execution.

    Jonathan Haidt? Who’s that faggot? Oh…a New York Jew.

    In your article you mentioned Trump’s polices as dangerous. You never give details as to why and I’ve read most of your postings on the subject. The Clinton’s are the real criminals. Bill was (is) a cocaine head who abused, raped, and used a number of women including many black prostitutes he picked up in his governor’s limo for quick BJs. Hillary covered for him by threatening and browbeating these women into silence. Hillary took bribes while in office for favors to foreign governments and other entities and funneled that money to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. In addition, both Clintons have committed murder, espionage, and treason. They go unpunished. There’s your banana republic. There’s your misogyny.

    You said your father broke a pattern and didn’t vote Republican. That’s his choice, who cares.

    It was a tragedy with Meredith dead and you locked away for life since that meant two families never formed and several kids never born. Meredith was the baby of the family and no doubt her parents and the older kids spoiled her and doted on her. She was their little one. It’s difficult to imagine that you ended the sparkle in those pretty brown eyes that were Meredith’s. Two courts said you did. Only killer Rudy served significant time.

    In spite of all this, the court has ruled and you are free. I wish you well and hope the best for you as you find your path to travel. Don’t let bitterness eat away at you. The title of Wife and Mother is not a dishonor. That’s your decision but the way I see it, you owe the world a life. Get busy.

    BTW, France decided national suicide is their best approach to the future and thus defeated Le Pen. A little Bonaparte’s Retreat is fitting for the French requiem.

    Good-bye France.


    I see where the bugger-boy mayor of Seattle quit the race. He said it was too hurtful for him and his HUSBAND to continue. This sick bastard belongs in a mental ward. He made the announcement from a bathhouse, how appropriate. What a sick place is Seattle.

    I’ve heard that you are looking for persons to interview concerning religious brainwashing in prison. You should contact Charles “Tex” Watson currently at the following location:

    Mule Creek State Prison, Ione, California.

    He’d be really glad to talk to you on religious matters in prison. Go visit him. His website:


  2. Luara says:

    What a concept, that a person could be bought and owned with a tweet.
    Even robots cost a lot more than that.

  3. Stephane G says:

    I couldn’t agree more with these views you already expressed this past November. You may owe gratitude to your numerous supporters – and Trump was only one of them – but you certainly don’t owe allegiance to anyone and are definitely free to stand for the prevalence of reason and for what you think is right.

  4. Brian says:

    Seems to me there is a fine line between being grateful and “owing” someone something. Of course you should be grateful for his support, vocal and financial, at a time when you and your family needed all the help you could get.

    That gratitude doesn’t mean that you have to agree with everything he says or does. You certainly have the full right to your political and social beliefs, and to vote as your conscience dictates.

    But in all fairness, it does seem to me that it would have been gracious of you to NOT go out of your way to express yourself publicly on this one matter. In my opinion, if someone asked you how you felt about Mr. Trump’s policies, an appropriate answer might have been along these lines: “Mr. Trump helped me and my family when we needed it. While I may not agree with him on a lot of issues, I am and always will be thankful for that help.”

    • Luara says:

      How about loyalty to American democracy and liberal values? They are endangered.

    • Tom Zupancic says:


      Interesting comment. Just a couple of thoughts…

      Is there a fine line between being grateful and “Owing” someone something? In this case, in general, I would say no. In this case in particular, I would reiterate, no.

      ‘Thank you’ ought to suffice.

      Regarding being gracious, hmm… Should an objective observer ask ‘what would Trump do?’… never mind…

      Here is where I think this discussion goes off the rails. It is not about Trump. He is irrelevant. It is about Injustice. It is about what injustice does to real innocent people.

      How should the victims of such injustice behave? By NOT expressing themselves publically? Really? I don’t think so.

    • Paul Carr says:

      Brian, congratulations, you are now a member of the AK dutch uncle club. You seem to understand where I’m coming from. I’m the blogger who said she should be “nice” to Trump, just on the outside chance that his action was in earnest. Trump never mentioned his donation. AK leaked it unintentionally in one of her articles. We must assume that he had honorable intentions, and if so, the guy has more class than I thought.

      Don’t get me started on HRC. AK’s dad could never pay-for-play at her prices. She never lifted a finger and never will.

      Well at least I got a cool thank you out of AK. Nobodies like you and me have taken heat, slander and hell in her defense over the past ten years; but that doesn’t seem to concern her. After all she did broadcast her gratitude over network television after her release on 3 Oct 2011 and that should be enough for us all.

      I don’t understand why she must take such a hard line on a sacred cow; of all things abortion. Like all life-and-death issues, it’s case-by-case and so Roe V Wade will never be resolved. Regarding the Central Park Five, New York City police have their own opinion, strong enough to turn their backs on the mayor. I hope she’s well informed over these cases. Otherwise, all she is doing is alienating the vast silent majority in between. How does that help her crusade against unjust convictions?

      Has the crucible made her wise or only bitter? Does she have the depth, savvy or street smarts that goes with fame and influence? Can she temper anger with compromise and ambivalence? Can she speak for 330 million Americans? I always thought that “No man [or woman] is sufficient unto himself.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca 4 BC to 65 AD. I’m glad she is now completely rehabilitated, self contained, and doesn’t need anybody.

    • just a parent says:


      Respectfully, I disagree.

      This matter reminds me of a story. Robert Caro in probably the first volume of his life’s work biography of Lyndon Johnson recites an instructive episode from Johnson’s first campaign for congress. To a young aide named John Connally (later governor of Texas) he commanded `go spread the smear that my opponent practices bestiality.’ ‘But how shall I prove it?’ replied Connally, `it’s not true.’ “Don’t worry about proving it,” said Johnson, “just get him to deny it.” And so it is here, in a fashion. Amanda’s reply to the president’s reported complaint is thoughtful and mature and persuasive and gracefully written, but the mere fact she make the effort was a concession to which Mr. Trump is not entitled.

      I deeply hope Amanda will refuse to ever again respond in any way to Donald Trump’s or his followers’ petulance toward her and instead will write and speak as she damn well pleases without the slightest regard for the fact that she can scarcely utter a thought without offending some opinion of someone somewhere among the sizable number of us whose words or money or publicity helped her fight off those who sought to destroy her. It is ample satisfaction for the adults among us that she get her life, and that she not be obliged to live it any less freely or fully on account of her ordeal.

  5. Camille says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I love this op-ed you’ve penned for the LA Times.

    Even though I’m writing from Australia, your courageous story and strength is one that has certainly resonated far and wide.

    With that said, I was hoping you might be interested in joining us as a international speaker for a women’s talk event we’re planning to hold in Sydney, later this year.

    The event will be a storytelling forum designed to challenge, entertain and inspire women from all walks of life.

    Would this be something you might be interested in finding out more about? If so, I’d love to email you directly with more information.

    To provide you with a bit of background, we also produce the Women of Influence Awards which has been running for five years and was launched by Australia’s first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard:


  6. Tom Zupancic says:

    First off, Great Op Ed post Amanda. You most effectively address a key issue; the relevance of the concept of ‘Loyalty’.

    So, what is loyalty anyway… blind faith? reasoned commitment? an ideological absolute? a personal value? all of the above/none of the above? Now it seems kind of complicated. Kind of like ‘loyalty’ means different things to different people depending on… something.

    But wait. You made it perfectly clear up front regarding Donald Trump’s historical support for you: “Do I owe him my loyalty?” (Why?) After all, it was kind of a ‘no duh’. (Who was going to jump up and support a tragic miscarriage of justice?). All sorts of people supported you.

    “Thanks everybody” would appear to suffice. In simple terms, Trump was nothing special here and did nothing that many others did not far surpass.

    So whatever it may be, loyalty is irrelevant here. Generic gratitude to those who recognized injustice and spoke up on your behalf clearly suffices.

    Given that you have now formally stated, “Thank you, Mr. President”, I agree; done. (Well done, I would add).

  7. Tom Mininger says:

    I like a comment Michael Morton wrote about this article of yours:

    “I’m an exoneree, too, (about 25 years in the Texas prison system) and I’ve encountered similar outrage, when I do not fall in line with every cause and political belief of those who fought to free me.

    Here’s my usual response: if I had been trapped in a burning car and some skinheads happened by and freed me, would anyone expect me to become a skinhead?

    I’ve met Ms. Knox a time or two at various exoneree gatherings. Cut her a little slack. And allow her to be politically independent, as you would anyone else.”

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