Kiro Nights with Zak Burns & Gee Scott – May 17, 2018

Amanda Knox hosts new show about people who have been shamed

“What I learned from the Scarlet Letter Reports is that it’s not difficult to humanize someone. You just have to be in the room with them and let them be a human in front you,” Knox said. “What takes work is dissecting a person and stripping them of their humanity.”

The Irish Independent with Maggie Armstrong – May 12, 2018

There’s a special kind of monster that’s a woman

If you go looking for her book on Amazon you come across many titles. Amanda Knox, Innocent or Guilty?, Angel Face, The Fatal Gift of Beauty and The Manipulative Memoir of Amanda Knox: A Critical Analysis, which is not very critical.

Has she read any of the books? “There are so many books I want to read in my life that I’m not going to waste my time on a lot of them,” she says, but goes on to say she did read two books pertaining to her trials, Sollecito’s Honour Bound and Meredith by Meredith’s father, John Kercher. “That was incredibly excruciating to read. It was moving because he had these beautiful memories of Meredith and he was writing with the deep anguish of a father who had lost his daughter. There was also this anger directed at me, and it was so clear that he hated me. He felt that his family was very unseen and unheard, and I empathised with that because I also felt very unseen and unheard by him.”

Oggi with Alessandro Penna – May 10, 2018

Parla Amanda Knox: “Mi hanno trattata come una puttana, ma non odio l’Italia. Anche se il pm Mignini e certi giornalisti…”

A Mignini direi: “Hai sbagliato su di me. Non puoi farci nulla ora, ma te ne puoi ricordare quando giudicherai qualcun altro: sei fallibile, puoi sbagliare. Hai pensato di aver visto il peggio di me, ma è vero il contrario: sono io che ho visto il peggio di te.”

The Today Show with Megyn Kelly – May 04, 2018

Amanda Knox: I want to go back to Italy to see one special person

“That’s what Monica Lewinsky’s been saying all along, is that you are feeding the beast by consuming these other women,” she said. “The way that you stop it is you stop supporting the negativity out in the world and you support a kind of journalism that is objective with integrity but also takes compassion and context into the equation.”

WNYC with Duarte Geraldino – May 02, 2018

Amanda Knox and Vice Examine Media’s Mistreatment of Women

Time Magazine with Samantha Cooney – May 02, 2018

Amanda Knox on Her New Show, #MeToo and Life After Prison

“When we label human beings and flatten them to just a splashy headline, we lose decency and the truth. Our long history of exploiting women’s bodies and suppressing their voices had a direct impact on my case and other women’s lives. This doesn’t just affect famous people — the way we engage with women in the public eye is reflected in the way we treat people in our broader society. The “slut” is given the same treatment on the school ground as the “ho” in the tabloid. We can’t just pretend that this is a thing that affects some people and not other people — that some people matter and others don’t. Everyone deserves context and compassion.”

People Magazine with KC Baker – May 02, 2018

Years After Murder Exoneration, Amanda Knox Hosts TV Show About Women Who’ve Been Publicly Shamed

“It’s humbling to be here in the position I’m in now, where I can help other women reclaim their narrative,” she says, “when at a certain point in my life I thought I was going to live the better part of my life in prison labeled something I was not — with no chance at ever reclaiming my life.”

Playboy with Isabelle Kohn – August 17, 2017

How did being ‘Foxy’ hurt Amanda Knox?

Perhaps this century’s most shining example of how “deviant” female sexuality is associated with criminality and the ruinous fallout of that perception, Knox has had the laser-beam of of gender stereotypes and misunderstood ideas of female sexuality focused on her at point-blank. That weight could have broken anyone. This conference room in West Hollywood, with its neon tributes to Clear Channel’s Top 40 and vases of glass baubles with unknowable purposes, might have looked trite to someone arriving there to bare their soul. Not her. Amanda Knox has gone through hell to stand on a conference room stage in West Hollywood, and she’ll be damned if what happened to her ends in anything other than resilience.

People Magazine with Sandra Sobieraj Westfall – August 16, 2017

Photos: Amanda Friedman

Amanda Knox Is in Love and Rebuilding Her Life 6 Years After Being Released from Italian Prison

Amanda Knox’s $3.8M from Her Book Deal Went to Pay Off Loans and Legal Fees from Her Italy Ordeal

Amanda Knox on Falling in Love and Wanting Kids — and What She Will Tell Them About Her Prison Ordeal

These days she shares a small, rented Seattle house with her 35-year-old boyfriend, Christopher Robinson. She is writing and devoting herself to a new mission as an activist working to prevent wrongful convictions from happening to someone else. The nightmares that she would be sent back to prison are gone.

Rolling Stone with Danielle Bacher – August 10, 2017

Amanda Knox on life after wrongful conviction.

I feel like my job is to live my life and to heal from what happened to me. I don’t owe an explanation to people who still think I am guilty. It was crazy enough that I had to prove my innocence in the first place.

Live Wire with Luke Burbank – July 1, 2017

“Freedom” with Amanda Knox, Justin Simien, and Shakey Graves.

The Seattle Times with Jonathan Martin – October 31, 2016

Amanda Knox’s strength to deal with social-media specters: Amanda Knox’s antidote for her social-media trolls is vulnerability, with a dash of fictional superhero Jessica Jones.

In her new role as champion for exonerees, Knox has an antidote for false confessions: Videotape all interrogations. “Instead of calling it a false confession, they should be called a false admission,” said Knox. “It’s all authored by them (police).”

KUOW’s ‘The Record’ with Bill Radke – October 4, 2016

Amanda Knox: ‘People love the idea of a monster’

GMA with Robin Roberts – September 29, 2016

Amanda Knox Speaks Out on Netflix Documentary

CNN with Chris Cuomo – May 1, 2014

Amanda Knox: ‘I did not kill my friend’

Knox: ‘I guess I’m one of the lucky ones’

CNN exclusive: Amanda Knox says, ‘I did not kill my friend’

Knox struggled to speak at moments in the interview, seemingly overcome by emotion and thoughts of Kercher. But, for the most part, she was calm, collected and methodical in how she broke down arguments in the case.
“If I were there, I would have traces of Meredith’s broken body on me. And I would have left traces of myself around — around Meredith’s corpse,” she said. “And I am not there. And that proves my innocence.”

UW Daily with Deanna Isaacs – February 23, 2014

A student through it all: Amanda Knox returns to UW to finish her final degree requirements

Amanda Knox Full Interview Pt.1. Pt.2. Pt.3.

The Guardian with Simon Hattenstone – February 7, 2014

Amanda Knox: I feel stranded and trapped since new guilty verdict

Who is Amanda Knox?

She cups a latte and talks about university, living with her boyfriend James, making new friends. So you’re just a regular student, I say. She gulps. “To have a Hunger Games moment with you, at a certain point the main character is talking about how he doesn’t want the games to change him. He’s a pawn, and he’s just in it, and it’s overwhelming his life, but he doesn’t want it to define who he is. And I felt like that. I don’t want this to be my life.” But the reality, she admits, is somewhat different.

GMA with Robyn Roberts – January 31, 2014

Exclusive: Amanda Knox ‘Couldn’t Believe What I Was Hearing’

The Guardian with Simon Hattenstone – January 30, 2014

Amanda Knox: ‘They’ll have to pull me back kicking and screaming to prison’

“I’m definitely not going back to Italy willingly. They’ll have to catch me and pull me back kicking and screaming into a prison that I don’t deserve to be in. I will fight for my innocence.”

NYTimes with Elisabetta Povoledo – January 29, 2014

Ruling Looms in Italy for U.S. Student in ’07 Killing

“People who accuse me argue that justice cannot be done for Meredith unless I am convicted,” Ms. Knox said. “It’s a mind-set where there are criminals and there are victims, and if you’re accused of being a criminal, there’s no way you can be a victim.”

TG1 with Emma D’Aquino – January 17, 2014

Amanda al TG1: “La mia verita'”

La Repubblica with Meo Ponte – January 9, 2014

L’ultima battaglia di Amanda Knox: “Stavolta saro’ assolta, poi incontrero’ i genitori di Meredith”

“Starò davvero bene soltanto quando la mia estraneità alla morte di Meredith sarà riconosciuta ufficialmente.”

King 5 News with Linda Byron – October 22, 23 & 24, & November 3, 2013

Amanda Knox: ‘This is where I feel safe’

Amanda Knox: Just another UW student?

Amanda Knox: ‘They wanted to see evil in me’

Amanda Knox: Her Life Now Pt.1-4

Porta a Porta with Bruno Vespa & Vittoriana Abate – October 15, 2013

Colpevoli o Innocenti?

Daybreak with Lorraine Kelly and Lucy Watson – September 23, 2013

Amanda Knox speaks exclusively to Daybreak

Amanda Knox and her parents speak live to Lorraine

La Repubblica TV with Meo Ponte – September 20, 2013

2013.9.20 Meo Ponte Interview

Amanda Knox: “Voglio tornare a studiare e rifarmi una vita”

Today Show’s Orange Room with Carson Daly – September 20, 2013

‘I loosen her up’: Amanda Knox sister on their family bond

Amanda Knox imagines life in prison with ‘letter to my unborn child’

“I was afraid we were going to lose each other because at a certain point our lives would be so different, we wouldn’t understand each other,” Amanda said. “It was terrifying.’’

Today Show with Matt Lauer – September 20, 2013

Amanda Knox on retrial: ‘Everything’s at stake’

Amanda Knox: ‘I won’t go back to Italy for new trial’

“I thought about what it would be like to live my entire life in prison and to lose everything, to lose what I’ve been able to come back to and rebuild. I think about it all the time.”

Quarto Grado with Gianluigi Nuzzi – September 20, 2013

Amanda e Raffaele

Amanda e il carcere

Amanda Knox: il racconto della sera

Oggi with Alessandro Penna – September 18, 2013

Amanda Knox: “Sono innocente. Ecco perche non torno in Italia”

«Io capisco gli inquirenti», prosegue Amanda Knox nell’intervista a Oggi. «Erano sotto pressione, dovevano trovare subito i colpevoli. Per me si sono fatti un’idea frettolosa e sbagliata del mio comportamento, della mia presunta freddezza, e hanno deciso che avevo qualcosa a che fare con l’omicidio: non sapevano cosa, esattamente, ma in qualche modo io c’entravo, ero colpevole e meritavo il carcere. Io sono molto arrabbiata con il pm Giuliano Mignini e con gli investigatori, ma li perdonerei in un istante se ammettessero di aver sbagliato. Non devono neanche dirmi sorry, mi dispiace. Non voglio vendette. Sentirei una tale pace, se Mignini ammettesse di aver sbagliato».

The Sun with Bob Graham – September 15, 2013

I’m seen as a dark lady who decided Meredith had to die

Meredith’s real killer plotting to frame me even now

It’s not about the prosecution proving whether I’m guilty, it’s about having to prove I’m innocent. I’m the one who begins with the disadvantage in this case.

New York Post with Bob Graham – September 15, 2013

Amanda Knox: Trial hell left me broke and broken

“If someone can hate me, they should hate me for the right reasons. It just really digs at me that people hate me for things that have got nothing to do with me. They project their own ideas about what’s evil or inhuman onto me.”

NPR’s ‘All Things Considered’ with Jacki Lyden – May 18, 2013

‘Waiting to Be Heard’ No More, Amanda Knox Speaks Out

CNN Special with Chris Cuomo – May 7, 2013

Knox: ‘I feel bad for my younger self’

Amanda Knox: I was stunned

‘I was not strapping on leather’

Amanda Knox: ‘I’m afraid to go back’

Amanda Knox: I still have panic attacks

People Magazine with Elizabeth Leonard – May 6, 2013

 Amanda Knox: My True Story

“In the courtroom I was called a liar and a murderer and a demon; in the media I was called a weird, jealous whore,” she says. “Suddenly I wasn’t me.” It’s in part to address those doubts that she has written a new memoir, Waiting to Be Heard, a raw and dramatic account of her lost years—and it is why she agreed to speak exclusively to PEOPLE, followed by a Diane Sawyer Primetime special on April 30. “I’m tired of speculation,” she says. “I wanted to lay myself out in a completely honest way. It was, ‘You can judge me, but this is what you have to judge me on.’” with Neal Thompson – May 3, 2013

Exclusive Amazon Interview with Amanda Knox

ABC Special with Diane Sawyer – April 30, 2013

Amanda Knox, In Her Own Words

Amanda Knox Speaks: Sex and Death in Perugia

Amanda Knox Details Difficult Time in Italian Prison

Amanda Knox Speaks: Interrogation

Amanda Knox’s Freedom on the Line Again

USA Today with Susan Page – April 25, 2013

Amanda Knox: On the record

“I really, really want this to not be just about what happened to me, but about what one can do in a bad place. And I’d love for it to open a discussion about some of the problems that surrounded my case — for instance, the idea of a public identity. The idea of trying to find the familiar in the completely unfamiliar. This existential crisis of things happening to you that you don’t understand.”


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