Christopher Robinson and Amanda Knox use Machine to Be Another.

Amanda Knox and Christopher Robinson. “Amplifying Empathy.” Ryan Boudinot Is a Hack. October 26, 2016.

The experimenters pull away the partition and Amanda-in-Chris faces Chris-in-Amanda. Holy shit, they each think. They take two steps toward each other, until they are at arm’s length. Chris-in-Amanda stares at Amanda-in-Chris’s chest, and Amanda-in-Chris stares over Chris-in-Amanda’s head. It’s an out-of-body experience, for they are seeing their own bodies from inside a head which is normally outside their own. They are seeing themselves in third person. They touch. Chris-in-Amanda slips his arm (her arm? The pronouns begin to dissolve) around Amanda-in-Chris’s back. They slip into a swing dance position. Chris-in-Amanda leads, something their bodies are used to, but their minds now attempt the opposite. The illusion flickers. The cords from their headsets wrap awkwardly around them. They untangle, pull off the headsets, and hug.

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